May 28th, 2005


big yay.

This is not a deep post, but I wanted to say that I just had a great team.
Eight people deep, efficient, 13375P34K-free and all with good senses of humor.
Oh, City of Heroes. I think I will keep you around.

On the importantance of waiting for your team

Got on yesterday to exemp with a lower level friend playing a scrapper, and by luck she got the Missing Fortune Teller mission. Having never done it and knowing it gives a badge toward the Accolades we were both quite excited.

I suggested we send out a request for others, and after a while gathered a team, including a lvl 50 tank who 'needed the badge bad' and was willing to pay 2mil for the mission. I told him there was no need to pay, we just to do the mish and get the badge.

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I've had enough time to cool down about it, but still, goddamn. I invited the jerk, so I felt terribly guilty myself.

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So, a bit of a happy ending to that drama. But it goes to show you that you can find asshats at any level.
head tilt, aeryniana

You know who you are

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Excuse me if I sound a bit like a cliche warrior type here, but power leveler's have no honor. These are people who subject people who actually play to their own selfish drive to get to 50, at the cost of good teamwork and gameplay. They did not really earn their right to be 50. This is only my opinion, but shouldn't heroes have a sort of an unspoken Hippocratic Oath as well?
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Hello group ...

I am new here.

My friends all told me that this game was being offered for a free trial this week so I downloaded it and now I can't seem go 'create an account'.

does anyone have a trial code they are willing to give a newbie?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

PARAPPA (connieleeee)

First time in Arena

My first time actually partaking of the peacan pie otherwise known as the Arena was last night. My SG the Ascending Dawn has Friday Night Fights were every Friday we get together and have a little fun in the arena. Last night was the first time we did this and I must say it was really fun! I can't wait to do it again. We had duels, 2 on 2 teams, 3 on 3 teams, and a battle royale... my team in the 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 actually won it was awesome!
Happy Cat!!

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Okay, normally when a contact says something along the lines of "bring some allies", the door mission is just full of enemies and tougher bosses. Regardless, I've solo-ed a few missions like that without any problem, but I LOATHE Malta Ops and so recruited a fellow SG'er to help clean up with some Zeus Titans near the end.

So after it says "Mission Complete", I notice that I didn't get XP for the mission, which tells me right there that there is probably an ambush. I blurt out, "Watch the ambush" when I hit the exit button, brief loading screen, and then right in front of me is this GIANT white Kronos Titan, guns blazing, missiles firing, cats and dogs living together kicking the crap out of me.

Not a friendly ambush when you're expecting maybe a Sapper and a couple of Tac Ops. Anyhow. A team of two slowly turns into a team of eight, and we manage to take him down. It was hard, as apparently I had a big freakin' target on my chest and I now have 604k debt to work off, but seeing as how I don't mind EX'ing at all, it'll be good to work off.

And now I have a shiny new "Master of Olympus" badge to wear around town!
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I'm about to head out to my weekend LAN party

We're planning on getting the last 3 of us to 50 this weekend, if possible. I'm not sure when I'll be on tonight, we might watch Dr. Who first. One of us not me might insist upon it.

If anyone out there has a level 50 or is also in the 40s trying to get there, you're welcome to join us. The two that are already 50 might bring their 20 something scrappers to help out. Just be warned that we're all in the same room, so their will be some geeky banter but less than you'd think. More often we'll seem telepathic. I swear we don't have any implants to talk to each other, nope. No projectile telepathy here.
Eryn looks innocent.
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