June 5th, 2005


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I'm back in CoH. I quit in march to play MxO. That got old really fast. Then World Of Walking got old even quicker.
So, I'm once again terrorizing saving paragon city with my 6 slotted sarcasm power pool.
I'm on Justice, @Dr. Positron
Atom Eve (44 emp/rad defender)
Dr. Positron (35 elec/elec blaster)
Col. Kroenen (26 claws/regen scrapper)
and a handfull of random lowbies.
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illusion controller's pets

My girlfriend plays an illusion/rad controller and now has all of the pets: phantom army, spectral terror and phantasm. Ok, spectral terror is not exactly a pet, but it's close enough. I've got a rad/rad defender and just hit 32 last night (EM Pulse is pretty sweet). Anyhow, I mainly team with her and we've run a lot of missions together. I've realized that we nearly make a complete team: her phantom army acts like tankers, her phantasm is a blaster, I'm a defender and she has some other holds. However, we're more like a typical pick up team.

We're in Oranbega because it's hard to tell which CoT missions are there and which aren't (I try to avoid Oranbega). It's a defeat all Freak/CoT. It's her level 33 mission and it's set to invincible or unyielding. Anyhow, I'm level 31 and most of the bad guys are conning purple to me. We're creeping around trying to break up the larger groups into smaller ones. We're fighting a bunch of guys and she had put out her phantom army and a couple of phantasms. We're doing pretty well and then we realize that we can't see the army. It turns out that they got tired of fighting the CoT earth thorn caster and decided to go round up a behemoth overlord. He starts pissing fire and we have to run (the earth thorn caster is kicking our asses with stone prison and hurl boulder). We regroup and then take the overlord down. Hmmm...sound familiar? In every bad pickup group I've been in the tanker gets bored easily and tries to round up tougher guys.

We then follow the path deeper into the mission and come across what looks like a transportation portal. Well, her phantasm immediately summons a decoy and begins attacking the portal, which proceeds to spit out 15-20 behemoth masters. As I understand it, it's supposed to summon three or four at a time, but the whole room was full. We weren't prepared and she didn't have her army down to suck up the aggro. We're both defeated in less than a minute and we hit the hospital. Hmmmm...sound familiar? In every bad pickup group I've been in the blaster always creeps ahead and starts shooting the bad guys before everyone is ready: knucklehead blaster: "I thought I could one shot him and the rest wouldn't notice." Dead teammates: "You thought you could one shot a purple boss? WTF?" Her phantasms have to be watched closely because they'll attack anything within a 50 foot radius.

We go back into the mission and go to the portal room and she puts on superior invis plus group invis and creeps into the room. The 15-20 behemoth masters still left immediately spot her and kill her in about 5 seconds. Crazy.

We've both since leveled and I now have EM Pulse, but I think we might need to sit on this mission for another level or so.

Land of Lost Jalia Posts!

You know what? I've been making posts to my LiveJournal for the last couple of weeks thinking I was posting to this list, but really just posting to my own LiveJournal that nobody reads. :p So forgive me while I spam the list a little with my posts from the last two weeks. ^_^ I'll hide them all behind this link, I promise!

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It's the little things that count

Since I can't surrently play CoH (this computer sucks) I thought I'd take a little time to list some of the little things I'd like to see in the game. These are things so small and dumb that they'll never even find their way into the mind of one of the game designers.

    Here are things I'd like to see
  • A green wall: maybe in the dance club. I want to have a green screen to take screen caps in front of.
  • A fenced off section in AP with high lvl baddies: Just a small area with something like lvl 30 bad guys in it. Maybe a fence that cen be seen through but not fired through and that would require a travel power to get into. Call it suicide alley and make it a reason for high lvl players to be in AP (other than showing off).
  • Low lvl baddies in high lvl zones: just for my amusment I think that every once in a while low lvl baddies should get lost. I'd love to see a lvl 5 skull running around Founders Falls in terror.
  • Swan dive: The next time they put in a prestige power I think it should be Swan Dive. Just to give a little style to jumping off buildings.

What dumb things would you like to see?
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Spelunker badge on Justice

I have an alt (okay 2 alts) that has the Spelunker Badge mission (a.k.a. the Fortune Teller mission) any one interested in doing the mission? I know @Liz wanted the mission. =) Let me know I can set up a time and date etc.

I'm usually on at night, after 4 PST as @Kerochan. =)
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Apparently CoH doesn't appreciate it when users create characters with names like Scarlet Tampon. I got a violation email saying that if I did it again, I would have my account closed. I was online with that character for a costume competition for 5 minutes, tops, and in only 5 minutes I offended someone. Awesome.