June 7th, 2005


I did it my way

For everyone who said it could not be done, I say unto you: HAH.

BubbleYumm's build thus far, WITHOUT the fitness power pool. And I do not have end issues, ever.

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Granted, this won't work for a lot of people. I'm fortunate enough to not want to fully slot my powers for damage (for example). Instead I can reduce the end cost of most of my powers, thus avoid Stamina all together. Instead of Fitness I took Teleport. Recall Friend is so much more useful. But I wanted to post this for anyone else who is lamenting the "required" investment into Stamina. I play very well without it. With planning, you can too. Don't let anyone tell you that you MUST take Stamina.

Bastidel TF

A big thank-you to jareth_gk and @Thornbusch (whose lj user ID escapes me) for answering my cry of, "Anyone on Virtue have someone in the Citadel range who's dying to run the TF tonight?" on the Livejournal global channel last night as my SG tried to get the required six together for the TF.

We started with 2 ma/regen scrappers, an invul/fire tank, an elec/elec blaster, a rad defender, a storm/ice 'troller, and my kin/elec defender. There was a touch-and-go weather moment when one of our scrappers (the TF leader, and the person the other scrapper [a 50] was exemp'd to) was worried that the lightning was going to knock power out, and we'd be left without both of our scrappers. We ended up losing one of our ma/regen scrappers a mission or so after that, though not due to weather, and we pwned those disgruntled boyscouts in something vaguely resembling 3 hours. And in the course of the TF, I got the Slayer badge, and thus the Atlas Medallion. Whee!

I remembered 2 missions in that I did, in fact, have Grant Invis (which, to be fair, I just picked up on Sunday when I dinged 30 and was mostly using, up until the TF, to hide the lowbies I was teaming with to run them through Steel, or the Hollows before they exemp'd me), which I started slapping on the squishies in my buffing runs. ID/SB/Invis for the blaster, 'fender, and 'troller. ID/SB for the scrappers. And the tank asked me not to SB because she wound up running too quickly past the things she was trying to tank.

It's strange to go from being mostly a duo, or running with a team of three or four, to a team of 5+. I'd buff everyone up the wazoo, and then have to dive into melee to hit Transference so I had blue love in my end bar, but by then, I was running low on goons to hit because they were going down so fast. And there were a couple of times that I needed to buff mid-fight and Transference would miss, and I'd run out of end trying to buff people and have to pop some blue candy. Soooo weird. I'm used to being Perpetual Motion when I'm playing; no down-time required because I can keep myself and my one or two teammates in the blue and green (unless things go horribly awry), even if I'm fighting with Stealth running.

Started the TF at just-barely-30. Ended it a little more than halfway to 31. *wistful sigh* Ahh, for the good old low-level days where I'd ding two or three times in a TF. Oh, wait, I'd also eat floor half a dozen times in those TFs because everything was purple... nevermind. *grin*
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I just pulled this from my chatlogs... Saw it outside of the green line in Brick

06-07-2005 09:40:45 [NPC]Odis: Hey, did you hear the Green Line was recently extended?
06-07-2005 09:40:45 [NPC]Leana: Yes I did, but I really think they should have extended it to Founders' Falls instead.

Made me do a double take when I saw it. New upper level zone, anyone?
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Today's update rocks!

* Fixed bug in ICON that made some costume changes not be saved.
* Search comments no longer remain the same when switching between different characters.
* Fixed bug that could ground players with Hover or Fly turned on as they zone.
* Fixed bug that caused the wrong mission tobe selected in groups.
* Fixed bug causing text in some Powers' descriptions to become very small and unreadable.
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NOW it gets hard.

I didn't believe people when they say that the 35+ game is a pain for blasters. Maybe it was the teaming and the support of the SG that got me all the way to 44.

Last night I moved beyond annoyance at dying to "Death #8! That was my last rez! Round 9! Woo hoo!"

In one log-in there were 8 deaths and 262k debt! (I was aiming for 10 and the debt cap.)

To Statesman I say, "I want you to take a blaster out to fight the Psychic Clockworks and try to avoid their psy attacks (mezzes, holds, sleep etc.) and then claim that range is the blasters defense." I got excited that I died the natural way (Malta Gunslinger knockback death) as opposed to the chain mez held death.

I think I'll be in perma-debt till 50.

Granted I'm not asking for mez protection, but something would be nice. (That something has been debated up the yin-yang on the boards too.)
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TheDarkAvenger vs. The Monster Squid of IP

I was playing on Virtue earlier when a call went across the Broadcast channel - the Monster Squid (whose name I forget) had spawned, and heroes were needed to form a team or two to bring him down. Naturally, I joined the fight :D

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(crossposted to my journal.)

Edit: Does anyone know how I might go about buying level 25 Mutant DOs? My current contact only has Natural/Tech... Found Deimos Innovations.
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Exemplar Bug

I logged on my lvl 18 Kin/Eng to help out my SO's lvl 6 MA/Regen earlier today. I exemped down to her and we began to defeat some level 6's out in Gemini Park. Then I noticed something: I wasn't getting any reward at all. My SO told me she was not getting anything either. Now, maybe I missed something, but I thought the lower level person was supoosed to get standard xp/influence and the higher level person was supposed to get debt relief/influence. Did they change something and I missed it, or is this a bug I need to report?
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CoH e-mail hamster fell asleep

Good grief... two new e-mails waiting for me when I logged on today... dated 5/25/05 and 5/26/05. And one of them was a message that sort of needed a quick reply. Now the person who sent it probably figures I've blown them off.

I think it's time they upgraded the mail server from the Compy 386. :P
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Green Starburst
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New icons!

Since I bought a permanent account I get to add a whole bunch more user pics, so I'll debut the one I'll use for my CoH posts, a picture of my main hero, Green Starburst, on Liberty. I added another, too - check out my user pics if you're at all interested.

Here's a bigger picture of him (pre-cape, I believe):

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So I am on infinity with my character The Wonderful Robotdeer and I just made a supergroup, Pink Planet if anyone wants to join its a gay mainly supergroup but I really want it just to be about being nice and cool to people who need help or don't understand things about the game. Today I was on and everyone was being hostile to everybody. Mostly it was people who were asking questions about things that were going and they would get answers like you are so retarded stupid n00b or something and yeah it made me mad. SOOOOOO I made a little supergroup of happiness comment if you want to join.

And now justice bites the bullet

..and just as I was about to finish a mission with my fairly dusted off Blaster, got to half a dot left to go to 32 and BLAMMO MAPSERVER DISCONNECT!


I knew something was wrong with the servers, Virtue was being kinda laggy today and earlier went poof. Justice didnt' seem too bad, but hey, always happens when you least expected.

(and I bet by the time this posts, justice will be back up :P)
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