May 24th, 2005


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Grrr... Very upset about last night's interruptions. Was 3/4 of the way done w/ the Sister Psyche TF when everything went to hell. The server's went down, finally got back in and got stuck zoning... I lvled 2 times, but damnit! I wanted the badge.

Ah well, such is life.

I played with a great tanker last night, she was invul/ice to my fire/fire and it was a great combo... She did most of the herding, and I'd run up and throw down burn and combustion. The pb and blaster would throw everything they had, the scrappers taking out any runners... Worked very well! Had one healer who had no problem keeping us all green.

Although there have been MORE and more newbies running around at high levels, I've also run into more people who actually know how to play. :)

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It's been a sweet last couple of days in-game for Taxibot Alpha. About two days ago I was invited to a team by a guy named Lorus after he sent a /tell (which was nice of him). I got on the team and it had about 6 people: a controller (Omega Point), a defender (Toxic Viper, great girl), a tanker (the Blackhammer), Lorus the blaster, another tanker (Geo Giant) and myself, a pure team-based emp/rad defender. We did about 5 missions and I got nine, yes, nine bars, leveling me to 29 and getting me a good ways toward 30. Lorus lives in Sweden, so he was done for the night after 4 missions, and the last mission was just Viper and I clearing out her old mission. Needless to say, I friended all of them. So I logged on last night and saw that Lorus and Geo were on, and I sent Lorus a /tell asking him if he needed a defender. He sent an invite and we got a team of 8 together, including a scrapper named EmeraldBladez, another blaster named johnny (something, can't remember without looking at my friends list), and another tanker named No. 1 Special. We cleared about 3 missions, I got my tank buster badge, and I hit 30. Everyone left but Toxic and I, and she helped me clear my 3rd costume slot mission.

The part that sucks is that my computer (with CoH on it) is sitting in pieces on my bed right now because of a bios flash that damaged the bios chip, resulting in me needing a new motherboard. I already drove to Fry's (Store motto: "We'll see you again when you return it.") once to get a motherboard, but there was no one able to help me see if it would support an AMD 2600+, so I (obviously) ended up picking the wrong motherboard. I doubt I'll make a trip back there today because of prior obligations (It's me birthday!), so I'll be out of the loop as far as them leveling tonight, and they'll probably have outleveled me by the time I get my computer back up and running. But, hey, a little sidekick action never hurt anyone.

oh, and Asmor, I'm sorry about last night! The game crashed and the computer reset with the screwed up bios, so I couldn't get back to the game. I'll make it up to you, though, by doing one of your missions if you want. Just let me know.
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Regen Vs. Invincibility

I was thinking of starting a broadsword scrapper but was unsure of the secondary powerset. Regen is awesome, but I was thinking of Invincibility because I have never had that powerset in the year that I have been playing.

What do you think?
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Dammit, all of the servers (including the test server) are down again. As are the forums.

And as usual, there is nothing even faintly resembling useful information on the official website. I wonder why they even bother with the news section on the Server Status page, as they never seem to update it with any news about actual problems.
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I need a fix

Oh man, it seems like CoH is the only thing on my mind tonight (well... other than the thing that is constantly on all guys minds). Problem is I'm not going to get to play for at least another 24 hours and even then I'll be lucky to have an hour to play. I keep cruising CoH/CoV sites and have even learned a thing or two about what I missed when I didn't play during I2 and I3. But it just leaves me wanting to play that much more. What's a hero addict to do?
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Another etiquette question

Poll #500200 Broadcast Channel Etiquette

Is having a prolonged discussion about the pros and cons of different archetype builds and power sets among several people acceptable over the Broadcast channel?


Comments appreciated.
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