June 8th, 2005

anyone in Australia...?

The School of Art History, Cinema, Classics and Archaeology at the University of Melbourne will be hosting a conference on superheroes and supervillains...

of course... it starts tomorrow... but if you're already in the area it might be interesting to check out ;)
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Puck (silly)

Killer Cows and future GenericHeroes

Jezebella sidekicked another scrapper from her SG last night to do a quick CoT mission. Oy... since when do the Behemoth Lords, which have blaster attacks, have the ability to bring up shields like fire tankers? After I ran out of yellow candy, it was a royal pain in the butt to take them down. And to top it all off... the guy I was supposed to find as the mission objective turned out to be in a body bag.

On the up side, my sidekick leveled during the mission, so afterwards we went to see Ms. Liberty. And I spotted these names last night in Atlas Park, all in the course of about 15 minutes:

Darth Sidious
Darth Insidious
Jokey Smurf
Camo Toe
JohnWayne Gacy (complete with clown costume and make-up)

And the last guy belonged to a supergroup called "Special Olympics", various members of which were recruiting on broadcast with the cry of "Who wants to be retarded?"

While I was typing up my petition regarding the serial killer, a Level 16 blaster come up to my Level 34 scrapper, asking for power-leveling. As if I'd drop the friend who's my sidekick in favor of a new sidekick who just wants to stand inside the mission door and collect XP.

I also had a random person come up to me and ask for help with an influence transfer. Apparently, Jezebella looks trustworthy. So I helped him out. I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to ask anyone outside my friends list to hold influence for me.

Two bubbles in towards Level 35 after the CoT mission, though. The slow crawl continues. I think I'll probably make Level 50 just around the time when they add 10 more levels to the top. :P

Enough to make me defect to the Rogue Isles....

On the first blind team invite, no one talked. I offered a hello and waited...and waited...and quit.

On the second blind team invite, they were in Steel. I was in the Hollows for a reason (level 9, hello?), so I quit.

On the third blind team invite, they were 4 levels below me. I like XP, thanks. I quit.

Then I got a blind supergroup invite from "JohnWayne Gacy". Politely declined.

People started trashing Mr. Gacy in broadcast, and the conversation police jumped in to tell everyone what they should be using broadcast for. Where are these uptight twits when people are spamming requests for influence and power-levels?

Then, like a golden ray of sunshine after the rain, I get a tell asking if I want to team. It felt like Christmas...even if they were in Perez. At least it was a zone in my level range, so I made the trek. After several minutes of sprinting, I reach them just as they're deciding to go to the Hollows.

Hah ha! Hah. Fine. I was already invested at that point, so I start heading back.

And half-way through Atlas, Guardian went down.

The end.
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(no subject)

Been playing Iron Adonis a bit last night and this morning. I LOVE tanking. So awesome being in the center of these huge mobs and shrugging off all their blows.

I realized something... A tanker is the ultimate narcissist. His whole life goes something like this...


In other news, got two random invites in the Hollows yesterday, and both turned into really great teams. Just goes to show you, even in Noob Central, you can't completely write off random invites.
gible, friend code, pokemon

(no subject)

Hmm... Taking my last post a bit farther...

What your archetype says about you:

Tanker: You're very narcissistic and like being the center of attention. You feel you're not doing your job right if anyone isn't paying attention to you for even a second.

Scrapper: Loner, afraid to let others in. You feel the need to be entirely self-sufficient, and even when working in a group tend to do your own thing.

Blaster: You like to destroy stuff. You're the kind of person who would sit beside an anthill with a magnifying glass. In the off chance you haven't already, dollars to donuts say you will someday light something important on fire just to watch it burn.

Controller: Anal-retentive control freak. You feel inadequate without having others to kowtow to your whims. You're probably an asshole and more than likely have ingested more than one disgruntled server's/secretary's/etc bodily fluids.

Defender: The exact opposite of the scrapper, you suffer from dependancy. You can't do anything without getting approval from someone else, and are at your best in a servile position. Grow a spine.
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PARAPPA (connieleeee)

(no subject)

So I am thinking of doing the positron tf, i have started it several times and for whatever reason everyone decided to quit. The most recent one was with SG and I was exmp and well I got booted. But anyways, I am wanting to do this with my 50 as well as my peacebringer and warshade and since the PB and WS are at the perfect level for this and they won't get booted they will be the ones I do it with,

Enough rambling.. get to the point already!

So worse case and best case scenario's, how long is this task force? I hear it is the worst in the game, especially if you get a bad team.

Stuff that might help...

I know most CoH players know about all this stuff, but I'm not so sure sometimes that everyone knows about it all.
Hero Builder has been a lifesaver as far as determining how to build my toons lately. I just started a new alt, a Mind/Empath Controller. Can you imagine soloing with a 'troller? I have been through to level 5 so far with him. Awesome application to figure in your optimal builds.
kwsapphire recommends CoH Planner and says it's more up to date.

Hero Logger seems useful, though I've tried it and can't seem to get it to work properly. What I wanted was something that lets me keep track of how I'm using my hero statistically and lets me see what would happen if I made little changes in slotting or re-speccing (I have two unused respecs).
corwinok suggests HeroStats instead.

Vidiotmaps are not necessarily needed to be installed into your game if you have a huge fear of the license agreements you click yes to every time you play, you just view them online as well. They have an excellent (and IMO the most up to date) badge and contacts chart. The maps are extremely helpful too.
rickj suggests Aeyrie.net's Badge and Plaque locator as well.

Warcry, CoH at GameAmp, Coldfront's CoH and City of Heroes Online have been lifesavers when it comes to guides and briefings on missions, trials and task forces.
icanumis suggested City of Heroes Vault as well.

Finally, this I do not condone, but was curious if this was even legal. Selling or auctioning influence online? I've heard of this being done in the past with Diablo and Diablo2, and EverQrack, but is it legal according to CoH and Cryptic Studios? Just curious. I imagine at Level 50 you have so much influence that you could make a fortune selling it all to naive and impatient CoH addicts... not cool.

PS: Of course, the Boards are always one of the first stops I make when searching for information...