June 2nd, 2005


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Rolled out my 28 ice/storm troller.
And let's be honest, it's not the flashiest of all the troller sets, however, it's extremely subtle and effective.
Anyway, had a team of 8 to do that lame, 'Find 16 Tomes' mission...CoTs conning at orange through purple to me and I was one of the two 18's.
Short of it:
Ppl left and then it was five remaining; no defender...just me to back up as defender. ME! A storm secondary. =/
They were ready to quit when I told them to have faith in me and I'll keep them alive (I'm cocky that way after I see what AT's I'm working with...plus it helps to take initiative when no one wants to)
Shorter of it:
I was the one who nearly died the most while the others were laying the smack down.
Shortest of it:
Trollers for teh winz! =P (well, wait, ppll who know how to work their powersets for teh winz =P )
Well, that and being able to tell who knows what they're doing and 'guiding' the rookies on what to do.
And on another note:
As I've had this week off from work, it's been fun finally getting to roll with some of you =)
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Intro Post

I just (for some reason) thought to use my boring nighttime work shift to look for a COH comm and lo and behold, here you are!

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I like to think I know what I'm doing when I play. I don't run unattended into massive groups, if I see someone's getting pounded, I try to run over and Confront the pounder off the poundee, and I know how to avoid the anchor! Other than that, I'm always looking for tips and such, and I hope to get to play with a few of you some time. Sadly, because of my work schedules, I'm usually only on at night (as in all night on my days off), or early in the morning after work.

You can find my main (and my bf, occasionally) at @not an ice girl (or is that all one word? eh, I'll check when I get home) and my alts on @rumpkins
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Crey's Pistol

Last night I got Infiltrator as well as Conspiracy Theorist, which also got me Crey's Pistol.
While I was seriously outmoded and underlevel for this mission, and died quite a few times, I did manage to get the badges which is all I was after because a friendly 50 invited me to participate. I suppose it's because I helped him/her with their badges a while ago too, and I don't mind paying forward by helping others get badges, but sometimes, no matter how bad I want the badge, I think it pays to wait till your'e ready. Debt to pay is not a big deal of course, but man did I rack up some last night.

Is Crey's Pistol really worth it?
The answer is an astounding NO.

The only use I can see this having is maybe on an AV at the end of a tough mission, just maybe using it to help slow him/her down a bit, but it's really not all that. Fun to have though, and well earned. It makes my badges look purty!
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Hiya! This community has been on my friends' list for some time, but I finally decided to join it. Reason is, I'm jonesing to get the bloody powerslide. Is there anyway to get it without having to buy a whole 'nother copy of the game? I've been playing now for six months and really don't need the software...just the slide (must.have.it). Plz/thnx.
Puck (silly)

Running, jumping, climbing trees...

I've grown rather fond of Super Jump from playing my tanker, so I'm contemplating a change of travel powers when I respec my claws/SR scrapper. Currently, she has Super Speed and Teleport. I'm thinking of dropping them both and taking Combat Jumping and Super Jump. That will give me an added defense bonus as well as a travel power that (in my experience so far) has more control.

Are there any other scrappers out there who use the Leaping power pool? I'm curious as to whether or not my thoughts on this are sound.

CoV screen shots...

I noticed this morning that the screen shot of the "archer"(with some kind of ice-like arrow) is no longer in the galleries on the City of Villians page. Does this mean that they are pulling the archery power set again? Or am I reading to much into this.

Code For The Game Here

I have an invite code for City of Heroes during their special Memorial Day "Leave no hero behind" campaign. This time, it gives you the game via download and a 2 week trial.

You won't have to buy the game and if you want to quit after the two weeks, you can. Last time, I made the requirement of staying a month at least. This time, I don't care. I'll explain why I say I don't care to whoever wants a game code. The only requirement I will make is that you jump on the Freedom server in the game so I can help guide my padawan. :)

First to comment and ask is the one who gets it. This is a cut and paste from an entry in my own journal a couple of weeks ago.

Strike... five?

I attemped the 24-33 respec for the 5th time today. Yeesh. 3 of those teams desolved before ever getting to the reactor but still it is a bit irritating. Twice now I have gotten to the final wave of the reactor attack only to lose our healer and shortly thereafter lose everyone else... then the reactor. I know that a healer shouldn't be so crutial, but you get used to playing with a team in a certain way to make everything work. When the team's style of fighting gets distorted by losing one of it's members in the middle of a huge fight then things go bad quickly.

I have big plans for my character but they require the changing of 2 of my powers and a few of my slots. Plus, I'm a little worried that I'm going to run the respec TF so many times I'll level past content in the game.

    Things I learned this time:
  • Once you get the key to the reactor don't bother opening any of the other side doors. it's just asking for trouble.
  • Having the highest lvl member of your team be a healer isn't the best idea. Someone needs to be able to kill bad guys.
  • I need to put a SO recharge reduction into my trip mine power as it is very nice to be able to mine the core.
  • 3 awakens wasn't quite enough. Next time I'll take 5.