May 13th, 2005


Energy nerf?

Has someone noticed that Energy powers in the blaster set are way less accurate? I'm missing +1 minions better than half the time. And that's with Total Focus that I have slotted 3 DAM/3 ACC SOs.

Something's messed up.
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Late Night Heroing?

So I'm going to be getting off work in about an hour and a half, as of this writing.

It's about 2:30 AM, Atlantic time right now.

Because of these blasted late night shifts, I'm going to be up for quite awhile, once I get home. With that in mind, I wouldn't mind doing to City of Heroing if anyone else is going to be on at that time.

Here's what I was thinking:

1) Positron TF on Guardian with Dr. Corona (level 34 blaster). Or just a bunch of missions at that my level.
2) The ever awesome Doug The Troll (level 22 tanker) on Justice. Nuff said.

Or something else (Kid Eagle [level 14 scrapper] on Pinnacle, Sam Saturn [level 20 controller] on Virtue, etc). Just anything to keep me occupied for a little while before I go to bed... know, when the damn sun comes up.

I'll be glad when my shifts are changed. =(

Edit: Well, I was on for a bit with Doug. Someone gave me a great idea: to get the "Say no to Dyne" history badge. I started to get it, got the two in Steel Canyon. Then, the game crashed on me when I was in Boomtown. To hell with this. They really need to fix this crash bug because it's hindering my enjoyment of the game. I've never had this many crashes, if any, ever since I4 came online.

Still, thanks to everyone that offered to game with me. I don't think I ran into anyone, that I know of, but it's good to know for future reference. =) Feel free to add me to the global friends (@redwave247) even though I've yet to get around to learn how to use the damn thing.
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DO and SO enhancements

Excuse me in advance for this newbie-ish question. Because I've only brought two characters up through the 20s so far, and both were at the same time, I was more in an "ooh, shinies!" mode while buying their first DO and SO enhancements and didn't quite pay close enough attention.

I know that the lowest DOs are Level 15s, but what are the lowest SOs to be found? Are they Level 25s? Meaning my tanker, who just hit Level 18, can do a full upgrade across the board to Level 20 DOs and not be worried that there are SOs she could be using instead for critical things like Taunt, which is what keeps the enemies from running away when she drops Burn?

Respec Trial :: Citadel TF

This past Sunday I managed to complete the Citadel TF. It went fairly well, no real issues. I was really surprised at how short a time it took us actually, but it was fun for all.

Afterwards, I did the 1st Respec Trial with some friends and we started with eight of us.
By the time we got to the hallway leading to the reactor core, there were four, and we still managed to hold off the swarms and I took the Respec and two badges. That was the most fun ever, I think the Respec Trial is awesome.

Last night, we tried the respec trial again for one of the toons that got DC'd the other day, and this time we failed. I've never failed a mission other than moonfire before, and this was big. We all died (at least I leveled though) and then everyone called it quits. Even with belts on, we couldn't maintain the reactor core. It was tough, lvl 32's coming at us left and right. Hopefully, I'll do this again, I was hoping for the SO and the extra badge this time.

Hoping to try the transendence trial this weekend, if anyone's interested on Liberty, send me a holla.

Global @Nauga

Incidentally, I did just try Guild Wars yesterday, and it doesn't hold a candle to CoH, so I don't see what the fuss is about.

A "Southern Gentleman" learns his lesson.

Last night I hit L25 with Isidriel. Late in the evening's run, I recruited a BADASS L27 scrapper named Heaven Lee into the SG... Funny story. And very telling:

I'm flying back to the Striga Island ferry from 5-slotting my Stamina at Tabitha Fabish's in Independence Port... this is a LONG haul. So, along the way I'm scanning for crime I can bust. Occasionally I zoom down to rescue a shakedown victim from The Family's bigger guns, or to break up a Tsoo ritual/robbery or assault. Nothing big. I'm almost at the tram when I see this little pleated-skirt-and-bobby-socks toon wailing away in the middle of 8 Warriors who are conning orange and red to me.
She's holding her own, so I zip down to street-level to watch her work. The bad guys are coming at her like clowns out of a little circus car... there doesn't seem to be an end to them. And finally it appears they've got the best of her. So I step in, drop Burn and whack the biggest one she's fighting with Beheader... just to even things up. Then I step back to observation range.
She says nothing, just keeps on scrapping. She's on the last five, and they really start to pour it on her. I step in again - careful not to "kill-steal" - and Taunt them all so their attention/aggression is directed at me - with Fire- and Plasma-Shields on, I just stand and let them pound me for a while... it only tickles Isidriel. She easily defeats them all in short order.
'No need to thank me, little lady' was on the tip of my chat-window-tongue when a tell comes across from the delicate little hero-ette I just assisted:

"Wanna fight in the arena?"

Isidriel, at a little over 7' tall with a MASSIVE athletic build, totally towers over this 5'5" Ono Sendai candystriping intern. What is she thinking? Isidriel's a TANK...!!! But I feel like maybe she's on this I-Don't-Need-To-Be-Saved-By-Some-MAN kick, and my timely interventions have offended her. So now she wants to fight me.
Fine, I think. Time to teach Lynn Minmei here a little lesson about well-intentioned killer tanks who just levelled to TWENTY-FIVE! "OK" I tell her.

A few minutes later we're at the Talos Island Arena in Duel Mode. I figure I'll drop the HAMMER on this chick early, and call it a day. I lay the smackdown on Ms. Lee... in a big way. I do to her what I do to purple-con Banished Pantheon Totems!!! Then I look at her Health meter.

Not a dent. She has full health!!!

As soon as I'm awaiting recharges on my big swings, little Heaven Lee proceeds to WHIP MY ASS. She 'kills' me... TWICE. Then, during the last round, as I'm doing everything I can to nail her... find a weak point or poor tactic to exploit... I realize she's stopped fighting me.

"I'm gonna go make a sandwich," she says.

That's when I stopped swinging and BEGGED her to join my supergroup. I plan on promoting her VERY quickly.

That's also the moment I decided that I'm done saving cute delicate women from a damn thing in this game.
...stupid southern upbringing...!!!

They do just fine on their own. :-)
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The CoH "gear pack" is out, containing all the stuff from the DVD special edition minus, of course, the DVD. For $20. It even includes a 30 day subscription code. All I really want is the travel power (slide), so that seems like a good deal-- it's only $5 more than I'd pay for any other month.

But the thing is, there's $2.08 sales tax (wtf??) and the cheapest shipping option (for the comic book and other stuff I don't really care about) is over $5, so it's almost $30 all told... I might as well just go out and buy the DVD edition, since that is $30.

Check this out. I am FLOORED.

I am absolutely FLOORED by this. A friend at work turned me on to this story about how the Wachowski Brothers 'stole' The Matrix, top to bottom. Now, being a fan of their films, I was interested to see how he came to this conclusion, so I poked around a little.

Now, I'm not sure if all this is fact, fiction, truth or hoax... But in my experience, if it looks like a duck and smells like a duck, quacks and waddles like a duck, chances are it's not a frog.

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I'm a firestarter...

Burn is love. But Tsoo sorcerors still suck. Damn teleporting bastards who won't stand still no matter how much I taunt. I can kill them when they're yellow, but when they're orange and have a yellow Yellow Ink Man with them... dammit, I can't do any damage because I'm spending the whole time asleep or turning all my toggles back on.

So... if there's anyone on Guardian in the Level 18 range who'd like to join up to run some Tsoo missions over the weekend... look up Original Cinder. In the meanwhile, I think she'll be hanging out in Boomtown, practicing her technique on the trolls.
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That seems to be the new battle cry for most of the League of Just-Us (leagueofjustus). A whole buttload of us got together tonight and ran mission after mission after mission. Talk about the most awesomest teamup evar. We were kickin' ass and not even bothering with names. Most of us started characters today, and we ended up at around level 9. xany, our Fearless Leader, is the highest, at 11. This.... This is great. If you want a phenomenal SG on Triumph, look us up. We're tons of fun.

To everyone who was on tonight and playing:

THANK YOU. I had the time of my life. We're disgusting, but at least we've got chicken.
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