May 10th, 2005

Ok ok I'll try one last trick.

Did some pondering and as a last shot I reinstalled every driver on my system. Everything from the motherboard on up. There's a chance that might fix at least anything on my end that may be exacerbating the various bugs in the system. I'll give it another shot tomorrow evening and see if I can deal. I have to sleep now though so I can't check it right now.

See I really do want to keep playing. It's just so damn frustrating right now. Bleagh.

I need sone help

For the first time in months I played my Stone/Kinetics Controller and I realized her build stinks. So I am asking for some build ideas from you bright people. I would really like to play her more, but right now she just stinks. Thanks.
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Nerf Reversal

Seen on the CoH forum:

For those that don't yet know, over on Test we're testing a fix to the travel power issue. The Devs have done away with the 50% accuracy penalty to Super Speed, Super Jump and (gasp) Fly. Instead, you simply slow down to hover/sprint speed for 4 seconds after attacking.

In this tester's opinion, it works like a dream. You can fly, attack, fly some more, all without having to switch between powers or rely on fiddly binds. Go check it out, it's impressive.

Lady Sadako: L47 Storm/Psychic Defender (Virtue)

Meh. I think I'll still keep my hover/fly keybind. Four seconds is just enough time to get killed if things suddenly turn nasty. Now with Super Speed... it's a non-issue for me. I never keep SS turned on inside a mission because it's just too hard to navigate short distances and doorways when moving that fast.
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So, I was over at my parents' for the weekend and got my first new comic (I'd been in at first for about four months, took a break).

Hell of a place to jump back in the story.

The damned end.

Must... resist... urge to buy... BACK ISSUES!!
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Mac guy ISO PC geek.

So, I'm finally going to buy a PC after 15-odd years of Mac-Only-Mac-Always.

...Sad as it may seem, I just wanna play CoH without having to leave the house. I'd also LOVE to be able to play when I'm out, if I can. That's ALL I really want a PC for. :-) I'll never have to hang out at the cybercafe for eight hours, or bug my friends or steal my girlfriend's computer just to play my game.

Also, as long as I'm buying a second computer, I'd love it to not be a paperweight. :-)

So, friends and colleages: Desktop or laptop? (I'd love a laptop since I have a d-top already) P4 or AMD? (I like the Athlon 64, but what do I know? I a MAC GUY!!!) ATI or NVidia? (I have an ATI card in my Mac, and I really like it)

I just bought an HP zv6005us laptop, and returned it the next morning because I woefully misjudged its graphics capacity, and the OS kept trying to install new hardware that DIDN'T EXIST.

So I turn to you... what should I get, and can I get it without spending a fortune?!?!?
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Dalek New

I want my City of Heroes back!

Last week, someone uploaded a piece of crap onto my system, and overwrote my City of Heroes. This imposter software runs like crap, frequently hangs, and has an annoying tendency to crash about once every 15 minutes. The fact that, on the surface, it looks like CoH makes this whole dreadful conspiracy all the more puzzling. Of course the resemblance only goes so far. The mapping function doesn't work properly, the friends list doesn't update often enough, bad guys wander around after you've defeated them, attacks go off invisibly, and I'm getting incredibly frustrated.

Why would anyone do this? Why? Whoever you are, what kind of monster are you?!!

Of course, it has to be the villains. Somehow, the arch-villains of Paragon City have altered the underlying software of reality itself. They dare to tamper with the forces of creation! It has to be them, because the alternative, that Statesman himself is the culprit, is unthinkable.

It is unthinkable, right?
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Global friends list MIA?

Is anyone else unable to see their global friends list? No matter which character I log in as, all I get is the regular old friends list, with no options available to view global friends. It's like it regressed to the version from months ago. My seek team interface is the Issue 4 version, though, so my computer couldn't have misplaced an update, could it?
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(no subject)

Quick question... Does anyone know if they put in any new badges (other than the Celebrant badge) in I4? Badge hunting is just a good way to kill some time while waiting for the SG to come on, and since finding the stupid Spirits (damned Banished Pantheon) is frustrating as all holy hell, it'd be nice to find some new stuff.
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i found this posted on the pinnacle LJ community and thought to post a link for your own amusement.

too funny

i mean look at how he tries to conince you that this is somehow worth $400 starting bid. Isn't what he's doing against ToS anyway?

EDIT: i apologize if i'm breaking any rules or irritating anyone by placing the link. i didn't know this was posted here and deleted already. i more just posted the link in order to "point, laugh, and mock the stupid" so to speak.
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Ugh. This is annoying.

Is anyone else getting this irritating mission bug? Every time my friends and I group, we have to play "Leader Hot Potato" in order to pick a mission, because inevitably, whoever is leader won't be able to pick our next destination, so we have to pass leadership around until someone can decide where we're going.

It's annoying, and it adds a lot of downtime to the game, since we have to go around in circles trying to figure out who can pick a mission before we go anywhere. Blah.
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