June 10th, 2005

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Grrr. Arrg!

I don't know what the hell is with COH crashing out lately. It only happens when I tab out to another program and then tab back and accidentally click in the middle of the screen. I do play in windowed mode, but I don't think that's the problem. Maybe I should just stop multi-tasking so much while playing. Anyone else have this kind of problem since Issue 4?
I only play windowed because alt-tabbing is quicker that way. I usually have Trillian, IRC, Firefox and COH going and that's it. Occasionally Irfanview is in the mix for viewing screenshots.
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And in unrelated news

CITY OF HEROES RANT, though it applies to MMOs in general, I think.

When I'm playing a fine MMORPG such as City of Heroes, yet have a people-phobic solo-friendly class like a Scrapper who has probably gone slightly feral from lack of human contact, I'm only going to consider teaming with you if the team experience will be worthwhile (like if it's a really cool task force/raid) and, more importantly, that you're not an idiot.

If I get a blind ninja-invite to a team from someone who's nowhere to be seen because they probably just got my name off some "who's online" list, this tells me you're grasping for straws of the appropriate class more than you care about an actual team dynamic or chemistry, not to mention you lack the communication skills to say "Don't pull the big guy just yet" and thus spare us all from death. In short, I will assume that you're an idiot.

If you have a name that's questionable, especially if it's dancing around copyright infringement and/or uses stupid punctuation to get around the fact that the real version is taken (I'm looking at you, Undert.aker,) this tells me that you think you're far more clever than you actually are (LOL I MADE W'OLVERINE HE'S CLAWS/REGEN) and don't take the game remotely seriously, and are likely to have been powerleveled. In short, I will assume that you're an idiot.

So when I receive not one but two ninja invites from a guy named xXHeLlBlAzErXx (I swear I am not making this up, and even have the screenshot to prove it) who apparently couldn't understand why I would turn down the first one, the odds of me actually saying yes the second time are not very high!
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Weird thing that happened

Hmm, this is odd and its never happened before.

I finished a CoT mission in Perez Park and when I clicked "Exit Mission" CoH locked up on me. It kept getting stuck on the spalsh screen... so I rebooted and tried to log back in. It said "This account is already logged in" so I clicked again and tried to log back in as Kuso, and waited... and waited... and waited... apparently she was stuck somewhere and a GM had to "move her"

I waited until an hour after I called tech support and she was still stuck. Hopefully I'll be able to log back in with her this evening. Has something like that ever happened to any of you out there? The tech support person I was speaking with said its rare, but it happens on occasion.
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Tanker observations

(LJ ate this post earlier so I'm re-posting it)

I recently started an Invul/Axe tanker. I have had a Fire/Fire tanker since retail, but never really felt like a real tanker with him (he's stil at level 28). So in the past three weeks I have made it to level 24 and I thought I would post a few of the things I noticed/learned.

Just because I can herd the whole map, doesn't mean I can hold the aggro of the whole map once everyone else attacks.

If you don't slot your attacks, then the only thing that will kill you is bordem.

Skyraider porters are a pain.

If you plan on herding mobs you need to learn what a "sharp" corner is ASAP.

You really do get a lot of xp when you team in groups of six or more.

Invincibility really does make you feel invincible.

I have to remember to turn off Invincibility before exiting a mission, unless I'm looking for a fight outside.

Some people really don't understand waiting and will attack before you have aggro'ed the mobs completely.

There is always someone who attacks the mobs outside your Invincibility Taunt range, so make sure to Taunt those mobs.

I have never used Sprint this late in the game, but it is great for herding.

Before Stamina, plan on having no endurance.

Learn to love the small space between two boxes/crates.

You never appreciate the inside of a dumpster until you herd in Boomtown.

An Invincibility tanker and a Fire tanker are an evil combo (the ole herd and burn).

That's all I can think of for now.

Sales Tax!?!

So I decided that the Hero Gear Kit was a pretty good deal. Not counting shipping the price of the 30 day game card almost makes up for the whole price of the kit. So I added it to the cart and the total came to over $27. $5 for shipping is a little high but acceptable, but then thay added more than $2 for sales tax. Sales tax! I live in Oregon, we've worked hard to not have sales tax all these years and I'm sure as hell not paying it for something I order off the internet.

Damn it all.

Edit: After entering my info the sales tax disappeared. Still I think they'd get farther if they didn't add it until the end of the order. They almost scared me off from looking into it any further.
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Get a calculator!

For the record:

(99,999 x 10) + 10 = 1,000,000

Some people apparently don't know how to add. As a costume contest winner I was supposed to get one million influence, and the guy gave me 99,999 nine times, then another 11,111, for a grand total of 911,102.


I didn't argue. Wasn't worth it.
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When I get bored, I start questioning continuity...

Ok, so this is the Literature Major in me coming out...

From the description of Talos Island on the CoH site:

"He called himself Talos, though the newspapers preferred the more descriptive, “Terrific Titan.” ... Throughout the 50’s and 60’s, he steadfastly rose to the challenge of combating giant monstrosities...

In the last climatic battle against his arch foe... a mighty battle ensued, shaking Paragon City to its foundations, tearing a giant rift in the ocean floor from which earth and lava rose to form an island. Known today as Talos Island, it is said that both Talos and the Chimera are still locked in mortal combat within its stony embrace."

From a plaque on Talos Island:

"Mayor 'Spanky' Rabinowitz was born on this very street, in 1878 to Aaron and Maria Rabinowitz. Those who knew the mayor well say that he often returned to this area when troubled, to walk the streets he grew up on and contemplate the city's future."

WTF? Unless maybe Talos was fighting in the 1850s and 60s? The things we do when the servers are down. :)
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Enchanted Light

daytime play


Just curious. Who plays during the day? We've a handful of SG members from the UK who basically play during my work hours...1 pm CT - 3 pm CT. Anyone on during this time?

PS off the subject, but I just had like a huge piece of chocolate cake. DAMN it was good.
Rupert of Hentzau

Any advice for Kinetics?

I have kinetics for my grav/kin controller, but I am thinking of diving head-first into kinetics and creating a kin/psy defender. My main question is, can you live without going into the movement pools until later levels? Will siphon speed and intertial reduction be enough to get by? And with siphon speed, can you live without hasten? Any advice before I make a horrible mistake?



If you were going to make a psychic warrior-type (something like kung-fu ninja Psylocke that first appeared after the Siege Perilous), how would you do it?