May 25th, 2005

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Hey, wanted some advice on a respec...

Pyrita, my fire/fire blaster, just hit 27. Here's her current build (number of slots in parentheses):

Flares (6)
Fire Blast (6)
Fire Ball (6)
Fire Breath (6)
Blaze (4)
Aim (1)
Blazing Bolt (or whatever the snipe is called) (1)

Ring of Fire (1)
Build Up (1)

Hasten (3)

Hover (1)
Fly (1)

Swift (1)
Health (1)
Stamina (1)

It's served me quite well thus far. Even without permahasten I can usually attack with only a little pause, having 5 viable attacks and all, and I'm equally good against large groups and single powerful enemies. I'd really like to have permahasten, though, and endurance can be a problem. Here's the respec I'm considering:

Fire Blast (1)
Fire Ball (6)
Fire Breath (6)
Blaze (6)

Ring of Fire (1)
Fire Sword (1)
Build Up (1)

Swift (1)
Health (1)
Stamina (6)

Hasten (6)
Super Speed (1)

Hover (1)
Fly (1)

Stealth (1)

So... thoughts?
Adri prime

keybinds for global chat

Earlier 'last night' (before I slept), we had a brief discussion on the LiveJournal global chat channel about the difficulty some people have switching between default active tabs for sending to that channel, maybe another global channel, and the pre-global chat targets (group/team, supergroup, request/auction, broadcast, local, friends). As usual, when people are actually talking there, there was more than one conversation thread active, and someone (I think it was patrickat) asked that I post my comment involving keybinds here.

So, here's the binding I set up for sending to the LiveJournal channel:

/bind L beginchat /send livejournal 

Please note that there's a trailing space on that command. It's important for keeping it usable.

Then eryntzun commented on how it might be better to keep any keybinds for global chat to control characters rather than plain letters. I think that depends on what other keybindings you might have, but that it's a good thing to consider. Specifically, in that /bind command, the L is the key being bound, and what you use there is up to you. Also, that binding I gave is actually for lowercase L. If you want it specifically for uppercase L, use shift+L instead. For control-L, use ctrl+L. There's also the option of alt+L, and you can change the associated letter in any of those. So far, I have global chat bindings for each of L, I, shift+L, and ctrl+G, and that's just for example.

Also, if you want to set up bindings for other global chat channels, you will need to quote the channel name if it has spaces in it. Doing so will mess up any saved keybindings file from the /bind_save command, though, so consider that when thinking about making any new toons and trying to keep the same keybindings. (Yes, I routinely use /bind_save and /bind_load when making new toons.) For another example, showing the use of the quoted name for leagueofjustus:

/bind shift+L beginchat /send "league of justus" 

(Once again, there's a trailing space there that matters.)

Anyway, I hope this middle of the night rambling bit of incoherency proves useful to someone....

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Speed Boost

How are people slotting it? Or more to the point, what's a smart way to slot it? I just picked it up at level 12, what should I put in it first and what should go in it long term...oh, and why?

Chibi Angel Chaz

Uhm. Buh?

So I get this message when I try to log in:

'Wrong VersionPatcher 5.20050517.1T Bad clientsum reverify files'

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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Today's Patch




Fixed bug in Transference that was causing you to resist the Endurance gain from this power if you had resistance to Endurance Drain.

Fixed some CoT Earth Mage powers.

Soul Transfer now accepts Recovery Enhancements.

Limited the number of Rikti Communication Officers that may spawn.

Fixed a bug that was causing enhancements in Wormhole not to work.

Fixed a bug that was causing Black Dwarf Strike and Black Dwarf Smite to deal Energy damage instead of Negative Energy damage.

All powers that debuff flight will now affect villains up to three levels higher than the caster. Previously, these powers would only affect villains that were equal level or lower than the caster.

Changed Enzyme Exposure +Defense boost to match the +Defense given by other Hamidon Enhancements.

Fixed a typo in the Titan Citrine Shard enhancement. It was marked as increasing accuracy, while it actually increases To Hit buffs

Corrected the Text of Soaring Dragon in the Katana set. The long description conflicted with the short description. No numerical data was altered.

Fixed a grammatical error in the Cyclone Elemental's description

Banished Pantheon Death Shaman in Portal Missions should summon zombies of the appropriate level now.

Fixed bug that allowed suppression to be avoided by restarting a power

Fixed bug where taunts would continue after taunter died

Fixed issue with pets returning to their caster rather than attacking.



Increased xp award for defeating Giant Monsters.

Game Stability


Fixed mapserver crash when taunter leaves map

Fixed memory leak

Fix for most common client crash (game crashes at startup)

Fixed random shadow crash bug

Fix for crash involving very long messages



Fixed issue where screenshots would not work for users running ATI cards with anti-aliasing turned on

The Plan

After hundreds of hours of quiet obsession and lost days, I've managed to get my Tank to L28.
I'm thinking that once I hit 30, I'll take a break from the game...

Not TOO long... about a week or two to tend to my actual life; I didn't realize how bad I'd gotten until it was pointed out to me that over the past month all I do is Work, Play, and Sleep (and I try my best to Play during Work- and Sleep-times). I neglect my mail and phone messages, favoring email (because I can do it without interrupting my game), I missed the "24" season ender because I was "THIS CLOSE" to levelling and getting the Mystic Savior badge (I haven't missed an episode of this show in FOUR YEARS), and I haven't seen my girlfriend in a week.

I feel horrible about letting Real Life fall by the wayside... I went three weeks without saying a WORD to my roommate... because I NEVER SAW HIM. :-(
I guess there's a reason they call it City of Crack.

Please tell me there's a support group out there...!!! :-)
Words cannot convey how out-of-control I feel about this virtual second life. It is, with little exception, my favorite thing to do.
...and don't even START with me about City of Villains...!!!

So, that's the plan. But I feel bad about leaving my SG-mates and running buddies... plus, by the time I'd get back, they'd have passed me up by several security levels. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Addiction SUCKS.
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computer update

I'm glad that I posted a few days back about my craptastic integrated graphics. Thanks to your recommendations, I bought a PCI graphics card from New Egg. I got a XFX GeForce 5200 PCI card with 256 MB for $77 + $4 shipping. The 128 MB cards were only $15 cheaper. I went with an NVidia chip because CoH recommends them. The equivalent ATI card was a bit more as well and got worse reviews.

It came today and I installed it and fired up CoH as fast as I could. I reset the graphics to the default, but turned the particle count down to 25000 because I don't like it when the dudes are obscured by toggles and stuff like that. I can move around without any lag at all. In fact, the only lag I see is in a mission when there are lots of people around me firing off their powers at once and it's barely noticeable (it used to bring my system to a crawl before).

My system specs:

Dell Dimension 3000
P4 3 GHz, 800 MHz FSB
Win XP
768 MB RAM
XFX GeForce 5200 256 MB
Road Runner cable modem (they bumped the download speed to a max of 5 Mbits/s)

It's nice being able to run shadows and the buffer, seeing windows on the buildings and the dudes look more 3D.

Thanks again for your advice. I guess I'm not going to put a computer together for a bit.