May 31st, 2005


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Last night I'm doing the Manticore TF with a pick up team on my level 31 controller. We're doing great minimal deaths. The first mission I speed boost everyone, the tank makes a comment that she can't control herself when she moves so fast, so I tell her I won't speed boost her anymore (usually I ask first, but have never had anyone turn me down so I didn't this time). We get into the final mission, I haven't speed boosted her one single time since the first. We're in a heated battle, things are coming from everywhere, I see end bars dropping like mad so I start sb'ing people, and sb the tank in my haste. She says "I said I can't control myself with sb." WTF. I mess up one time in how many missions and you feel a need to call me out on it? If I did it twice in a row then sure but one flippin time? Come on, give me a break.

The only other thing that annoyed the crap out of me on that tf is there was another fire/kin controller on the team and not one single time did he sb me or anyone else (and yes he had sb). So everyone else except myself (and the tank who didn't want it) had nice full end bars the entire time. I was annoyed by him so I stopped sb'ing him, his end bar still didn't move much so I watched him. He wasn't doing anything except summoning imps and an occasional siphon power. Thankfully there were a total of 4 controllers on the team so everything was held anyway, just really irritating.

It was still a great team. One of them bought me 10 recovery SOs before we started cause I hadn't done the mission yet. And boy can mind controllers really suck though the end.
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An observation:

It seems that the teams that have the easiest time dealing with large, difficult mobs are those consisting primarily of defenders and controllers. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that for most purposes the ideal group would be 7 controllers and a blaster, or possibly 6 controllers, a tanker and a blaster.

Connection problems

I decided that I would try and get in a few minutes of CoH this morning before work. SO I hop on the computer and click on the short cut. The first screen comes up and it says it is Connecting. And that where it stops. It doesn't do anything past the Connecting part. I even restarted my computer to see if that fixed it, but no go. I have heard other people who have had this problem but I can't remember the solution. Can someone help? I would hate to be without my CoH. ;)
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Tanker Toggles

I'm closing in on Level 30 with my tanker. It's taken me about one month to reach that point, versus my scrapper and my defender, who've been around since last November.

Of course, I have half a dozen toggle powers now, and I'm trying to find a method of activating them that's a bit more streamlined than mouse clicking on each one. So I was wondering how the rest of you who play tankers handle it. I'm thinking of creating keybinds for each one using the F1, F2, F3, etc. keys. Because I'm guessing there's no way to create a bind that will sequentially turn each toggle on by hitting one key, is there?
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RPD vs Beheader

There aren't many Invuln/Axe tanker guides on the boards. Some of them are pretty old, so I'm confused what to pick for lvl 10.

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Currently resist physical damage is slotted at 10, and I have her planned out to 32 where she gets Unstoppable. However, Gash and Brawl will be her only attacks till lvl 20 where she will get swoop (after unyielding at 18.)

I've heard a lot of good things about the last four powers in the axe set (Swoop, Whirling Axe, Cleave, and Pendulum) especially when they're chained together and hasten is added to the mix. But, I'm also trying to find the right balance between being a good tank and dealing "Some sort of damage". (Since most of my other alts are damage dealers, two blasters and two scrappers, and one poor lonely controller who rarely gets played.) I want to be able to solo her as well.

I also have to say since I have two blasters that I love to play, one of them I can only play 1-2 hrs a day due to being in a TF and half of the team is on east coast time (that's another story.) I'm getting used to the "tanker goes first" thing. Sometimes the team just stands around in the hall before entering another room, then I remember, "Oh yeah... I should go first yeah!" Not being as squishy as a blaster is nice though. =)

I need a little advice

My main is about to ding 28 and this is the first time I've overcome altitis and have taken a character this far.

About my main:
lvl 27 (about 9,000 exp short of 28) mutation blaster
primary: ice blast
secondary: devices
Pools: flight (hover and fly), fitness (swift, health, and stamina), and leadership (assault)

My question is thus: Trip Mine opens up at 28. Should I take it? It seems like it would only be of limited usefulness. I have cloaking device which means I could get in close and lay the mine... and probably blow myself up in the process. Alternatively should I take tactics in the fitness pool? Accuracy is always a good thing and coupled with my targeting drone could be very useful. Also I've never taken the speed pool but I still have a 4th pool open to me. Should I take it for hasten? I could do a lot more damage if my powers recharged faster. Is perma-hasten still possible? If so what do I need to slot it with to get there.

I'm going to do the respec soon mainly to be able to reslot (I don't need 4 flight speed enhancements in hover now that I have fly) and also to give up ice storm which is a pain to use if there is no one with taunt on my team. That respec will also let me take tactics so I could make my lvl 28 power vengence. Is vengence useful or, like I think, once one person on the team dies would it be too little too late?

Too many options! I just want to make my blaster a more effective damage dealing machine.

To respec, or not to respec, that is the question...

Seems to be a lot of that going around. I'm looking at my [level 28] kin/elec defender and trying to decide whether or not to dump Siphon Speed.

Pros for dumping it:
  • Lets me bump Short Circuit (and Stealth, Grant Invis, and Phase Shift) up earlier in my build

  • Will let me six-slot Power Sink (this is one of the big things)

Cons for dumping it:
  • SS supression makes me slower 'n dirt if I've got Stealth running while I'm fighting, so Siphon Speed gives me that bit of zip that makes fighting with Stealth a doable thing

  • Lose a bit of recharge oomph if my recharge-redux enhancements on Hasten aren't ++

  • Lose the -spd -recharge on whatever goon I happen to hit with it

A friend suggested getting hover and six-slotting it (which is one of my favorite combat modes) to take care of the combat speed problem with Stealth on, but to do that, I'd have to give up Inertial Reduction, and slots off of other places I think I'd rather not drop slots from. Arg. I just... don't... know. So I'm turning to y'all for thoughts, rants, raves, suggestions, chocolate, commiseration whatever.

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I suppose the good thing is that I've got the /respec from the anniversary, and I've run her through TV and have that respec hanging around, too, in case I do something overly foolish and hate where I end up...
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"Alex.. HOW many times have I told you to clean your room? You have socks all over the floor. Good Lord, kid. Pick up your room!" The screeching voice came from downstairs, as usual. "Figures, mom's too lazy to actually come upstairs and ASK me to do something. Mom and Dad think i'm just their puppet, their slave." Alex thought to himself as he pulled his T-shirt over his head, careful to avoid his glasses. He didn't want the spirit gum he used to secure the glasses on his head to get bumped before it dried.

Alex stepped to the mirror and checked himself over. His favorite tee-shirt, a bright green with a devil's head on it. It was a souvenier from a man called Razorback. At least, that's what he called himself. He ran some of the Superadine trafficking in the Gish. "It's all his fault.." alex thought as he continued his mental checklist. "If he didn't try to get me to push his fricking drugs, all of this wouldn't have happened". He tapped his back pocket, feeling his wallet. He had all the needed items. Security Clearance card, school ID, condom (Hey.. one never knows. Even though he had never been in a position to use one). He looked into his closet and looked at his cape. He hardly ever wore it. Sure, it was stylish. But for the most part, Alex thought spandex and lycra were really stupid. They usially had no pockets. And if the guys at ICON made one with a pocket, it would look like you had a load in your shorts. The fact that he just didn't have the physique to run around wearing an outfit that "showed everyone whether you had been circumsized" of course had nothing to do with it.

"Alex!! Are you cleaning your room?" His mother popped her head in the room, glancing around at the tornado debris that was his room. As she scanned, the look of disgust on her face turning to fear as she saw the cape in his closet. "Do I WANT to know why you have a cape? You know how your father feels about the people flying around in their pajamas! If he sees you having one, he's gonna be afraid you're gonna jump out the window. Especially since you just recently got out of the hospital. You know he'd flip, right?"

"Yes mom.. yes I do." Alex held out his hand as he reached out with his mind. Psionic tendrils reached out, caressing his mother's brain, seeking out short term memory and excising it. Alex smiled as her memories of finding his cape faded like morning fog. "While i'm here.." he reached in further, playing her mind like a harp. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and then blinked.

"Here you go son. Here's 20 dollars. You and Shaun have fun at the movies. I hear that Omega Team 3 is supposed to be pretty amazing."

"We will, mom."

"And good job cleaning your room. I'm glad you're finally doing something good for a change." and then she headed down, pleased that Alex had finally cleaned his room.

Alex smiled. He would place the 20 bucks back into his mother's wallet later. Of all the things he was, he wasn't a theif. Besides.. mind control would make it too easy. Looking at his watch, he remembered that he was supposed to meet up with some people from the Academy. He was thinking of joining up with them. After all, a mutant needs friends. What with the whack-jobs in the Council running around, and the fact that the Hellions give him issues every time they see him. They were a little unhappy that he single-handedly beat the local turf-leader after trying to talk him into pushing, and then took his shirt as a souvenier. But there was little time for rememberances. Even at top speed, it took about an hour to fly all the way to Atlas. Hopefully, he could get there before the next costume show/contest. Those were always a lot of fun. And maybe Teen Lantern would be there. Of course.. it had nothing to do with the crush he had on her.

He slid open his window and stepped out. The fact that he was on the 4th floor didn't stop him. He soared off towards the tram, spinning to telekinetically close his window. He had to be home before morning. The mental suggestion that his room was clean wouldn't last forever. He would have to ACTUALLY clean his room eventually.

Ah the joys of being a 13 year old controller.

TemperTantrum, currently Level 21 Mind/Emp Controller on Virtue server
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Winged Murasaki

Weekend fun

For the long weekend, I figured I'd move my highest level character (only at 18, since I had altitis as soon as I started the account) further along the game. So this was a big weekend for Winged Murasaki, my fire/ice tanker.

First thing was finishing up some Vahzilok missions... and ending up with the Vahzilok Wasting Disease aka Shortcut to a fuckload of debt. But worked through it, got cured, and put off facing the Doctor for when I have a team (I'm on Virtue if anyone here is interested). I'm not in that big a rush, I already took him on in someone else's mish, but I do want to finish the story arc and collect my DO for it (and maybe an SO for the Doctor again).

But the big thing was tackling Synapse TF. Mmmm, whaling on Clockwork. Had a really great team too: 2 scrappers, 1 blaster, 2 controllers (one FF, one Kin), a emp defender and me. We were tearing through those clockwork... at least until real life started tearing through us. Connection failures due to weather and real life commitments took their toll on us. By the time we were at THE FINAL MISSION we were just one of the scrappers, the controllers and me. FF Controller lost power (she was warning us it could happen at any moment and it did). And right at the King himself, scrapper and I got beat on but good and the remaining controller got fed up with trying to heal us and quit. No way we could win with the two of us so the TF died. I understand a little of the controller's issues, but he was far bitchier about it than he needed to be, especially because it wasn't our fault the Defender didn't come back like he said he would (did not quit, signed off and was going to come back after 45 mins). We were not randomly aggroing. I messed up ONCE in a different location (missed a Prince in the corner), and we had looked pretty well buffed when we went in after the king. Honestly, with only 1 real damage dealer and a tank, being buffed wouldn't have changed anything.

Between the failed Synapse attempt with this character and the failed Posi attempt with another one (and three failed Transcendence attempts before a sucessful one), it may be a while before I do TFs again. I don't think I like other people enough to do them. I'm sensitive to the idea that I can do things that are incredibly n00bish, but I'm also aware of when someone is way overreacting.

At least I got clockstopper and leveled almost to 21.

So, I did my cape and costume missions and then cleared up some old contacts for the sake of finishing low level arcs before taking on Talos and Striga missions. Mwahahahaaaaa.

And I LOOOOOOOOOVE Burn. Especially against masses of clockwork. My new favorite soloing strategy against them is taking out the prince first and after that just launching Burn at the surrounding CW. No wasted END on Gears and a lot of damage against the others.

And I ADORE my cape. She totally needed one.

Hmm.. good thing or bad thing?

So about 2 or 3 weeks ago I started a fire/rad controller. This makes my total toon count to a Lvl 50 kat/regen, lvl 35 kat/invul, and now a lvl 34 fire/rad.

Now my lvl 50 took me 450 hours to get to 50. Not sure what the kat/invul is at as far as hours goes but I checked the fire/rad last night before logging off to see how many and I'm up at 102 hours.

Now that is quick.. I mean my lvl 50 was a WL baby but soloed 90% of the time after that. The kat/invul was pled to 14. Which is my personal rule, I'll pl to 14 get my travel power and then move on to teams, TFs, etc etc. The fire/rad was done the same way except I only teamed. Never has he once solo pre-32. However I have little to no contacts at the moment. I have always been the one to jion the team and help out. I have been doing the dance of the out leveled, but find playing with my imps on the open streets more fun.

102 hours seems fast to me and for a controller no less. I guess the only bad thing is that with my badge count I look like I have been pled all the way to 32. Even though I've done posi and manticore as well as the first respec. Then again.. I could careless about the badge stuff except fhe crey guy. More attacks is always a good thing to me.

Anyone else ever blast through the game like this? I remember another fire/* talking about hitting 32 and over a weekend move to 50. Granted the imps are strong, I could easily see that.
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Today is a dark day, indeed.

My account with City of Heroes has now expired. And for the moment, I don't think I can afford to pay the monthly fee. For now. I'm definately not saying "To hell with this! I'm never playing this game again!" because I love the CoH.

Unfortuantely, I wanted to dress Doug The Troll up in some ridiculous tourist outfit (bright hawaiin shirt, stupid hat, etc) and take pictures around the city. Like a Talos or Atlas statue pictures. Things like that. Or have a field day and make troll versions of some of my other alts, just for the heck of it.

Just thinking of that brings amusement at the idea of Kid Eagle, The Troll. Doug Eagle? Ah well.

So, this ain't goodbye. It's a "see ya later". I hope everyone continues to have a good time and I plan on at least keeping up to date on City of Hero occurances, especially with City of Villains looming over us.