May 22nd, 2005

Hess TF-slightly pissed off

I just finished the Hess TF with my level 29 rad/rad on Victory, Lord Gamma. My gf was there with her level 30 ill/rad and there were four other people in the mid 20's SK'ed when possible. As I understand it, the level cap for the TF is 30. However, all of the bad guys in every single mission were level 31 and some were 32. WTF? We had several team wipeouts as a result. The missions were cool, but were excessively hard. Two of us didn't make it out at the end and incurred a lot of debt. That's pretty stupid.

All in all, an ok experience, but I wish someone would explain why there were no white conning bad guys.

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Ok, so, I'm back from E3, and I had my meeting with NCSoft about Cov, and here's what I saw:

First off, the meeting was held by Statesman himself, Jack Emmert. He was wearing a CoV cape that looked fairly smashing on him.

He showed off one of the zones in CoV. He said there will be 11 zones in all, and 4 of those will be PvP areas which characters from CoH can go into. The other parts will be CoV only content. They may allow heroes into those areas, and villains into CoH areas in the future, but not at launch.

There will be various known groups from CoH in CoV. Jack said something about being able to see them in a new light. He said that we can expect to see Freakshow, the Family, and Skulls. And yes, he did say "Kill Skuls".

They are adding bump-mapping and specular lighting to the game, so when you jump into the water, the water will actually look like it's moving, and any parts of you that are underwater will look blurry. They've also added a lot of shiny metal surfaces for costumes, and a lot of the CoV costumes have skulls on them, and things of that nature. They also have a new Monsterious form, which will replace Huge for villains. As some of you have likely already seen, there's also lizard legs which bend the opposite way.

They are also using some physics in the new game. He showed off a character which was about the same as a fire blaster, and showed how when the villain's powers hit someone, sparks would go flying off, and when a bank vault was destroyed, it realistically warped and broke into several pieces as it was being attacked, instead of just being there one minute and gone the next.

In the mission, at the end, the character was also attacked by Mynx (Yes, the trainer), who was listed as a boss, not an AV. Thanks to some previously-placed explosives, the villain was able to defeat her without much problem.

Jack said that he didn't want to go into the various ATs, but from what I was able to see, the new classes are like this:

Brute - Closest is a Tank
Dominator - Somewhat like a controller, from what I saw
Stalker - Basically a scrapper
Destroyer - This one I'm not too sure about. They might be defenders, or they might be blasters. Kinda hard to tell.
Mastermind - Think these guys might be defenders, but I never was able to see one in action.

Again, this is just what I was able to get from the movie they were showing at the booth, and are just wild speculations on my part, so don't put any faith into any of these.

There were also several different power sets, so, for example, in the tournament they had, I was able to play a Dark Melee Brute, and saw both a Sonic and Rad Destroyer.

I was also able to play around with the base building a bit. You do pay inf for various items, and for rooms. You can only have a certain number of items and rooms in each base, but you can swap out which kind of rooms they are in construction mode. Jack also said that there are certain items you will be able to get in game that will make your base attackable by other groups, and that these attacks will be scheduled, and that a group will have one hour to try to break in and take your item. This is where the whole SGvSG combat comes in. The base did have various traps and defensive measures you could buy and place around the area, such as various CoT crystals, turrets, and other things like that.

All in all, fairly satisfying, however we'll need to wait till the missions come out to see how fun it is, and how the missions play.

Feel free to ask questions, and if I know the answers I'll tell you.
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Did the Justin Augustine TF last night on the Shadow Shard, and I've got to say that was one of the best experiences in a TF I've ever had. The first half was a bit boring, as you're just TP'ing or flying place to place killing Rularuu, but once you get going on the door missions, the XP comes in droves and everything just works well. It was also nice to have 8 at the start and then 8 at the end. Plus it got me to level 47 and I now have a shiny new LRM Rocket Launcher.

When I had a mission out in Skyway, I stopped off at a contact out there to pick up some enhancements. Well, she's a MUCH older contact, but she gave me the Dr. Vaz story arc missions. Has this happened to anyone else? I didn't have any pending missions or anything from this contact, but I was still able to get them. Regardless, I breezed through the missions within a half hour or so, and at least I finally got to see the Doc's place. It was kind of cute seeing a level 20 AV run from me.

new computer/graphics card

Last December, I bought a new computer for myself. I got a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop because it was cheap and came with a free flat screen. I bought this machine before I started playing CoH. I didn't think that I would do any online gaming, but now I'm hooked. I have 768 MB of RAM, but what really kills me is the craptastic Intel integrated graphics unit. As it's integrated into the motherboard, it cannot be upgraded. I can run CoH at 1024x768, but I had to turn the shadows off, the buffers and everything else down. That kind of sucks because the game is pretty rich. Also, my computer doesn't redraw a lot of bad guys until I'm on top of them.

Yesterday, during my TF, there were six of us in a room fighting maybe 20 or 30 Council robots. The lag was bad and it was giving me a headache. More importantly, it was pissing me off.

Anyhow, I know that I'll keep playing until CoV and AutoAssault come out so I'm thinking of getting another computer this fall when my employment is figured out. I think I can afford a desktop around $2k. I'm also pretty sure that I'm going to go with Alienware. Someone on here (zweilander?) recommended them and not all of their machines are expensive.

I'm going to go with AMD and PCI Express. What is the minimum processor (3000, 3500, 3800, etc.), video RAM and system RAM that I can get away with and still run CoH with all of the graphics stuff maxed out or nearly maxed out at the highest resolution. I was thinking of 3500, 256 MB and 1 GB.

I have Road Runner cable modem service and bandwidth doesn't seem to be an issue so I think it's the fault of my sorry GPU.

I know that some of my request is similar to the one a Mac user made a month ago, but that was a bit more general (desktop vs laptop).

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Let's assume I was going to build my own computer. My original question stands: what sort of processor, video RAM, system RAM do I need to run a game like CoH or CoV or whatever with the graphics pumped all the way up.
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New SG on Liberty.

So, I got an idea from my sister's latest DVD purchase for a character. Then from that character, I got an idea for a SuperGroup. Let me flesh that out.

I made a Phantom of The Opera character (Phantom Masque) on Liberty. Then I got an idea from all of these other themed SGs to start a new one up. Thus, the Paragon Players were formed when I hit level 10 this morning.

If you're interested, make a play-based character and hit up Phantom Masque on Liberty. I'll be on with him every morning that I can (Sundays will probably become thin when my DM moves his game back there), and I'll sign on with him most evenings to check eMail.

I hope this goes over well... And I hope anybody who decides to join in digs it.

Later Daze, all.
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Global chat stuff... Out of curiousity...

Everyone knows about the Global Chat channel: livejournal
yes? (All together as one word and on right now I think)

I know it was formed by the community, but it has grown some since. It makes me curious if anyone doesn't know about it, and stuff. A few names appear on here that I don't see in the LJ channel, but then again they may be called something different on the LJ channel.

I think this was done before on another thread, but perhaps everyone can mention their Global Handles for the LJ channel, and perhaps your favorite server and/or favorite character on that server.

Also... if someone is new to Global Channels and has questions... then ask, and many of the people here can help you... myself included if I can. (and see it in time... some of these people are quick!)

Anyways... Here I go.

On the livejournal channel? Yep.
Global Handle: @JeremyM
Favorite server: Virtue (but I have been travelling alot these days)
Favorite Character: Zohar of Dark (Warshade) and/or Zohar of Light (Peacebringer)
(I have really liked the kheldians so far, but I am still low level.)

Also... Side note: I have 2 cross-server characters. Fayline Grylore (after a forced name change... used to be Kintaro), and TaxiBot RoboKat. They are both on every server, and are both level 6 or higher... for the most part.

Anyways... what about you all?

x Jeremy M.

P.S. - If you are on another LJ community, and would like to pass on the name of the LJ channel to others there, then feel free to. Main theme is being a LJ user of course.
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Hello everyone. I am knew to this community. I play Calamity Girl, lvl 11 Controller. Is anyone else having trouble seeing ID pictures or pictures of their costumes when editing at an Icon location? Mine appear blacked out.


How do you perform a screen shot in game?