May 12th, 2005

This just in: Giant Monsters claim city as their own, Heros do nothing.

Giant Monsters have been seen roaming free in various parts of Paragon City, crushing everything they come across. Giant Monsters are not uncommon in a city like this, but now they seem to be appearing more then ever. Before recently when one of these giant beasts of destruction appeared heros would appear in waves to save us.

Recently, however, these creatures are leaving a trail of destruction without any heros stepping in. We asked a hero we found on a roof top, not too far from the clockwork Paladin, why he wasn't putting a stop to it.

"Well, I would," the hero who did not want to be named said, "but there isn't much of a point now. That thing has high voltage cannons, tons of rusty spikes and an army of minions, if I fight it then i'm going to be pretty beaten up but thats it. Before a hero would destroy one of these things and he would get a medal from the city, tons of praise and reconistion from the people nearby. Now it seems no one really cares, we don't even get a call from the mayor."

It seems that these monsters will continue to rampage, while heros just look on, until we start respecting these men and women who put their lives on the line.

This is Jeff Wilcott reporting, from the safty of a dumster.

(if you dont know what i'm talking about )
This is me Not Giving a Shit.


I've come to a conclusion...

Free Lad is Retiring.

I love the character and the story I've created that goes along with him.

I love that the story itself could go on forever and keep growing and become something beautiful... and who knows? maybe it will...

But as far as the MMORPG, City of Heroes, goes...

well, I never opened my last prepaid card and I still have the receipt...

I'll most likely get a refund tomorrow after I take my guy to work and go to Paragon and email all my hero friends there to let them know that Laddy's moved to Ascalon.

And there you have it.

The real route of it.

I got Guild wars.

I love the fantasy storyline and I love the powers...

I love the graphics and the sounds...

But I love most of all that it doesn't cost a penny to play it.

I honestly get bored with CoH every once in a while and take about a month or so off anyway so I'm really just losing money by keeping it open...

At least with Guild Wars I won't lose my account if I stop playing for a month or two and my characters (all four... yeah so there aren't 50 servers with 20 toons on each but oh well...) will be right there waiting for me...

I don't know...

maybe this is all my meds speaking and I'll wake up hungover and in a daze tomorrow and read this and go "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Man?? What WAS I thinking????"

but honestly...

the creators of CoH just aren't very friendly...

I don't like how they constantly change so much and say that it's best for us. And yes I know this happens in every mmorpg... but honestly, when I read what Statesman (or as I like to call him: Tyrant. lol) says on the official forums... well, it just doesn't make sense... he seems like a patronizing father-figure who thinks he knows what's best for us and we're naive little children who honestly don't know what we want and what makes a fun game.

Maybe I've just gone too deep in my reasoning in a game that isn't that deep in the first place: Make Hero. Beat up Bad Guys. Get told by NPC Civilian how great you are. Wee.

I've been playing GW for a few days now and I honestly just noticed tonight that my favorite hunting grounds weren't even giving me Any XP whatsoever and my character wasn't levelling at all... And I was loving every minute of it. For the first time since I got dragged into mmorpg's, I don't care if I'm getting xp or levelling... I wanna kill the next Charr Axe Weilder to see if he drops that ever-elusive vial of purple dye to finally finish my color coordination of my outfit so I can start earning more gold to craft new armor to find more dye for and just have fun doing so...

Maybe that's the problem with City of Heores... Maybe it tries to have too many storylines instead of focusing on one big goal...

again maybe I'm reading too much into these games...

either way it's 6am and it's time for me to hit the sheets...

night all.
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Puck (silly)

Positron TF

I joined up with a random group for the Positron TF last night with my fire/fire tanker, Original Cinder. We started the TF at 7 pm with seven people: 2 controllers, 2 tankers, 2 blasters, and a scrapper. One blaster quit right after we entered the first CoT mission. The other blaster quit when we were sent to Perez for the final series of missions. The remaining five of us finished the final mission at just after 2 am. I think we could have been done by midnight had we not lost the blasters and had we not had so much "BRB" and "AFK" over the course of the evening. I was TF leader because I had the fastest travel power, and there were several times where I was standing back at Positron having to wait to get the next mission because someone had gone AFK inside the last one and hadn't exited yet. The "deliver this to Azuria" trips to Atlas Park were also hell because that zone was lagging like crazy last night due to some moron who was herding civilians in front of City Hall.

Overall, though, it was a worthwhile experience. I gained almost two levels, I earned two new badges besides the TF badge (Gearsmasher and Gravedigger), and I added a couple of really good players to my friends list. I also felt like a real tanker for the first time, standing in the middle of huge mobs, taunting, and letting them beat on me. I'm glad the other tanker stuck it out, though, because once we lost those two blasters, we had do double duty as infantry. And it's hard to hold off two Spectral Daemon Lords and a Ruin Mage when you're totally out of endurance. The only good part is that Fiery Aura continues to do damage even when "earthquake" is making you flop on the floor like a fish out of water.

So tonight, Level 18 and a complete upgrade to level 20 DOs is only a few more kills away. And that means Original Cinder should be seeing Level 20 by the weekend... which will give me three alts that I need to get new costumes for. :)

(no subject)

So I had a quick pick-up team last night to help me with my Infernal mission, and our team consisted of myself (45 blaster), 2 defenders (1 39 empath and 1 dark/bub), a tank (50), a controller (45), and I believe another tank (I'm sorry, Ladyfire, I don't remember).

Anyhow, we're cruising through the mission fairly well, and it's set on invincible. We find Infernal and our mission is to destroy the portal and him. So the level 50 tank (Chevy Wheeler, who was EX'ed to myself) says that he's going straight for the portal. We agree, and he plows his way through and starts beating on it. Well, he's managing to get the attention of every demon that comes out of the portal, while someone like me is far enough to be blasting away at it.

Well, Infernal gets a little bit away from the herd, and he's still attacking the tank but making his way a bit close to me. He manages to take down the empath def and myself, and then the controller. The controller makes the remark of something like, "You're the tank, you're supposed to keep him on you. I've never seen anyone go straight for the portal." The empath defender (one of my SG mates) tells him that it's all good, and I just say so what, it's just a bit of debt. The controller then remarks, "Well, if you saw my level 50, you'd know what I mean."

Honestly, from when I died to the point of where we finished the mission, I had went fromm 61k debt to 28k debt. I would rather have died once to the AV instead of being mobbed by 20 demons that just came through a portal.

Anyway, the two tanks quit after the mission, and I said thanks for the help. We were then going to take on Nemesis, but right at the door were level 50 Malta, and the controller just quits. It's amazing that there really are people so petty that still play this game. After he left, though, we still managed to take down Nosferatu in another of my mission and Bobcat in Broken Infinity's mission. It was a good night, and the other two tanks we picked up did a hell of a job, too. Bane- and Connector. It's always nice playing with people who know how to play and say good job and say thanks.

Ghost Ship

Ran into the ghost ship in Talos this moring on Gaurdian. At least, I assume it was the ghost ship based on its transparentness and the fact it was beltching green smoke. I found I couldn't target it interact with it, I could fly right through. Is this normal? After a few minutes it sailed though the wall near the north east corner of the Talos map.
gible, friend code, pokemon

(no subject)

Horus Guard hit 47 yesterday, and I just finished upgrading his enhancements to level 50, the last time I'll ever be buying new enhancements for him en masse... :( (I'll still be buying new enhancements when I got 51 or 52 SOs and need to upgrade them...).

Bought 84 enhancements at an average of 53,408.29 each, for a total of 4,486,296.

If anyone's curious about the exact break down, here's a copy-paste from the spreadsheet I made:

Collapse )

For all you writers out there....

Being a publisher on my own right ,I sometimes get calls for writers from other companies so I thought I would pass this on to all of you..
Please pass this along to any potential freelance writers who maybe

Eden Studios is looking for writers for upcoming City of Heroes RPG projects
for 2006.

Must be familiar with both the City of Heroes online game property and the
Unisystem (Eden's in house game system).

Anyone interested should send a resume with a list of published works to
_edenprod@aol.com_ (


George Vasilakos
Zombielord - Eden Studios
tel: 518.331.2063 fax: 425.962.2593
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Asshat warning: Virtue

My friends were doing several high level Arch-Villain missions with their characters Straight Cougar(MA/SR scrapper) and Millennium Girl(Emp/Psi defender). IN THE MIDDLE OF FIGHTING the last villain Black Swan, the leader who was also their tanker, tells the the phone is ringing.

Normally that just means you might be distracted a little by the phone, so the others need to be careful. No,no. To this tanker it meant walking away from the fight, because Straight Cougar went down a minute later. The tanker's player wasn't anywhere near the fight. He just walked off to get the phone in the middle of a fight with a villain. They had one other person with them, another Defender, that's it.
He came back 5 to 10 minutes later joking about his friend who had called, it was clearly not an emergency.
No, apologies for walking away from the computer without telling them he would be, not even an explaination to why some random buddy calling meant he could leave his tank in the middle of combat for the defenders to baby sit.
I'm so glad I was too late to join them with my low 30s scrapper or as I was going to originally, my blaster. My blaster would have certainly been toast just before the scrapper.

So if you ever get an invite from an Invulnerable/Super Strength tanker named Guardian Angel. (that's right, there's a DOT after the name) I would advise against it.
Officer Friendly

Class of '05

So, it's been a little over a year that CoH has been up and about. In that time, I've done probably a dozen builds or so for people on the community, and I know that others have contributed that many as well. I'm kind of curious how those builds have been doing. So, for anybody who's taken a big chunk of advice from the community, or respecced your character on a member's suggestions, or for that matter, those who took one look at a build and said, "Pfft!", how's your character coming? Inquiring minds want to know.
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Fenris IH8U

Pinnacle -Unknown?

Hmm went to log in after catching up on posts, saw that there is server maintenance from 2-4pm. Curiously enough, the status of Pinnacle is "Unknown". :/

Has anyone out there seen an unknown status before?
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Can I ask a question...?

Why's everyone care so much about powerleveling, to the point that they are changing things about the game to stop it? IMHO, if someone wants to skip the gameplay, stories, etc for the powers, who cares? Am I missing something?
Hob Auf!

Melee blasting

A few months ago, while still trying to ding 50 with Aufheben, I created an alt on the Guardian server by the name of DJ Shokk. My idea for DJ was one I wanted to play, but couldn't the way the game was set up: an electricity Scrapper.

So, I got the brilliant idea of making an Elec/Elec Blaster, and only choosing powers from the sets that were Scrapper-ish. As you can imagine, the build is a rough one to play. DJ's about to ding 9. So long as I street-sweep with him, or only take on small groups in missions, he does fantastically. At level 7, he was already one-shotting even-con minions with a six-slotted Charged Brawl (one slot devoted to Accuracy). The only problems I have is the inability to deal with more than 2-3 mobs at a time solo, or being on teams that have ineffective Tanks (to keep the aggro off me as I lay waste) or Defenders (to prevent me from going splat).

Since I'm choosing so few powers from my primary and secondary sets, I've got plenty of room for pool powers. I'm going to need them to make up for the complete lack of defense. As it stands, I plan on the following: Boxing/Tough/Weave from the Fighting pool, Swift/Health/Stamina from the Fitness pool, Combat Jumping/Super Jump/Acrobatics from the Leaping pool, and Hasten from the Speed pool. I'm not up on the Blaster APPs, but I have a feeling it's a long road for me until I ding 41 with DJ Shokk.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience. It's a surprisingly fun build to play, if only because an MA/SR Scrapper isn't ballsy enough. The idea of having no defense, but doing tons more damage touches me in that special deranged place.

If anybody on Guardian would like to run with DJ, let me know.
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Hob Auf!



Lightning Storm cast by villains will no longer cause player toggles to be shut off.
AI was improved on the following villains so that they cycle through their powers better:
Envoy of Shadow, Baphomet, Behemoth, Behemoth Master, Behemoth Lord, Behemoth Overlord, Fire Thorn Caster, Possessed Scientist, Far Fire, Fire Dagger, FrostFire, Damned, Infernal, Demon Overlord, Lead Scorcher, Scorcher, Lead Quantum Scorcher, Rikti Magus
Fixed Tanker/Ice Armor/Hoarfrost so that it no longer attempts to Animate when unavailable.
Added Taunt HitFX to Mace/Taunt
Martial Arts/Storm Kick no longer uses the old multiple kick sound effect
Defeated players will no longer continue to affect other players with Taunt powers. The duration of Taunt powers ends with defeat. (this bug only happened in PvP. No change to PvE.)


Modified Rank of Nictus Crystal Shard. Also, it will no longer appear in Kheldian missions randomly.
These enemies were set as a Giant Monster level threat as opposed to a Boss level threat. This has been fixed. Also, they were sometimes appearing in random Nictus Hunter spawns. Now they will only show up in specific high level Kheldian missions.
Fixed crash in Terra Volta Trial if players failed the Trial and did not go to the Hospital.


Fixed bug in Character Creation where if you switched from Male to Female or Huge body type, a Male body appeared on the Create Your Costume screen.
City Zones

Skyway City: Hero Corp Field Analyst is no longer floating in the air.


Fixed graphical problems with temp power vendors.
Fixed bug that made Peacebringers in Light Form who left an Arena match invisible when they left the Arena and reentered the city.


Peacebringers in White Dwarf form can now change /boombox music selections.

Game Stability

Fixed bug that caused the client to crash if a player changed zones while defeated, and then prevented the player from logging back on.
Improved game stability


Trainers no longer refer to Citadel as Bastion.

Global Chat

Fixed bug that occasionally caused the chat server to overload and crash
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Secret of NIMH Justin Jenner Sword Fight

TS on a TF.

So, jumped on real quick-like with The Healing Vision just for the hell of it, and I got invited to the Positron TF. This level 4X offered the spot and a reward, and I had no plans, so I went for it.

Things went great! One guy dropped from the team before we started, and the four remaning sailed through. Guy burned debt, other three (self included) leveled. Myself and another DC'd once earlier on, but got back in no biggie.

Then it hit. He'd been exemp'd to get in. He was the leader. His mentor (?) DC'd. He popped to 4X and was kicked from it. Can't exemp him unless he's in the team. Can't invite to a TF underway. Expletive, expletive, doom.

And to top it off, myself and the last guy couldn't do the mission because nobody was the leader, or whatever. So the entire TF died because of 1 DC.

Damn you, connection issues. Damn you...

*fist shakey*
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New Toon Annoying Bug

Woah, Protector going down for maintenance.

I was just playing one of my little alts, Voodoo Dolly, & I noticed that when I accessed the 'manage' screen, & moused-over any power or enhancement-slot, the info window which usually displays text telling you what the power is, or what enhancements can be used in that power brought up text so minute that it couldn't be read!

Guess that's a bug! Annoying, as I was having fun.

Is there a problem on the other servers, too? Big problem for newbies & those playing new characters with unfamiliar powers at low levels when levelling is fast & buying the wrong enhancements is annoying...
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