May 17th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Tank v. Tank

I had a few extra minutes this morning, so I logged in and visited the trainer with Original Cinder. I added Acrobatics, then I hopped over (literally) to the magic store and upgraded most of my enhancements. Then I went outside, toggled up, and charged heedlessly into a mass of yellow and white Freakshow. They couldn't move me, and they could barely make my health bar dip. I taunted the Tank Smasher by telling him my grandma could hit harder than him, which apparently made him mad because he continued to stand there whaling on me even when I dropped Burn. All around me, the minions melted. Then a few rez'ed and melted again. I popped consume to restore my endurance back up to full, and the Tank Smasher keeled over, too.

Man, it sure is fun being a tanker. >:)
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Ding! Ding! Ding!

I finally made 30 last night around midnite by submersing myself in Founders Falls.
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I did the Respec trial one more time for the XP and the SO, then went to finish another story arc, helped an SG mate out with some missions and dinged 30. Headed straight for Icon, got the costume mission and got my Freakshow and Rikti and Devouring Earth out of the way, headed to Atlas for the city rep, got the Aura mission and took care of that without a hitch, opened up the store in Founders Falls by taking care of the opening mission with Penny and then went back to Icon to outfit myself and enhance my Inked fists with a nice natural looking glow.

I attribute the newer blueish skin to my having been through the Reactor Core in TV and transmogrified several times.
head tilt, aeryniana

Server go boomski.

Virtue is down. Always when we're doing well, too!
At least it's not only Virtue. I should work on getting some things to higher level that are not of Justice, Guardian, Protector or Champion servers.

Soon, soon Teyla will have minions. Mwhahaa. To those that gave me a hand earlier, thanks a bunch. Next time I promise to bring another person with a bigger mallet so there isn't so much concrete licking. I remember doing that with Peachy last year, for the first time, this was far worse. Patrolling groups are just extra evil. Especially when they run up right when you enter to say, "Hi!"
Then chop you to bits.
I'd rather have Benny bits.
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So I was able to play earlier today prior to Champion and a few others taking a dump. Was working on my little fire/rad troller in the Hollows.

Went into a mish with a pickup team .. yes the great pickup team.. and we proceded to move to the first group.

Now here is the thing.. we got pretty deep in the mission map before we saw any groups. We start to battle it out when all the sudden here comes a mob of 15 from behind us. Hmm.. but we checked the hall and all the open doors and found nothing on the way through.

Now I was thinking this was a fluke.. but it happened almost every time we ran a mission in the Hollows.

To say the least it was very annoying to get debt from a suprise group that wasn't on patrol but actually had a set point on the map they went to after they killed us... so it was a patrol.

Anyone else seeing tripe like this happen? If so I will bug it next time.

Lvl 28 Tanker LFSG

So I looked on the right place on the forums, but didn't find what I was looking for. What that is is a supergroup on Guardian that is active between 7 and 9AM EST. My current group has been good to me, but I don't really play with them because of the odd hours that I keep. Does anything like this exist? Would it be a good idea to create it if it didn't? Thanks for your help!