May 29th, 2005

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I'm working on something for a website to have a database of characters... Inputting all the archetypes, origins, primary and secondary powersets was a bit of a pain in the ass, so I figure I'll go ahead and save anyone else who's interested the trouble. Below is the SQL to set up 4 tables, coh_archetypes, coh_origins, coh_primary and coh_secondatry. It'll should save a lot of time if you're making a database to work with this stuff on a website... Every table has an id field, as well as a field for the purpose of the table (i.e. archetype, origin, primary and secondary, respectively). coh_primary and coh_secondary both have fields for which archetype they belong to, as well, using the ids from the coh_archetypes table.

Pretty self-explanatory stuff. No instructions for use included, should be simple enough if you've got any experience with relational databases...

Oh, this is all for MySQL. I assume it would work in any other SQL database, too.

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Here there be monsters!

Is there a good place to find a list of the monsters that spawn (Kraken, Babbage, etc.), where they spawn, and about how often? I'm interested in fighting a few just to say I did. :)

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Puck (silly)

Respec TF badgering

I was playing Original Cinder this afternoon and this evening, and during the period where I was not already on a team, I must have gotten a dozen tells and/or random invites from people wanting me to a Respec TF. Not a single person thought my answer of "No thanks" was good enough, either. "Why not? Good XP for you," they would more often than not reply. As if I am clueless as to what I am declining when I say no. Surely I must be daft to turn down the opportunity team up with a bunch of strangers to do one of the most difficult TFs in the game, given all my wonderful past experiences with pick-up groups, right?

One obnoxious Level 32 (I was Level 27 at the time) was in such denial of the fact that a fire/fire tanker would say "no" to the respec, he kept spamming me with invites. Finally, I accepted one so I could tell him on the team channel that I'd said no, so stop bugging me, and then I promptly quit team. Three seconds later, I get a tell of "Why did you quit? We need you." Grinding my teeth, I reply "I said I wasn't interested." He fires back with "Fine, be a jerk then," at which point I add him to my ever-growing ignore list.

Thankfully, one of my friends came online and I was able to team up with him and avoid dealing with any more of the asshats who can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that "not seeking a team" means "not seeking a team." I thought about putting a comment in there that says "I don't want to do the respec TF today, so don't even ask." But I don't know if that won't just encourage more stupid people to bug me.


Sevin in One

I'm a major badge hog and had to post about how I got seven new badges all in one sitting yesterday. Mind you, this was a nine hour sitting.
It started with my logging on and finding out that I was really close to getting the Privateer badge, so I shot down a few skiffs in Striga with focus and instantly got the badge. Sweet, re-enter Talos and lo and behold, someone shouting about finding the Ghost Ship, I leap over and knock out the few remaining spirits I needed for Ectoplasmic, and that's badge number two.
Then I thought I'd head over to Founders Falls for my contacts, and a member of my SG logs on and asks if I'd help with a mission, turns out, it was non other than the Doctors Ally, and that made badge number 100, which also got me Pathfinder. We did one of my missions and got the War Wall Defender badge after that via the Phillipa Meraux story arc.
Then, at midnite, couple more SG members logged on, and we decided to do the second Respec trial in Founders Falls.
During the trial, I earned The Unyielding debt badge and the Statesmans Star for the trial.

All in all, it was a very badge day.

Also, the only monster badges I'm missing are Kraken and Jurassic I think. Anyond know how often Kraken shows up? Tonight I do Numinas TF, and that should yield Jurassic.
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Beggars: Defenseless against logic

So I had my first beggar in quite some time yesterday. Scratch that I had one in The Hollows on Friday. Originally I went to give the Taxibot's some goodies, hand out candy and speed Buffy's. That's right, I'm calling them by that name, and by golly you'll like it! (My spell checker keeps capitalizing that word, much apologizings..)

Just Peachy is hopping around Talos selling her honorably-gotten-gains from a fight with the Mistress of Memory

BIG F00T: can u spare 500k

Just Peachy: not for you, for you is the dishonorable ignore list for begging rather than playing.

Just Peachy tries to do just that and end the conversation.

/ignore BIG FOOT

This does not work, because upon closer inspection, our hero realizes that the bright and oh so imaginative person has used numbers in their name.

BIG F00T: lol i love how u judge me without knowing me

Just Peachy: Why would I want to know someone who begs for influence from a total stranger and can't use the entire word you? Somehow I will enjoy giving my little amount of funds, of which I entirely earned on my own without begging, to more deserving people.

/ignore BIG F00T alt+total+luser

2 Skuls for poor spelling and begging ineffectively.

I give my influence to my friends, my alts and occasionally random people in LJ who I count as my extended friends.
This is why I can't ever be a Taxibot, I don't grief but it sure would be tempting to drop him off into a crowd of Tsoo.

Forget Taxibot Teylani, I'd be Tyrannybot Tzu (damn it SunTzu is too many letters.)
Absolute power, to drop you from 100ft up! Fear and worship the Tzu or you will be fresh Troll meat!
Any problems with the conduct of the Tyrannbot may be directed to
(You Are A F Wad.)

Gee willikers! I'll try to offer up some more silly or constructive posts, I must seem like a horrible mean person after these last two. I promise not to actually make the Tyrannybot, well not for anything more than sarcastic level one joking in Gemini or something.

Maybe I should revise Peachy's I.D. again.

Eryn "Holy Hanna" Tzun
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So I am wanting to make a Gravity/* controller, I was thinking of Force Fields, do they make a good pair or would kintetics be better... I for sure don't want Rad or Emp because I want something I have't done before...


While trying yet again to do the IP respec TF my team and I ran into a ghost ship. We took a couple minutes to "arrest" a few of the ghosts before continuing on our TF. BTW the final wave in the reactor is nuts and I'm going to have to face them again to get my respec.

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