May 30th, 2005



Alright, so this is the absolute highest that I've ever gotten a character. I have been accused of having alt-itis and my boyfriend occasionally goes through my account deleting toons that I haven't played in forever. I can't help it... To me it's fun creating new builds and seeing if they work or not.

Anyway, The Famous Death Defying Flaming Dude dinged 28 tonight. My very first character was a fire/fire tanker, but he didn't last too long. (Got busy making other characters.)

Back in December we bought a second computer specifically for CoH so we wouldn't have to fight over who's turn it was to play anymore. Well, being the silly goobers we are, we made a bunch of 'duos'. Male/male, female/female, male/female... All good stuff.

(Some screen shots behind the cut... Since everyone likes to share, thought I would too.)

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Interesting tidbit about the 5th Column/Council debacle.

Doing the Ubelmann arc (without spoiling it for people that haven't done it, the one where you start off with the 5th Column/Council abducting World War 2 historians) with my alt Pyrita, which I had done way back when with my main as well.

Anyways, the contact just mentioned that, as I know, the Council has its roots in Mussolini's government.

So apparently Cryptic just changed the bad guys from Germans to Italians...
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Does help exist on this?

So, thanks to my work and their wonderful "one size fits all" ergonomics policy (which I went and disproved! haha! ouch...), I can't play as much as I'd really like to be able to. Unless I can do some fancy-pants keybinds with a controller.

Here's the fun part. Can it be done? Or am I doomed to be part-time? What I have going on now reduces me to five options at a time and alot of tray-swapping. I also can't tab through guys to attack or select party members to heal/buff.

Thanks so very much for anything.
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Hammi Raid Rant

Been enjoying the hell out of Hammi raids for the past week, but then again got a little soured on the experience due to some of the behavior on Guardian Server. I don't know if this exists on other servers as well.

Seems that there is a supergroup that thinks they own The Hive. At one raid that was late getting started, it was announced that we had only so long and if we didn't get started by then, this group (which was referred to by initials - had to have it explained to me that it was a supergroup) was going to take over... not take over as in take the lead, but as in all other heroes would need to leave and let them do it. Kind of smacks of the bully that runs the play yard.

Then Saturday night there was a blow up on the global channel for informing people of Hammi's happenings because the channel had announced hours in advance that Hammi was up, a public raid was scheduled. This supergroup knew about the scheduled public raid, went in the hive two hours before hid themselves from showing up in the search so that it looked like only a handful of people were in The Hive, and killed off Hammi.

And there seems to be some ruckus because other heroes that were in the zone joined in this raid. And this supergroup feels that they can dictate who joins in. The only defense for this by those not in the supergroup is that, "Well they are very efficient."

That's just not right. Why are we all being so competitive over a game that's supposed to be cooperative? I don't care how organized a given supergroup is, it's still bully behavior. Heck, the Nazis were very organized, but what they did was still wrong.
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It begins...

Original Cinder received her first request for power leveling last night. She had just reached Level 29, and the tell of "Can you help me level?" came from a Level 20 illusion / force field controller. And here I was thinking I'd be safe at least until I passed Level 30.

Time to type up that "Sorry, I do not do power leveling," keybind.
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respec or no respec

I'm playing my lvl 30 NRG/NRG blaster, Telemachus, over in Guardian-land. This is the highest level I've ever achieved with a toon, so I've picked powers that I thought would be "cool" or whatnot....

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My question is whether or not to respec out of the Fighting pool to get more into my secondary set... I know I shoudl prolly have Conserve Power or whatever the heck it is called but are any of the other energy mel secondaries worth it? Especially since I might start up an Energy Melee tank at some point in time?

Thanks for any advice
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Honest opinions needed...

So my main toon is level 48, about halfway to 49, and more of the missions that I'm getting are all AV missions. Now, they are a ton of fun, and when you're with the right group it's always a nice challenge. I just picked up the Dreck mission, and now I see how this could be a farming mission. Freaks always give nice XP, as I joined a pick-up team this afternoon and attempted to do it on invincible. Now, mind you, I really do have no intention of doing this over and over and over again, but I'm getting real itchy to hit 50, and so my question is this:

When I hit 50, I plan on attempting to get all the badges I missed. It's just a couple of TF's, and some badge missions here and there. I've played the game legit, the whole way through, worked my debt off like any honest superhero should, and finished quite a few story arcs on my own. So would it really be that bad if I decided to keep the Dreck mission and use it for farming purposes to get to 50 quick? I've never PL'ed, nor have I ever wanted to.

I guess that I just don't want to feel dirty.

EDIT: Being a blaster, I'd really have to go in with a team that is willing to go ahead and do that. I have a feeling that I would get bored doing it constantly. And I would think that going through it once would yield plenty of XP anyhow.
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