June 4th, 2005

Happy Cat!!

Helluva night...

The night started off kinda iffy, as I was able to round up a couple of friends and some new friends to take on the Psychic Babbage mission at Portal. I bring in this asshat (BlackOne, Pinnacle server), SK him, and he's just jumping around, asking for RA, being an idiot. So we finish the mission, and I start sending tells to my teammates about booting him. I can tell it's just some kid, so I'd kinda want to give him the benefit of the doubt. One of my mates says his search comment is "looking to be PL'ed" or something, so I just boot him off the team. None of that in my house, thank you.

So after that, the core of the team is still the same, and we bring in some new faces. With a team of 1 blaster, 4 scrappers, and 1 controller, we managed to take down 4 Praetorian AV's. It was unreal. The cool thing was that one of the scrappers is this 12-year old kid I've managed to find. He's rough around the edges, and you have to keep an eye on him, but he's like a little attack puppy. You tell him, "Just jump in and have at it", and the next thing you know there's this tiny little katana scrapper taking on a bunch of baddies. Brings a tear to my eye...

Anyhow, after a mission, I hear a call on PinnacleMonsters that Paladin is being built. We rush over there, join with some other people, get the badge. Bingo.

Last bit of the night consisted of 4 of us from the previous missions rounding up 4 fresh faces to take on the final mission in the Kronos Titan arc. Plowed through that with about 20 minutes to spare. The only issue was that there was a guy on our team who you could tell was a PL'er, because he was 36 and he'd just sit there. He's a tank, and he was SK'ed, but he'd just use something like hibernate when we've got Gunslinger bosses and Zeus' mauling us.

And the best part? only about 3.5 blips away from 50. This will be a good weekend.
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alts and stuff

Well I haven't been playing a lot the last 3 weeks. It's due to the fact I am out of the States and am in Ireland, and will be until the 10th.
My play hours just don't match with my SG (rl frields /relatives).

So I have been doing the alt thing. I'd make a char and play a few levels, delete, reroll, delete, reroll.

finally went to rad/rad defender.

went from level 1-7 in one hour!!!

got in a pick up group at level 3 and and did two missions to get to 7.. rad powers rock for support.
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Faster, must go faster...

If I had the powers Sprint (inherent), Swift (Fitness pool), and Quickness (Super Reflexes) and I wanted to add an extra slot to one of them to boost my running speed, which one should I choose to add the additional SO to in order to see the maximum payoff?

Are there stats somewhere that describe mathematically how much of an increase Swift and Quickness add to movement speed?
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short post

I wanna thank every player who's willing to drag around someone up to 5 levels lower than them un-SK'd and not worry about them dying or everyone losing XP!!

I got my 27 scrapper to 29 in just the last two days thanks to 31-34s who were willing to team with me and let me scrape things up with them! I made a crap ton of influence (which I've already spent pretty much completely on SOs @_@) I died something like 5 times, but with the XP the team was making, I worked it off rediculously quickly. I held my own pretty well, too though. For the most part I was either ignored, or, if I was attacked, my shields held well. Until that inevitable group of purples noticed my weak frailness and decided I'd make a good dart board. >.>

So in short, to everyone willing to power level: YOU ROCK!.

-Lady Snapshot on Guardian
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Paragon Monsters Channel

Just an FYI: After asking around here, I created the Paragon Monsters channel as a cross-server clearing house for monster sightings. Hopefully people will be more willing to share info about monsters since the XP has been raised a little...
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The Shadow Shard

Is it navigable with six-slotted Hover? Or will I want full-on Fly to move around in there?

Jezebella dinged 34 today, and Original Cinder is very, very close to dinging 30. And I'm just trying to plan ahead so I'm not kicking myself when I reach the 40s.