May 16th, 2005

this is too funny

So I talked my friend into playing CoH with me. The last video she played was like Super Mario Bros. when it first came out.

Anyway, she went nuts making characters.

And she named them all after lipsticks or something.

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Level 11 Defender on Liberty Server

Hey folks,

I'm relatively new to the game (about two weeks of active playing). I'm a Level 11 Technology Defender with force fields and electricity as my power sets. My name is 2-Tone Assasin (yeah, I spelled assassin wrong, but shhh, don't tell).

Hit me up the next time I'm on. I'm always up for helping out with mission or the like.

BTW, that's me in the icon.
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(no subject)

Yesterday while the servers were down I decided I'd make a character on the only server I didn't have a character on. This was also the only server that didn't have a version of Dr Diabolical on it. On this one, Dr Diabolical became a female warshade. Weird.

So this new Doc's teleporting around Outbreak, as Warshades are wont to do, just to show off their goods, and I'm getting my isolator badge, when this guy in a mask runs up to me and gets in my face and says, "MMMMMM!" Didn't know what to make of it, so I continued to blast crack fiends. The dude did it again -- got in my face and said, "MMM MMMMM!" This demanded a response.

"Hiya!" I said, trying to get in character as a cheery chick Diabolical.

"MMM o hi i'm new." This response led me to answer no less than ten questions about the game for him, which is cool -- have no problems doing that for a noob -- then helping him (and myself) get the Isolator badge. Then the guy dropped the bomb that he needed to get out of Outbreak and he didn't know how. So I helped him backtrack -- several times -- through his contacts, tryin' to see which one he missed. He hadn't even spoken with the first one. And after speaking with the first one, and delivering the blood to the hospital, and whatnot, he didn't click the "click here to accept new contact" link, so when we wet to the other contact, he got no response.... at which point he called me an idiot. After at least thirty minutes in Outbreak trying to solve his problem (not counting the isolator badge issue)... he calls me an idiot. Because he doesn't know how to click a link. At this point I told him there wasn't much I could do for him and left him stranded in Outbreak.

Yep. Stranded. In Outbreak. It takes a special type'a person to get stuck in Outbreak.
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FrostFire Complete! & high aggro in the Hollows?


I finally got done with the FrostFire mish and leveled with minimum deaths! Yippeee... now my main char, Kuso is creeping her way to lev 15 and more varied missions. Thanks to pheretfire and pheretmagick for the assists on my missions yesterday.

Have a question for ya'll while I'm taking a break from CoH. Is it me, or does there seem to be really high aggro of Trolls, Outcasts, etc in the Hollows? I have been on my way to a mission and suddenly found myself hip deep in Trollkin and Jutal. On other occasions, they have spawned in my path as I'm on the way to a mish. I have a mish to defeat 10 Igneous and when I find some there are like 6 or 7 Igneous and Magmite lords seemingly appear out of no where.

This has been an issue since I4 was released, anyone else had a similar problem or had really high aggro in the Hollows?


Your friendly neighborhood Troll Killer
Pinnacle Server, Paragon City
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Puck (silly)

Cape for O.C.

Original Cinder (magic fire/fire tanker) made it up past Level 21 (halfway to 22) this weekend. That means she's added Burn and Plasma Shield to her bag of tricks, and in short order she'll have Acrobatics and won't feel like a hackey sack when the Council Archons start kicking.

With the help of ethangilchrist and y2hecate, I've discovered that a tanker and a scrapper that are close in level to each other can make a really nice duo. It's loads of fun to jump into the middle of a mob, taunt, drop a Burn circle, and watch them melt as the scrapper beats on the ones at the fringes.

Of course, Cinder made some time to take care of her cape and costume missions, too. And doesn't she look spiffy in her new cape and supergroup colors?

Tonight, if my luck holds out (and the servers stay up)... Synapse TF.

Sometimes I wish my assault rifle was real....

So yesterday I'm doing random missions with other teams, mostly in the hope that they'll help Winged Murasaki whale on some Igneous (since I will get my ass kicked everytime I take them on myself with her), and in the midst of fighting trolls in a cave mish the mapserver goes screwy.

Little did I know that when I got booted back to login that HALF of the servers would be down.

Okay, so that ruled out playing any of my chars on Virtue... and my chars on Champion. But Triumph and Liberty are up, and I have a brand shiny new character on Triumph for the League of Just Us, so I sign in there.

This was NOT a good idea. Because this version of spyderqueen is still low level and Atlas/Galaxy bound, and those zones were full of obnoxious jackasses with THEIR brand new characters made just because they were bored.

I had to /ignore more people on that server than the other 3 combined. I mean, I have a high threshhold of n00b tolerance, because I do a fair amount of n00bish things without realizing it. But these guys made me wish very hard for non-consensual PvP. Oh god and the "server updaters"... between people asking if X server was still down and other people announcing at random that X server was still down I couldn't actually read any serious chatter without scrolling constantly.

So, my important lesson from yesterday?

If that many of the servers are down, I should go do something else with my time, even if I have characters on an active server.

At least I got levels out of it.
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(no subject)

Well, my main scrapper, Celtic Rage, hit 30 last night (kind of by accident... I wanted to go to bed but got stuck on a long timed mission instead), and now has a chance to pick up his third costume. Woo hoo. (Mind you, the one and only variation between his first and second is his cape.)

I think I'll hold off on anything too fancy until I have a full set of 35 SO's at level 32. Then, from what I hear, influence tends to stop being a problem.

C.R. teamed up with a bunch of folks for the 24-34 respec misison on Friday -- and despite my fears that we'd be overwhelmed (there was 8 of us -- 3 scrappers, one invuln tank, a peacebringer or two, and a defender or two) we actually did pretty well. At least once we got past the first mass slaughter that happened when we first entered the big room. (Let me tell you, as a scrapper, the last thing you want to see in a fight is the feet of your tanker sticking out from behind a pillar as he lays there dead... er, defeated.) But after we all recovered from those slight cases of death, we swept through at a pretty good pace and finished it all up.

Which is good, because I took Invincibility last night for the def and acc buffs, but am now wondering if I shouldn't have taken Manuevers (or whatever that one is that increases your teammates' damage). I'll test out inv. and see how it goes.
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Badge Hunting Tour

I'm working on a new system for badge hunting, with alts in mind. My main has tons of badges, but my dozen alts are lacking. I'm putting together a "Badge Hunting Tour" that I can lead once in a while for players who would like to take the shortest amount of time to accumulate the History, Exploration and Kill badges. I'm trying to put together a really easy "script" that a "tour operator" can use to get the badges in an order that is the most efficient. By the end of the "tour", heroes should be familiar with all of the zones, including the zones they haven't been in yet (with the exception of the hazard zones he or she can't enter - but at least he or she will know where they are and what villains are in them), and have a handle on the history of Paragon City and its most famous heroes and battles.

Any players that have toons on Pinnacle are welcome to join me as I try out how quickly this tour can be taken (I'm guessing that without Kill badges it could be under an hour, but with Kill badges it could be three, four, or more). The idea is that we meet up in Atlas and hit every single badge-needed spot, then go to Galaxy, then Kings Row, then Perez Park, Steel, Skyway, etc. We'll stop along the way for the Kill badges, so a larger team will accomplish this more quickly. If your toon can't go to a particular hazard zone, we'll park you outside, we will get the badges there, then collect you to move on to the zones you can go into. If your toon already has some badges, we'll ask that you cooperate with the group to help until everyone has gotten the badges in the zone we're working in.

The experimental "tour" will be on Wednesday, May 18th - we'll gather in front of City Hall in Atlas at about 11:45 CST and begin the tour around noon (CST). Please invite friends or guild-mates - if we have more than eight heroes we can divide into two groups. If you're interested and are free on Wednesday during the day, can you please comment below with your character name, level, and travel power? I may need to respec a character to get a high enough one to have Recall Friend. Also, we need enough higher level characters to sidekick the lower ones to help with the upper-level kill missions.

After ironing out the kinks, I will run tours once a week or once every other week (and I'll try to put the "tour operator script" online, which is my ultimate goal). I also think it would be nice if participants could leave with a parting gift of the list, levels, and contacts of the missions he or she needs to accomplish to obtain the Accolades.

(Posted to CoH community as well as Pinnacle since I'm welcoming any advice, particularly on hard-to-get kill missions like masks, monkeys, and illusionists)

Monster Channels Deux

First off, I want to say whoever thought of the idea of global monster channels is a genius. I've not only picked up badges that I wouldn't have otherwise, I've even been the first on scene and called in others to get Adamastor.

My problem is this: Unless I'm mistaken, you can only join 5 global channels (please correct me if I'm wrong). This has led to such humorous situations as me (while on Triumph) saying "Lusca is up in IP!" waiting for comments from my SG-mates then adding "...on Virtue." and snickering all the way to the bank. I can't add all the monster channels for each server (where there is one) owing to the channel cap.

So, my question is this: How hard would it be to create a global, all-server monster channel and would anyone be interested in it? I'm thinking that it would be as simple as saying "Adamastor up in DA on Freedom" or "Paladin being built in KR on Pinnacle." What problems could arise out of this? Is it a dumb idea? Thoughts, please.
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Petitionable offenses

What kinds of offenses are actually worth petitioning over? One guy was running around Atlas calling everybody "fag" which I figured was, but someone else offered to TP me to the top of Atlas and then dropped me from the highest point they could. Of course I didn't die, and it's horribly rude, but I'm thinking that's not so petitionable, eh?

What kinds of things are, though, actually worth taking the time to report?
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(no subject)

So when I4 first came out, the crashing for me was about once a day or once every other day... I followed the advice of a few others and updated my video drivers, which went fine, but it seems like every day that I play, it crases between 3-5 times, and sometimes that's within a 30 minute time-span.

I've crashed while zoning, which is the most common time for me.
I've crashed while jumping and just moving towards something.
I've crashed while fighting a mob of enemies, therefore resulting in unnecessary debt.
I've even crashed while reading a mission briefing.

I know that the developers are working on getting it solved, but for me the game is becoming unplayable. I hope that they can get something working shortly, because I really do love playing it, but it's just brutal. Every time I want to sit down and hammer a few hours out, I can't.

Hopefully Carla Caliente can get to 50 (as she's 46 right now and really wants to hit that mark), but I've got to take a break.

Sucks, though.
Puck (silly)

How do these people survive to Level 25?

Original Cinder kept Synapse company for about an hour, looking for people who wanted to do his task force, but there were no takers. So I gave up on the idea of getting that done while Cinder was still Level 21 and could do it without having to exemplar, and hooked up with a friend to run a few missions on Striga. Then he got called away to run the Respec TF with another alt, so I was left to my own devices.

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