June 6th, 2005


Word to the wise...

When your healer says he's going AFK for a minute, that would NOT be the time to aggro that group of purples, not only getting yourselves killed, but your healer as well; therefore, don't be surprised that, upon your healer's return, he bitches you out and quits the team.

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vegan ftw

Simple Question

I've got a couple mutation characters who are either getting up to, or already in SO territory. I cannot seem to find ANY place that sells the weird mutation SOs, such as jumps, run speeds, stamina boosts.

I've looked in BioTechnix, and at most of my contacts, but none seem to sell mutation, only science, magic, and natural.

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An Anniversary of Sorts...

One year ago today, I bought City of Heroes.

In that time, I've met many cool people through the game. Some put me up for 2 months (having never met me in real life) while I looked for a house, based largely on my reputation in the game and various CoH-related LJ communities. Some have become some of my closest friends down here in FL (where I likely wouldn't even be, if it weren't for the game).

I've also been able to stay in contact with friends from back in Boston and around the country through the game. While we no longer sit around a table once a week rolling dice, we still see each other in a similar environment on a frequent basis.

I may have strayed occasionally -- WoW was fun (and still is on occasion). MxO was promising, but highly disappointing. However: Paragon City is my home in the multiverse of MMOs.

in the past year, I may not have levelled as fast as others. I don't have a Kheldian, or a Lv50. I have yet to see any of the end-game content in-person yet. Hell, my highest toon is only Lv26 (though I'm rapidly approaching that mark with my current main). In the last year, I have played more than my share of Blasters, Controllers, Defenders, Scrappers, and Tankers with varying degees of success. Some powersets I know quite well. A few, I consider myself to be extremely proficient with. Others are still a mystery to me.

To everyone whom I have teamed with in the past year, whether it was a good team, or a bad team, whether we all kicked ass or died horribly due to a n00b's untimely AoE - Thank You. This game may not be as expansive or detailed as others out there right now, but even after a year, I am still learning, exploring, and trying new things. For the most part, the players I have encountered in this game have been more mature and (dare I say) heroic than other games I've played.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last year in CoH, and I look forward to more to come.

Xany - Lv22 Fire/EM Tanker - Triumph
TaxiBot X - Lv24 FF/Eng Defender - Virtue | Lv17 FF/Elec Defender - Pinnacle (and now also Lv6 Emp/Elec Defender - Triumph)
Mr. Stopheles - Lv26 DM/Inv Scrapper - Virtue
Amazingtron - Lv18 Eng/Eng Blaster - Virtue

...and many, MANY more.
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laptop officedog

Why do I never get an invite until 2 a.m.?

I'm playing CoH for, oh, about four hours longer than I had intended Frida night/Saturday morn. It's after 2 a.m., and I'm limply flying to my contact when a group of controllers and defenders buzz around me and start throwing all types of things my way: bubbles, speed boost, you name it. One of them finally says, "want to fight an AV for massive XP?"

I'm thinking, "Where were you guys SIX HOURS AGO before I agreed to the stupid DE mish arc that killed me three times and just blew horribly wrt to both fighting and xp????

Man, no one invites me to a team until I'm ready to log. *hrmpfs*
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Positron on Virtue

Wow I had a frustrating weekend. I attempted for the 7th time to RSK down my level 50 to Positron and get that badge. For the 7th time I was booted in the last mission. GAH! Why can't I just get this badge?!?!?!?!?!

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I've entered my 30th hour sans CoH. I'm starting to really need a fix. I get to play for a few hours tomorrow morning but that seems awfully far away at this point.

Just so I have something to do with my free time until then can all of you our there point me to some good info/guides on Kheldians? I'm playing my character now just to get him to lvl 50 so I can have a Kheld (although I'm not power leveling because I want to see the game content). Info just seems somewhat thin on these often misunderstood AT's. Thx.

Envoy of Shadows

How was everyone's weekend?
They should give out a badge for having to defeat Envoy of Shadows three times in one story arc.
That's just my opinion, since the AV is all but impossible to kill without having at least two or three others to back you up.
Nevermind the second to last mission that involves a ton of Death Mages as well, but in the last mission you have the AV, Death Mages, those damned quicksand happy Earth Thorn Casters and all for the low low price of extra debt and a hole in the head.
The debt doesn't bother me, the need to have to find a crew to work with for the ENTIRE arc does. I like teams, really I do, but to have a tough AV in several missions of one story arc is just absurd.

Needless to say, it was all fun ;)
I did each mission one at a time with an hour break or so in between, so had different pick up teams for the first few. The second to last mission involved my SG plus one guy I picked up, (SS you rocked, thanks). Lots of us died several times, but it was really a good time. Good XP and Influence, and a nice assortment of strategies for defeating different sets of mobs in different rooms.

As one member of my SG likes to say, if you're into playing Wack-A-Mole, go to an amusement park. We used strategy and tactics and overcame the odds nicely, the only time people died was when we were overwhelmed by Random Portal ambushes. (very sneaky).
Enter portal, appear somewhere completely random on map sorrounded by 12 Earth Thorn casters, 1 Death Mage, 3 Behemoth Overlords and into an area of quicksand=instant death.

The positive to all of this is, it was a rewarding experience, I leveled to 38 during the whole process, and I picked up a few new badges. (I'm such a badge whore!)
Got Advisor for SK'ing a member of the SG a whole bunch, Gravedigger and Hellspawned when biding time in Perez for those cave door missions, Charmer and Head of Hydra for allowing myself to be foolish enough to say yes to an invite at the end of my night for a trip to the Abandoned Sewer Trial where I had fun with a nice Particle Cannon and all, but racked up more debt in very embarrasing ways.
Not a bad weekend for badges! :)

(no subject)

If you had an empathy defender named The Healing Man, do you think you would actually try to heal your teammates? Or maybe you're really excited that I gave you speed boost so you won't to see how fast you can run while the rest of us take on the guys you're aggroing.

I was in a pickup group in Boomtown. There were five people that I speed boosted as I went to my mission because it's fun. They then followed me and kill stole some of my Clockwork. I bitched them out in local chat and then they invited me. I thought what the hell. We had a blaster that never got out of melee range, a scrapper, a tanker, The (Non)Healing Man and me (kin/energy). The scrapper and tanker were alright except when they decided to just stand there for no particular reason.

I was playing a concept alt so I don't care about debt. I'm not getting him hasten, a travel power and possibly not stamina to buck convention. Instead, he'll use siphon speed, siphon speed/inertial reduction and transference respectively. It's going to be tough going, but I wanted to try something different. We'll see.