May 19th, 2005

Comics - MegaLantern (Anim)

Curse You Issue 4!!! Cuuuuuuurse Yoooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong. I love this game. But ever since I4 went live, I've been crashing more frequently than a discount airline. Sometimes I'll get booted back to Windows (sometimes before I even get past the login screen!), but more often than not, my entire system crashes. HARD.

...of course, it's often while I'm zoning, or standing still doing nothing at all.

but then there's nights like tonight. My SG is taking on a cave full of Igneous in the Hollows. There's a huge group filled with a red Magmite Lord, a few orange Lieutenants and a metric crapton of yellow minions. So, of course I target the Magmite Lord, throw up all my shields, pop two insights and two enrages, charge in and taunt him (and all the nasties around him). The bad guys all get really pissed at this (natch), and start their attack animations. which point, my screen goes black.

at least everyone (including myself) survived. But damn was that the worst timing ever!

they'd better get this memory leak fixed pronto. this is just getting insane.
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Diabolique is a pain in the eema.

I was forced to play my empathy/radiation defender this morning, rather than play Peachy like I want to.
We fought Diabolique in an instanced outdoor mission, full of pain and heartache..

It was me playing my dirty hippy fweak obsessed with the 70s, Minty Minuet. A level 24 Defender, side kicked to 48.
They couldn't believe I got through Peregrine on my own, not asking for a teleport or running along the ground with my mentor.

My mentor today was the mostly Straight Cougar (despite the occasional pinkness), level 49 MA/SR Scrapper.

Recently turning one year old Carpe Diem Baby(with Mister Wubby[don't make him angry]), level 47 Dark/Energy Defender, side kicked to level 49.

The horribly Pun-ny Hot Pussycat, level 50 Fire/Fire Tanker. No Need For SideKicky.

There was also a random pick up member, not among my local friends, Shadowminx. Level 48 Mind/Bubble Controller? I think that's what the person was. It was one whom didn't use punctuation, that's all I clearly remember.

You would think this would be enough, but no. It was a standoff. Diabolique would get down to just a tiny bit of hit points and then heal.
A lot.

I can't remember how many times I died, or had a heart attack trying to keep the scrapper and tanker alive. Not to mention the various times where just about all of us were one shotted. So possibly it wasn't much of a standoff, more of a FUBAR or a Bitch-slapping squared.

What fresh hell is this? Something that makes me not want to work off my piddly 3,701 debt for a long time.
Why do "I" have to be the healer in these situations.
In the end I was running back and forth between two groups, healing Pussycat who was fighting the AV and then running back and healing the rest of the gang fighting spirits on the other side of the grave yard. If I were only healing Pussycat we could have sat there for hours with no death, but still not killed the thing.
Eryn sighs.
No wonder I don't' play her more often. I suppose I should be thankful it's not Peachy who has to work off level 47 debt. It's still rather play her than go through the anxiety of being the sole healer.
I'm a SOUL heal'a, baby!

If anyone on Virtue would appreaciate a nice juicy level 47 Mind/Kinetics Controller, I'm free. An hour and a half spent keeping people alive fighting a single Arch-Villain is enough empathy for me today.
No one loves the fruity goodness anymore.
Peachy hangs her head.
Should'a went with empathy secondary. . .
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Review: City of Heroes Comic, Volume 2, Issue 1

I'm not impressed.

Now, I should qualilfy that by saying that I'm quite a fan of Mark Waid. I've greatly enjoyed his work for both DC (Empire is, IMHO, one of the best "superhero universe" books out there) and Marvel (I loved his take on the Fantastic Four). So I'm not sure it's the writing I don't like.

I do know that I really dislike portions of the artwork. Some of it is very nice, but occasionally it lapses into a scratchy style that isn't well suited for a superhero book. The opening pages contain a distant shot of Paragon City that just looks ridiculous, portraying it as a bunch of disconnected rectangular zones on a vast flat plain. The colouring also seemed a little flat, though I may well have been spoiled by the gorgeous work currently being showcased in a number of books from the Big Two.

I think one of the things I dislike about the new book is it's take on the city of heroes, and the way it focusses on the Freedom Phalanx. They're the Justice League of the CoH world, and if I wanted to read about the Justice League, I'd buy their book (okay, I do buy their book, but that's not the point). The reason I liked volume 1 was that it was about heroes like the ones I played; street level heroes who made mistakes, got their asses kicked, regrouped and came back for more. The artwork was clean and crisp, and the book was recognisably set in locations that were familiar to me as a player. Volume 2 is about heroes that I'm going to work long and hard to emulate, but will never be allowed by the game to equal.

One issue that I have with Waid's plot is the deconstructionist approach it takes to the game. Right out of the box, it turns everything on its head. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, but Waid spends very little time establishing the previous status quo, before pulling the rug out. It seems to me that if you have to rewrite the rules of a game in order to tell an exciting story, you really should be writing something else. Waid's an extremely creative and talented guy, perfectly capable of writing a tale that puts our heroes in jeopardy without rewriting the rules we play by. This is, after all, a comic book about a game. One would expect it to bear some resemblance to that game, otherwise it might as well be any old superteam book.

If I were paying for this, I'd be disappointed. As it is, I'll keep reading it because it's free. Hopefully, future issues will improve on this somewhat lacking start. Waid can do better.
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I'd wear the cape!

Sigh... one of the few times I feel like I'm on the wrong coast....

To tempt you further into the shadows, throughout E3 the followers of Recluse will allow two 4-player teams of pre-determined villains (highlighting new villainous costumes, powersets and special effects) to invade or defend a fortress. In this fiendishly exciting event, the teams will be given a predetermined amount of time to either capture the fortress’s “Item of Power” or repulse the determined invaders. The winning team members shall be awarded a distinctive cape that heralds their combat prowess and allegiance to Lord Recluse. Ah, but even more cunning, the bestowal and continued wearing of the cape throughout the show allows the individual to be targeted for the prize of a coveted slot in the upcoming City of Villains Beta Test.


Going through with drawls, I can't afford to charge new time on my account or buy a card. So you all with have to save the city with out my help. Does this happen to anyone else and how hard do you find it to catch up with you regular team mates? Normally I'm always a few levels behind do to work and my family.

Peace out,
Doc Cronic on the Champion server
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Horus Guard, if you didn't know, is a robot (of sorts. It has biological components such as skin, but they were grown specifically for the creation of Horus Guard, so it's an entirely manufactured being) from another dimension. It's damn-near 8 feet tall and absolutely massive, probably weighs at least a ton, maybe two. It's level 50 and has stood up against everything anyone in this world and others could throw at it. It shrugs off barrages of plasma bolts that would destroy a tank and alien swords with energy-enhanced cutting edges. Even magical attacks have had little effect on it.

So why is it that any Joe Schmoe walking on the street is able to effortlessly push this towering behemoth out of the way and not so much as disturb their own path?
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Ever notice it seems like very few people ever use inspirations? All they ever use are greens and blues. Especially at lower levels, when you don't have many powers, those that you do have are slotted poorly, and those slots are filled with training enhancements, Lucks and Insights can be a huge boon. I also like to have at least a couple break frees on my characters at all times. I think proper inspiration inventory management is one thing that seperates the players with good characters and the good players with good characters.

A blasters lament: woe is debt

My Primary has always been a blaster but I've never taken one past level 20 before (I usually get my cape, get bored, and start a new character). I know that blasters and debt go together like chocolate and peanut butter but lately my debt levels have left me a little stunned. My primary, Satan's Tooth, hasn't been without debt since level 21 and is currently (at level 24) sporting about 26,000 debt. It boggles the mind. Is this level of debt something normal for the 20's or have I just been spending too much time soloing against groups of warwolves? Someone assure me there's hope of hitting 50... please?
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I spend a whole day playing video games at work and searching for bugs (since that is afterall my profession), and then I come home to relax and unwind with some City of Heroes.

Ha! Bad choice.

Either bugs are now stalking me, or I'm good at finding them, but this was the strangest one I've seen in the game so far:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Of course I reported it, and the hero's name is being withheld since I just ran by her and saw this. But man, I just found it funny. Maybe I should stop playing games where I can do more potential work when I want to play. But hey, at least I know how to write up bug descriptions, so maybe it falling into my lap was a good thing?

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