June 9th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Timed outdoor missions are my bane!

Got a CoT mission last night for my tanker. 90 minutes timed, board train to cemetary. Objectives: rescue 6 people, find and disable portal, find and defeat boss. 35 minutes into it with 2 people left to find, mapserver disconnect hits. I log back in and the mission has reset, but the timer has not. Had to do it all again, and of course all the objectives had moved to different locations. So I'm running around with my camera zoom rolled all the way back, looking like nothing but a little ball of fire darting to and fro. With 45 seconds on the clock, I finally found the last person. At about ten seconds left, the mission was completed because the two Spectral Daemons guarding her immediately went intangible and it took that long to taunt them back into real space and defeat them.

There's nothing like a down-to-the-wire James Bond finish... and damn I've sure been having a lot of them lately thanks to the mapserver. So is it still considered "farming" when you have to do a mission two or three times even though you only wanted to do it once? :P
City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

It's a puke fest!

Last night my hubby and I were playing our now level 15 Peacebringers. For those that don't realize, there's a new mission arc from the Kheldian contact every 5 levels. So... we went into this mission, and it's a Council base. And behind the first airlock we hear...
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Keeping track of badges

I've been going back lately and getting badges I've missed along the way to lvl 29. I have a problem of going after exploration badges I already have, however. How do you all keep track of which badges you still need, what zones you've gotten all the badges out of, etc?

My current plan is to just make a list of all the exploration badges in all the zones that I have been in and crossing off the ones I have. Then just making sure that all the zones are clear. Is this what other people do? If so does anyone have a list of exploration badges (and their relative location) sorted by zone to make my life a little easier?
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