May 18th, 2005

4 til 30, and a good team experience.

I hit 26 last night, and was feeling pretty good about myself.
So when I get a tell requesting I join a big cave incursion, I accept.

Now, something you should know about my toon, Isidriel. He's a tank. But because I solo a LOT, I built him to be kind of a scrappertank. I do lots of damage solo (especially with all those damage SO's!), but on teams I find folks just want a tanktank. So I generally don't do pickups unless I'm teaming with friends. But this time, feeling good, I did.

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Newbie Fun

I decided to log into one of the many characters I created back when this game was new -- I've since deleted a lot of them, but there are still some around that I kept because they looked cool, but they're still stuck in the tutorial because I never played them...

So I play this character out of the tutorial and decide to street hunt up to level 3. That never takes too long, and I'm just goofing around a bit before I have to go to work. So halfway to level 3, I get a blind invite, and I accept.

It's already a big group and more people are joining. But the first comment I see is about how someone hates the Hollows.

Well... hmm... at level 2 I'm not able to go to the Hollows yet. Are they talking about other characters of theirs, or does this group really need a level 2? So I start checking... one guy's level 9... one guy's level 7... everyone is several levels above me, yep. Oh wait, except for the leader... he's level 1.

level 1! Sheesh.

And then, as someone points out that this isn't going to work, and people star to bail, he keeps inviting new people, including a level 35... lol.

I quit his group, and two minutes later he tries to invite me again. As soon as I decline that, I get a different blind invite from someone else, and I accept.

This time I'm the only other member, and the leader is level 2 like me. He says hi, I say hi, and then he invites a third person, who asks what we're doing and then without a reply says he'll be right back and disappears to another zone.

I track down the leader, who is fighting three low-level guys. I jump in and take one down, and he pauses in the middle of the fight to say, "thnx". And then we finish the third guy off, and he says, "Wait!"

So I wait. After a minute he says, "I'm about to log off, but I'm going to make a new guy named X-Rayd, so look for him, okay?"

Um... okay. Nice to share a group long enough to actually kill three bad guys.

I'm sure the second guy was just a kid... talk about a short attention span. And maybe the first was a kid too, I don't know. But it amuses me the kind of disfunctional random groups you get at these levels.
Moxie Mascot


So, I'm trying to get The Healing Vision to level 20 for her cape and new costume, and as a Defender who doesn't do much but heal, I need a group to do anything.

And that's been getting harder and harder to do. Is it something about level 18? Is there just nobody on anymore? I can't find teams to help with, I can't build a team of my own, it's just... falling flat.

On that note, anybody on Guardian who wants a healer, I play most evenings, and depending on how badly I sleep, sometimes from noon on. I work nights in California, though, so I can't do much of a long-haul overnighter. But, feel free to look me up.
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For anyone who has seen the new video that was shown at E3, have they realesed the name of the asain guy who they just seemed to randomly throw in there, I'm pretty sure I've never seen him in game. My friend thinks he could be the hero who is going to replace Infernal when he turns, any thoughts on this?