May 15th, 2005



Well, finally... I hit the Arena. And remembering how people have whined about blasters being overly powerful in it (aka using the powers they had available), I decided to use my inv/ss tank in there to see what was the big deal. Plus my blaster main is too high for the group I was rolling with. (More on this later)

The Arena I see gives an option of having only a certain range for level to join. So my tank along with two scrappers were in the middle of the level range. Next thing I see is a group of blasters suddenly join (all the max level possible or just one below it). Since it was set as a three team of three battle, they were arguing because certain ones wanted to be on the same team with others and they couldn't work it out.

Anyhow, after figuring out how they would split their team, we went to battle. And at first, our team was getting our heads handed to us. Then during one battle, we were being kicked by five people. I thought, "WTF?" Then remember their arguing about who teams with who. Those blasters were not fighting each other but it was a 6 on 3 in there. Realizing this, guess what our team did? (NO! WE DIDN'T WHINE TO THE DEVS ABOUT NERFING A DAMNED THING!) We developed a strategy of luring them one by one into an ambush. It came late in the 30 minute battle but the last five minutes, we began kicking their asses. And since the average level difference with both teams were 3 levels AND they were having to work together it seemed against us, I thought it was rather funny thinking of those who whine to the devs.

I know those guys will not go to the Arena when they level again until they reach the max level for the next range. After it was done, we (the three) decided to do a five on five. Same blasters jumped back but one had to be on our team. Then a controller joined us that was our level. So again, our average was less than the other side. However, we were stomping a mudhole in them and walking it dry. Then one losses connection. So we were four on five and still beating them down. Then suddenly, the blaster that was friend to the other side decides to quit (WHILE WE WERE STILL WINNING).

Is the Arena perfect? No. Since they have these level ranges, what can fix a team of max allowed, is if the difference is more than one average, have one team exemp down or the other moved up. Have the average team level the same. But the way the devs believe to fix something is to nerf something. That is not needed for the Arena. And this comes from someone playing it as a tank and being outleveled and still kicked some ass when the strategy was put in place.

Moral: Don't whine about nerfing something to the devs! Just shut up and play!
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great dev post

okay, it's not the whole "Kill Skuls" thing, but it's still good.


So I was on with my SG on Champion a while ago, and we were doing the Positron TF.
At one point, we were ambush right in front of Positron and Valkyrie. So here's
all these guys shooting at us, trying to kill us, and Mr. Bigshot "I got my
armor upgraded" and Ms. "I have this fancy spear that none of you can get!" are
just kinda standing there watching.


Seriously, though, it would be cool if the trainers got some sort of
automated power similar to the police drones. There's just something wrong about
the eight most famous heroes in all of Paragon city standing there watching you
get pounded on.

All that crap is grey to me, no XP.

City of Heroes Design Manager

I love the fact that this game's devs have a sense of humor.
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Here's a pic of my new peacebringer, Niveus Albus (if you're curious, Niveus means "white, snowy" and Albus means "white"):

In other news, I was watching the demoes I've recorded, and I've actually got some really cool footage... Thing is, I suck horribly at editing video. I can capture the frames into tga at 30 fps and turn that into an avi, but as far as breaking the avi down into scenes (most of the demoes consist of a couple of really cool parts with lots of boring or poorly framed stuff inbetween), I just can't figure it out (except maybe going frame by frame in Virtual Dub and saving new avis, but there's gotta be an easier way). Anyone experienced with video editing and have any tips? I downloaded this OSS program called JahShaka, which is sort of like the Gimp to Premier's Photoshop.