May 11th, 2005

Mist Movie Shadow

Bastion, er Citadel...

Don't know when I missed that name change..but we never did this TF with our mains so we did it with our kheldians. Noticed a lot less void hunter/quantums since I4 and I am not complaining.

30 Warshade
30 Peacebringer
30 Dark/Psychic Defender
29 Grav/FF controller
30 Katana/Inv scrapper
30 Fire/Kinetics controller
28 Rad/Dark defender
29 Empath / Rad defender

We had some deaths at the onset but that was due to non perma team people not know how we play. We're so used to doing things a certain way that we forget to tell people. Essentially we go into a room and the Peacebringer and the scrapper go in and pull everything they see and can get at to one location. I use both dwarf and human mire and switched to squid to fire away. Was averaging just between 190-200 point to each mob on the cone and 170-185 points on my aoe. With haste on I can toss down 2 salvo's before the mires start to wear off. I also take advantage of the new end recovery from stygian circle to recharge when need be. While I am doing that the dark defender fears the crowd and petrifies the Quantum/Voids while the grav troller holds the crowd. If she can see stragglers or other groups she wormholes them in to keep the scrappers defence up. At the first mission we must of had a good 20 or 30 baddies pulled , all orange and purples, so the people who didn't know our strategy didn't last long ( the bottom 3 on the the above list)

We finished it in just under 3 hours and I will have to say I am sick of council caves now.

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Hob Auf!

Today's updates


Players can no longer use Inspirations to resurrect in Arena battles.
Fixed rare bug that allowed players in Observer mode to die, resulting in a client crash.
An event creator's Ready button no longer shows placeholder text.
The Troll Tunnels map has been removed from the arena map list.
Fixed issue where an event creator who quit out of an event could not drop the event in the Arena terminals.
Fixed bug on Tech maps where observers would spawn in the ceiling.
Fixed issue where the Arena Chat channel could not be set as the default channel.

Fixed bug that made the Friends window difficult to resize.
Fixed bug that allowed the /respec command to be used to remove all holds and debuffs from a player.

Removed ToHit penalty from Super Speed, Super Leap, Fly and Peacebringer Fly.
If you attack a target while you have Super Speed on, you will be reduced to your base run speed for 4 seconds.
If you attack a target while you have Super Leap on, you will be reduced to your base jumping for 4 seconds.
If you attack a target while you have Flight on, you will be reduced to Hover flight speed for 4 seconds.
The following powers can now significantly affect enemies with Super Speed and Super Leap: Chilling Embrace (Tanker, Blaster and Jack Frost), Mud Pots, Ice Patch (Tanker, Blaster), Caltrops, Rain of Fire, Ice Storm, Blizzard, Shiver (Blaster, Controller), Arctic Air, Tar Patch, Snow Storm (Defender, Controller), Freezing Rain, Lingering Radiation, Siphon Speed, QuickSand, Ice Slick.
Fixed Epic/Telekinesis to match the effect of Mind Control/Telekinesis in PvP.
Fixed AV Infernal so he is no longer 100% resistant to Fire.
Fixed Assault Rifle FlameThrower PvP damage. It was incorrectly set much higher than its PvE damage.
Fixed Nemesis Staff Short Help (it used to say Minor damage. Text now says High damage).
Fixed the KnockBack on some Battle Axe, Super Strength and Earth Melee powers. Many were changed to KnockBACK and should have stayed KnockDOWN. This was a bug and all affected powers have been reverted.
Set up a fix to reduce the chance of single targeted Tanker Melee powers from affecting multiple targets (e.g. Energy Transfer bug).
Updated Snow Storm Help text to indicate it can bring down flying foes (power did not change).
Fixed Nemesis Staff. It was working as an AoE, when it was supposed to be single targeted. Decreased the lifetime of this Temp power to 3 days. Increased its chance to Knock Back.
Added combat text for the Nemesis Staff temporary power.
Fixed an issue with the Web Grenade and Stun Grenade purchasable Temporary powers. The number of uses was increased from 1 to 6.
Fixed an issue with Controller/MindControl/Mesmerize -- The Magnitude of the power for PvP was set too low. It should now be possible to sleep your opponents.
Fixed Controller/Kinetics/Transfusion so that it properly debuffs the targets Regeneration Rate instead of Buffing it. This bug was not in evidence in the Defender version of the power.
Fixed Knockback in PvP for Power Push
Fixed Suppression on Spines/Barb Swipe Immobilization.
Fixed issue where pet icons remained in the status window even after the pet was destroyed.
Fixed issue with missing tooltip information for all Kheldian Dwarf and Nova powers.

ICON: fixed bug that charged players for body and face scaling although no changes were made.

Super Group Chat: Fixed bug that prevented players on a channel from logging on if the Message of the Day was too long.

Fixed level 45 ambush spawn in Taskforce Numina
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Enchanted Light

Character Bug

From CuppaJo, Coh Forums.

The following bug was just identified by QA. Please be aware of this bug and let other members of the community know about this issue.

If you are defeated and then attempt to load to a new zone you will crash and then be unable to log back in with that character.

This can happen with being defeated at the end of a mission and then zoning out before going to hospital, dying and using a tram, or dying and then logging out and trying to come back in. The crash occurs while trying to load the zone and does not happen if you use the "Go to hospital" option.

So, if you are defeated - ALWAYS use the go to hospital option or use a res inspiration/power. Do not zone while defeated.

If you have had this happen - please send an email to or /petition a GM from another character in game so they can fix it for you.

We will be applying a patch to resolve this as soon as possible.

INV/SS Build question

I logged on last night with my INV/SS Tanker (US Tank, lvl 16, Champion Server) only to discover he's been neglected too long. I never respecced him after I3 so he still had provoke instead of taunt. I just drew up a quick plan for respeccing and was hoping to get some opinions on it. (Specifically the INV/SS part. I know it might not be typical for a tanker to take the Leadership power pool, but it's for characterization)

Any suggestions on powers and slotting are appreciated.

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Officer Friendly

No skills?

From Statesman:

Just wanted to cover some of the things that have been posted...

skills - unlikely
new zone - likely
new missions & task forces - likely
new power sets - likely
new events - likely

Not a happy bunny.

Just done the Lusca mish in IP, am I alone in thinking nerfing it was a bit harsh?

Sure, reduce the XP by a reasonable amount but getting less than 100xp for killing it?

What's up with that?

I appreciate them saying it's only for the badge but you need several people to kill it and making a team for the two or three people on at a time who need the badge ain't gonna happen.

I now have 20k debt following that before it was worth it because you used up the debt after each tentacle but they've gone too far.

Opinions guys? am I expecting too much?
Fenris IH8U

Frost Fire


Got all the way to the end of the FF mission, then everyone died and/or bailed on us. Someone called in a 26 blaster and we were so bloody close too! Then we ran into a group about to go back in to the mish, and asked if we could conglomerate the two groups. Sadly everyone jumped to the new group and I was left out! Thanks alot... *grumbles*

Is that a common thing? To have people just disappear from missions or join up but not finish? Its kind of aggravating actually. :/
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