May 27th, 2005


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Hi i am James and i just started playing CoH a month ago and i love it! my handle is @boyelectric i mainly play my blaster characters but i've been trying to make a controller that i feel confortable with, anyways i just thought i was say hi!

Starting my Peacebringer...

I hit 50 last weekend, and started my Peacebringer. So far I have it to level 9, and at 6 I took the Nova form.

Is there a good reason to slot the Nova Form attacks? I don't intend to do the shape-master kind of thing, but I plan to have both forms. If I take any pool powers at all, it'll be swift/hurdle, health, stamina, even if that doesn't carry over to the other forms.

Also, I find it incredibly amusing that there's things that the level 9 MA/SR scrapper I started to kill time when I couldn't find people to group with my now-50 blaster can't stop, but I can practically two-shot with the Nova form. The Explosion and cone blasts seem to be pretty powerful, but the moment I see 'quantum', I know who I am targeting with as much stuff as possible...
Comics - MegaLantern (Anim)

Icon Borked?

I just tried changing my appearance in Icon.

both times I tried, I was charged for the transaction, but the changes didn't take effect.

a petition has been sent to the GMs, but has anyone else experienced this?

This is happening on Triumph, btw.

Edit: got a response from support with a work-around. their solution follows:

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My main is so close to 48 it isn't funny....which means 50 is right around the corner. Now here is my question. Is there any good place on the web to find info about them and see powers and such. Yes I'm just too damn impatient to wait to try one.