May 23rd, 2005


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Woot! I've finally two TF's within a week. Finished the Posi TF in about 4 hours last week, started with 6, ended with 4. Had a great group and we breezed through the first half of the missions like crazy. (only lvl 2 times)

Just finished the Synapse TP with 4 of us. One was exemped down, but I lost him when halfway through I 'lost connection' and couldn't invite him back to the team. That SUCKS. We still finished in good time. (lvl once... boooooo)

I've been playing for a year now and have NEVER finished TF until the last week. Sometimes it's been my fault... Get tired of grouping with idiots and bail on them... The other times it's the idiots who bail on me.

So tomorrow night, if it's possible I'm going to do Sister's TF.
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Fenris IH8U

Connectivity and I4

Ok, I come to the masses humbly asking your opinion. Ever since I4 came out I've been having serious connectivity issues. Once I lost connectivity 7 times in one play session. I would have just logged off but I was doing the Positron TF,and didn't want to get kicked from the team because I was logged out too long.

Anyway... so far Tech help has suggested lowering the graphics values, turning off shadows and geometry buffers, they sent me a ftp link that would check connectivity etc, and even sent a link to a scanning program that traces ping rate. I keep getting a dns error on the ftp site and I'm not paying for a program to monitor my ping rate... That's all well and good, but they seem to be ignoring the fact that I didnt have this issue prior to I4's release. There could be a problem with my end, but it seems like that's the default response... it must be your equipment, not ours.

Has anyone else had serious issues since the latest update? It's getting to the point where I don't even enjoy playing because of the constant lag and disconnects.

Thoughts, suggestions?


The Legendary Kuso
Pinnacle Server
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Howdy all, quick question for ya. Maybe there is somewhere I could go to find this out but this is more fun. Does the defense from Stealth (Concealment Power Pool) stack with Group Invisibility (Controller Illusion Power Set)? I've finally come to try and Illusionist out and am trying to decide on Power Pool selection any advice etc. is much appreciated.
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Illusion/Empathy Build

I have started an Illusion/Empathy Controller. I have so far found it very enjoyable. I was wondering about a couple of things. I'm only 7th lvl so I can change stuff relatively easily 1.) Is empathy an alright secondary for Illusion or would I get exponentially better benefits from another second? 2.) what are the changes that were made to Superior invisibility in I4? 3.) If I end up keeping empathy are there particular powers I should get and what pools would you recommend?
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Fire/rad troller advice request...

So I have a lvl 25 fire/rad.

Here is my layout to 50:


Primary Powers - Ranged : Fire Control
Secondary Powers - Support : Radiation Emission

01 : Radiant Aura hel(01) hel(5) hel(5) hel(19)
01 : Char acc(01) acc(19) endred(36) hlddur(40) hlddur(43) hlddur(50)
02 : Radiation Infection defdbf(02) defdbf(3) defdbf(3) defdbf(25) defdbf(27) endred(27)
04 : Fire Cages acc(04) acc(17) endred(31) immdur(37) immdur(42) immdur(50)
06 : Hasten recred(06) recred(7) recred(7) recred(9) recred(9) recred(11)
08 : Accelerate Metabolism recred(08) recred(11) recred(13) recred(13) endrec(15) endrec(15)
10 : Hover fltspd(10)
12 : Flashfire acc(12) acc(17) endred(31) disdur(36) disdur(40) disdur(43)
14 : Fly fltspd(14)
16 : Swift runspd(16)
18 : Health hel(18)
20 : Stamina endrec(20) endrec(21) endrec(21) endrec(23) endrec(23) endrec(25)
22 : Enervating Field endred(22) endred(29) endred(43) endred(48)
24 : Cinders acc(24) acc(29) endred(31) hlddur(37) hlddur(42) hlddur(50)
26 : Group Fly fltspd(26)
28 : Smoke thtdbf(28) thtdbf(46)
30 : Lingering Radiation acc(30) acc(34) endred(36) slw(37) slw(40) slw(48)
32 : Fire Imps recred(32) recred(33) recred(33) recred(33) dam(34) dam(34)
35 : Mutation recred(35)
38 : EMP Pulse acc(38) acc(39) hlddur(39) hlddur(39) hlddur(42) hlddur(48)
41 : Indomitable Will recred(41)
44 : Mind over Body endred(44) damres(45) damres(45) damres(45) damres(46) damres(46)
47 : Assault endred(47)
49 : Tactics endred(49)

Slotting of enhancements is pretty much the way I want them, granted I may change once I've played with the powers for a while. I've been told to slot a recharge rate in my holds as well. But I think perm haste and extending the hold duration should cover that up enough. Yes I am going fly and group fly as my travel powers. Think about as "Rev-C and his amazing flying pychopathic pimps."

Now my question is leadership worth it? So far I haven't found another fire/rad around to look at and watch fight since I created this one. Though the ill/rads are all over. Is there another pool I may want to look at? Or should I just drop leadership and grab a few other things, like SS and bonfire? After 34 I pretty have everything setup. and will be grabbing what I need once it comes up.

Also don't suggest things that would be used mainly for pvp.. I don't care for it.

The little things that amuse us

To encourage audience participation I'd like people to comment about the dumb little things they do in game just to amuse themselves.

For example:
I like to find flying heroes and just fly right behind them until they get paranoid. Sometimes they ask what I'm doing and most often they land and just run where ever it was they were going. One lady tried to lose me and we spent about 10 minutes weaving in and out of buildings in Skyway.

Also, for some reason, I like to fly around Atlas Park with 20+ characters and just knockout hellions with one shot of my weakest power. That one even I don't understand.

So what do you like to do?
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Chest Details?

does anyone have an image of all the Chest Detail options available? I've tried taking screenshots of the Supergroup creation screen, and just can't seem to get it to work.

Thanks for any help in this matter!
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Travel power changes

A while back I cancelled my account in reaction to the introduction of accuracy debuffs for super jump and super speed. Perhaps some other people made some noise as well, as I've noticed that they have removed the debuffs, improved flight, and instead added a 4 second "slow down" period every time you attack, which seems like an ok compromise.

Now I can't rejoin for another month or so, but in the meantime this exile would be grateful to hear about how the new changes play. How about it?