May 14th, 2005


Joined this, didn't even know we had one of these. :)

I'm a lvl 34, almost 35 invuln/ss tanker on Freedom, looking for people who roleplay or want to arena.
I'm undefeated, so if you're in my level range, give me a challenge, please. ;)

I go by the name Zeranamu, global is @Zeranamu
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Arena madness...

So it seems that the Arena is still hit or miss with me, as I just got out of a 2v2v2 match, and it was really an onslaught. The teams consisted of:

1 Def and 1 Tank
1 Scrapper and 1 Warshade
2 Blasters <-- My team

Well, we ended up getting slaughtered, mainly because the other two teams wouldn't attack each other, which is not fun. As we're getting pummeled, I keep getting frustrated. The def. and the tank quit the match, and then the other two continue to beat on us. Holds weren't working, trip mines were doing NO damage, and even after I used Build Up AND Aim I would still miss and enemy who was about 3 levels lower than me. Sucked.

And so my solution is this:


I am looking to start a league of blaster-only matches. This is something that I could keep track of on paper, and we could set up certain times, have rated games, etc. Blasters of any level would be welcome. We'd be able to set up tournaments, wager Inf., and just have a good time.

Let me know what you think. If you'd like to join, or have any interest, send a tell to @Carla Caliente
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Nerfed SK distance and Regen Scrapper endurance?

SK Distance
An interesting thing happened while my then level 9 was SK'd to my husband's then level 12 today. We were in King's Row and he went to train up, while I, on the same platform as he, went to see the Field Analyst. He didn't have my toon in his view and he warned me, "You're getting too far away from me!" even as the warning flashed on my own screen.

I said, "I'm right here!" I set him as a way point and realized I was 92 yards away from him. Do what? Surely that must have just been the warning that I was approaching the danger distance. So I moved my toon back toward him and watched the distance it was when it said I was safely within my mentor's protection again. 45 yards. Back tracked to see at what distance it said my mentor could no longer assist me... 90 yards!

What the heck!?! What happened to 200 yards? A fall off of a cliff in a CoT tunnel could render one 90 yards from ones mentor!

I don't remember this being in the release notes...

Regen Endurance
Has any other Regenner noticed more of a drain in endurance usage since Issue 4? Granted, Onyx never had Stamina, but she does have 6 slotted Quick Recovery, which has been plenty. But ever since I4 it seems she goes through endurance like water.
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Oh man! I had an awesome time!

Out of the blue got invited to do the second Shadow Shard TF, which I quite gladly accepted. Been wanting to do one of those forever, but noone's ever there. :/

So I was number 7, we found one more, and were ready to start. It went very, very well. 2 controllers, 2 defenders, 2 blasters, a scrapper (me) and a tank. Maybe 2 or 3 deaths the whole way through. AND SO MUCH FUN!

It starts off with a bunch of kill 50 missions in the Chantry, which is a massive zone, and I frequently found myself flying around attacking large groups in the air, because they were easy to find. Playing a dog-fighting scrapper is truly a unique experience. :)

Anyways, everything was really awesome and I ended up joining the SG that had started the mission, as I've been looking for a super group that does stuff like that.

So... close to level 50 I can taste it... Less than 3 bars... mmmmm.