June 3rd, 2005


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I really like city of heroes but i have one problem why are there no power sets that are water type i love the idea of just being able to do cool stuff with water like maybe water control, water blaster, they could have a cool water melee that could have a cool water kick or something... maybe i think about this too much lol also

if you could add any power into the game which would you add?
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Can someone advise me on the usefulness of Time Bomb for */devices blasters? I don't use it, don't see myself using it, and will probably end up respec-ing out of it unless someone can enlighten me on its applicability.

Celebration night

Last night i finally hit 50 wiith my main toon - Lady Absinthe (Emp/Dark Def) on Liberty. After hitting 50 I was able to jump in on the Hami raid. Good times. I got to be with 5 members of my SG (The Order of the Jade Dragon) when I dinged. Thanks go out to Ms. Anthropy, Lyghtspeed, V2, Cassius., Delinus, Great Mephesto, Video Girl, and Jon Valor who all helped me along by getting damaged (which made me feel useful) and killing things (which as an emp defender I am pitiful at).

So to sum up: YAY!
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Why did I never take superleap before?!?!

Well, my alt Kid One just hit 14. Gave her superleap.

People have said this is one of the more fun travel powers. And OMG, they're right.


I'm having more fun jumping everywhere than mission completing.

By the way, question. She's a MA/Regen, which means she has Quick Recovery. What's the DO to slot in that? I've looked everywhere for an End Recovery DO, and can't find it in the stores. Do I get it somewhere else?

And now, Girl One is a Knight Errant.

I've been chasing after that badge with every alt I've had for months. Knight Errant. Either it happens while I'm on the wrong server, or I hear screams of Paladin building and get there too late - or the Paladin gets built and rampages, and I get there too late to even see *that*. and finally for the first time, I get my hands on the Knight Errant while badgehunting with a friend.

Funny, we weren't even looking for it - and we stumble on the opportunity while doing a tour of Kings Row.


*polishes new shiny, stomps a few more clocks for good measure*

(They really should have a badge for stopping the Paladin from rampaging once it's built. That'd be fun too.)

Edited to add: And not half an hour after that, someone goes 'Anyone lose a giant paladin clockwork monster?' So I go running, catch up to the thing, and I get to fight that too!

Of course, he handed me my rear until someone else came by and sidekicked me, and I've got debt to work off, but hey, it was worth it!

This has been the coolest day on CoH for me. EVER.

Mmm, cemetery delight...

So yesterday I finally managed to add the Virtue Watch global channel to my list and put it somewhere that I could see it.

Last night, I'm running a Freakshow mission in DA with a friend SK'd to me and he decides to go poke around the cemetery. I've never been up there, so I go look, too (in part because, while, yes, he's invisible, I'd feel horrible if he got stomped by something that might not notice him if I was around). And I'm wishing that there was less fog, because I wanna look at all of the nifty cemetery stuff when he pings me and says, "Adamastor."

And I'm like, "Dude, you're kidding, right?"

I fly over there. Nope. There it is, huge and ugly and I stare at it. No way in hell the two of us are taking this thing out, so I hit Virtue Watch with a brief, "Admastor up in DA." And between /tells and /broadcast in DA, we end up with a team of 8.

And Adamastor goes down like he's made of butter. So many buffs and debuffs. It was absolutely delightful! I wish I could remember who all was there beyond Spectral Fire and my blaster (Rorarii). I think there was a 'troller named Stone Fist who had his little animate stone, and the coolest recall friend message ever. And someone who gave me speed-boost love. But I can't remember who else. So, if it was any of you all, thanks!

It was amazingly fun and over surprisingly quickly (given the length of the fights I've been in with Babbage and Lusca). Rorarii may turn into a monster-hunter just to spite me...
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ok so i have a little bit of problem i have roughly 90,000 influence on my one character but he is low and i dont even know if i am going to use him that much is there anyway to get it to my main character? i thought of maybe trading it to someone and then they trade it back to my main character but i dont want to lose all my influence funny thing is a guy just traded it to me randomly and before i could say thank you he logged off.

That old saying: the 6th time is the charm

Today I made my sixth attempt on the 24-33 respec (though this was only the 3rd time I managed to actually get as far as the reactor). Needless to say it was a success. I respec'd and spent a whole lot of influence on enhancements. Rather that posting here the changes to my powers I'll just link to my page on Crey which shows all my powers past and present.

The point of the respec was to get rid of a couple truely lame powers (assault and ice storm) and to make my character both more fun to play and more effective in combat. I think I accomplished both.

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You know you've been playing City of Heroes to much when... Part X

..You stub your toe in the middle of the night, and wait for the red '4' to rise from your foot.

..You actually try to use the light of the '5' to see.

..You refer to any industrial area in your city as 'the Row'.

..You wave your hands at anyone who you want to shut up.

..You make the Controller's 'Wah wah wah' sound as you wave your hands.

..You can count the number of phone calls on your machine because you were busy fire-fighting Sky Raiders in triple digits.

..You have actually contemplated making a spandex costume.

..You actually giggled at these random lines.

Part X cuz I don't know if anuone else has done this before.
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Fire/Rad things...

So at the moment I have flight as my travel power, however I hate it. I like getting places fast. Now that has been said I am looking at respecing my character again.

Essentially I have been making a build then going to the test server and playing it in areas I know that my toon starts to fail.

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hey, koolaid!

as requested, here's my build of Mjr. Thornbusch (spines/invuln)
The dmg resist cap is 75% (or 70...i forget) so with that said:
Resist Physical Dmg 3 slots - base is 9% x3 = 14.40%
Temp Invuln 3 slots -base is 24% x3 =38.40%
Unyielding 3 slots -base is 15% x3 =24%
Resist Elements 1 slot -base is 14% x1 =14%
Resist Energy 1 slot -base is 14% x1 =14%

Tough Hide 6 slotted base is 6% x6= 13.2% <-- I screwed up and realized it's not worth slotting but am too lazy too respec

Dull Pain at 4 recharge for Perma
The dmg resistance math comes to this:
smash/lethal 76.80% <--obviously over cap
Fire/cold 45%
Energy/Neg 45%
All 24%
Defense 8.2% The reason why this low when by defense is 13.2% is because Unyielding has a -5% base
what it looks like
Where I got the numbers:
Someone had created a spreadsheet a long time ago for Excel. If anyone wants a copy, find me ingame or leave me your email addy here.
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I have a Spines/Regen scrapper who has just reached level 20. He's doing pretty well for himself, and I'm able to solo easily with him (which is primarily what I use him for). I'm not sure what power to take at this level though. My options are:

Spines: Barb Swipe, Build Up (not too eager about either of these - I dumped them in a recent respec).
Regen: Reconstitution, Dull Pain, Integration, and Resilience
Speed: Flurry, Whirlwind
Leaping: Combat Jumping, Acrobatics

I tried Whirlwind on the Test Server, and whilst it is fun to use, it doesn't seem to do much damage. Plus it's probably not great for a scrapper.

I don't really have an opinion on any of the other powers yet though. I welcome anyone who can apply their experience to my problem and recommend what I should take :-)