May 20th, 2005

More pictures

I've got Altitis bad lately. It doesn't help that one of my RL friends is a major enabler, always up for making a new character with me whenever I do. But, damn, it's fun. Info and pics on today's latest addition to the ranks are Collapse )

Grav/Kin and the Respec

I've got a Level 12 Gravity/Kinetics controller with one unclaimed respec. This is the furthest I've ever gotten with this powerset, so I'm asking for your helping deciding what to do with the respec, even if that's keeping it for later.

Right now I have:

Crush - 2 slots - Acc, Imb
Gravity Distortion - 4 slots - 2 Acc, 2 Hold
Lift - 1 slot - Damage
Propel - 4 slots - 2 Dam, 2 Acc
Crushing Field - 1 slot - Acc

Transfusion - 4 Slots - 4 Heal
Siphon Speed - 1 Slot - Run Speed

Grant Invisibility - 1 slot - Def Buff

Anything I should change? Only level 12, but still have options. Is Dimension Shift useful? Should I dump Crush in favor of Propel or Siphon Power? I'll almost certainly use the Respec before or at 14, since I'll want a Travel Power at that point. (Super Jump because it's a theme character)

Rapid XP Gain Guide v4.0 Now Posted

Just to let you all know, I have finished revising and posting version 4.0 of my Comprehensive Guide to Rapid XP Gain/Debt Loss over on the Guides board on City of Heroes. This is my comprehensive look at powerlevelling, powerdebtclearing, and poweradventuring (non-PL play for most efficient XP gain) in all forms of which I know. I hope people will find it useful.
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Decisions, Decisions...

I am delighted to say that we both (pale_elf and I) reached level 18 for the first time last night with Influenza 1918 and Marburg Fever!!!
(They are members of our Infinity server SG- The Mighty Microbes, in case you are wondering about the names. :-)
But now I am having a very tough time deciding what to pick. It seems like with each new level I reach I get more tentative about my decisions, because I know it will be a major chore to get to the next power-picking level. Yeah, all you guys with lvl 50's can laugh, but what I can say? I have already admitted I have a terrible case of alt-itis. :-)
So anyway, here is the full story of Influenza 1918, with pix, a bio and my current build. Can anyone help an indecisive blaster virus girl out?

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Poll: Build Philosophy

Interesting question came to mind earlier. In general how do you go about putting your character together? Do you gear more towards taking advantage of an archtype's strengths (scrapper/blaster damage, tanker defense), or do you compensate for their weaknesses (blaster defense, tanker offense)? Does it instead just come down to playstyle and vary wildly between builds? Just curious. (Note the previous items in parens are just examples of what I mean.)

Poll #497824 Build Philosophy

How do you go about building your characters in general?

Taking advantage of an archtypes strengths
Compensating for their weaknesses
Varies wildly and comes down to playstyle
Other (please comment if you choose this)
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What a difference a day makes

In my last entry I gave the impression that the game may have beaten me. Starting out tonight I still felt that way. Now matter what I did I couldn't seem to make a dent in my debt. Then I answered a random broadcast from someone looking to do the moonfire tf. I'm not normally big on the tf's but I decided to give it a go. 3 hours later I had erased my debt, gotten to level 25 (most of the way to 26 actually), gotten the slayer badge, gotten the silver bullet badge, gotten the Atlas Medallion, and had a massive amount of fun. It's nights like tonight that will ensure that NCSoft keeps getting my $15 every month.
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