June 1st, 2005

Soloing a TF?

Just started a new alt: Zoe Minerva, a rookie cop from a far star system's Space Patrol that wound up on Earth after a test-drive of a new space cruiser went horribly wrong. She's now dispensing justice in Paragon and puzzling at the oddness of the criminal element. Dark/Electric defender, and really fun to play. Mmm. Alt-itis. Gotta love it.

Last night one of my online acquaintances mentioned that they were presently doing the Positron TF solo, intentionally. (Had asked three friends to join them to start the TF, and then kicked them all via prior agreement). Now they do one or two missions a night, and can schedule time for it whenever they see fit.

I was thinking that might be fun to do with Zoe when she's high enough level. While I've done Positron before, it was one heck of a grind that I wouldn't wish on many people over the course of one night. So paying it out....Oh, I won't be doing it for a while - I'm thinking the high end of the Posi range. So 15-16. Anyone else solo any TFs, and how was it for you?

Trial Code

I'm not sure how many codes that got posted earier were used but I'll throw mine out here in case anyone needs it.
That'll get you a free 14-day trial subscription to CoH. Have fun and if someone does use it, please post here so others won't try to use it too. 'Tis only good once.

Invuln tank question

Ok so I just pick up Invincibility on my tank. Now I starting playing this character because I had a concept and I was impressed with how well an Invuln tank could herd and protect a group. I picked up Superspeed at 14 not only concept but because I thought it would be a good fit for herding. I've only used Invincibility a little bit, I have noticed something. The build in Taunt to Invincibility seems to trigger the 4 sec slow down on Superspeed. First, is this true or am imagining it? Secondly, I'm fine if that is the case I'm just looking for some tips as how to effectively herd using Superspeed and Invincibility. Thanks

TF level question

Some of our SG members haven't done the Bastion/Citadel TF yet, so we're putting together a group for it. Two of the characters are SL 31, so they can't *lead* the TF, but can be part of it. Someone brought up the question, if they hit SL 32 during the TF, will they be dropped from the TF? We know not to exemplar down, ever, during a TF, so that won't be a problem. As far as I know, leveling to 32 during the TF won't kick those characters, but I figured better safe than sorry, so if anyone can enlighten, it'd be appreciated.
P Dog

Evil Kittens

It was a sad day when the Evil Old Woman pushed the shoulder kittens on us.

On the other hand? Today was some of the most fun I've ever had on the game.
A big thanks to everyone on Protector who decided to join in on the madness with the Cliche and Pocky clan.

Pics forthcoming I think. Especially if I can get everyone together for a group photo. SG coming as soon as I hit 10! Less than 2 levels to go.

Super Justice Strike!

-Cliche 101 & Hoppy Pocky


PS If you're reading this Evil Old Woman I laughed so hard when you appeared that I couldn't type for ages and spit all over my monitor.
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