May 26th, 2005

I feel better now.

Yesterday I posted regarding my guilt over making CoH a "disproportionate priority" in my life (read: I'm addicted and felt guilty!).

My lovely GF - DangerGirl of my heart - sent me this:

After a long laugh, I feel much, much better now.


PS: We're both taking the long weekend off. :-)
I leave the protection of the property and the citenzenry of Paragon City in your capable hands!

Who wants calamari?

It seems like lately I should be called the screen shot kid. Ah well.
I convinced my boss to let me update the video driver on one of the computers in our breakroom so I could get a little CoH in this afternoon. I had good timeing too because just as I logged in I started seeing /b traffic about a monster in IP. One guy I seem to end up in teams alot with TP'd me in and I got my octopus badge. Not a bad way to start they day.

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