June 11th, 2005


BubbleYumm's Bubbler Building Tips

I've actually decided to sit down and write a guide to Bubblers, because I've been getting a lot of questions of late. Now I can point people to this guide. Feedback is appreciated. Powers in BOLD are powers that I consider necessary for the build. Powers in ITALICS are powers I haven't actually taken, so take my advice on them with a grain of salt. Disclaimer: This stuff in here? It's my opinion. While I welcome feedback, I don't really need to be flamed about it. Remember, we all play differently, and this is what suits my style. Collapse )
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Quitting my SG

I quit my Supergroup today. I know for some people that probably happens a lot, but this is the Supergroup that I've been in since the game went live. It was founded by a bunch of people who had played Toontown, and although none of them were people that I had played with in that game, I knew them from the message boards, and they were good people to play with. The only problem is that I play late at night, and nearly all of them play at normal peak hours when I'm at work... but I dealt with that same problem throughout my years in EQ and stuck with the same guild the whole time.

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in your adventures in the city, describe your most spectacular and/or hilarious deaths. one that cmes to mind for me happened in kings row. i was around lvl 8 or so and hopping from rooftop to rooftop fighting circle of thorns. as i took out a life mage i jumped over to the next rooftop..
and encountered a lvl 45 ritki.

i made a leap of faith off the building and got shot in the back,,,

my lifeless corpse fell 12 stories and landed on top of a dumpster.

i bad as it was i couldnt stop giggling.

also yesterday i was taken out by a councilman. i portred to the hospital....but remained dead.

my lifeless corpse was just lying there on the pad. anyone else ever have this happen to them?

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Cats/ Snapshot


Howdy all.

My main is on Guardian just hit 30 (finally!) and the last two powers I took are disappointing.

I want to respec out Quickness and Eviscerate and was hoping to get together with some people for the Respec TF. If any of you wanna join a Claws/SR scrapper, please let me know. She's got mad shielding and all SOs slotted, so she can totally hang with 32s or 33s. I'm also willing to be the brawn if lower levels want me running around with 'em.

I'm on at odd hours due to my working graveyard, currently working two jobs, and overall just having a weird schedule, but I'm willing to carve out a few hours somewhere specific to Respec. If you're interested in (or already planning on) doing the respec yourself, let me know?

Main: Lady Snapshot (@lil red cross) or comment here. :)
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