June 12th, 2005

City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH


So I spent two hours last night making up an alt. Finally! I got the costume right, I got a name for her. So I clicked through to go to the tutorial only to be greeted by...

Disconnected from dbserver.

Feverishly I logged in again, clicked on the server I was working on hoping on hope that my worse fears hadn't happened.

Alas, I was crushed to see one open slot on the server, the very slot I had just spent two hours working to fill.
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Well that takes the cake

I quit my Supergroup because of A) a general unfriendly atmosphere in how it was run -- the people themselves were friendly, but the SG felt unfriendly, and B) lack of communication. Nobody ever used the message boards, I even rarely got to talk to people in-game.

So last night I got involved in an 8-person team (trying to help one of my friends in Legion of Catgirls) and we were hip-deep in CoT demon-spewing portals, fireballs going off everywhere, when I got a tell from one of my former SG mates asking why I left.

I didn't have time to give the long answer, so I gave a short one. Then this morning I decided to go to the message boards and post the long answer, something along the lines of what I posted here yesterday. But guess what? I've been removed from the SG on the message boards already! No waiting to see if I'd change my mind, no cooling off period, just bam! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Unfriendly atmosphere? Check. Lack of communication? Check.

I was still of half a mind that I might eventually rejoin the group, but not anymore.

The sad thing is that these are people who insisted on calling everyone by their real names, and yet after a year of playing with them, I don't actually know them that well. Meanwhile there are people in my old Everquest guild who I've never known their real names, but they are good friends who I know very well and who I still talk to more often than the people in my now former CoH SG. Heck, I communicate with people here on livejournal more than with my former SG... in fact I started posting her specifically because there seemed to be no point to posting to my SG message board anymore. ^_^

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hero kit upgrade purchase thingiemabob

Has anyone purchased the Hero Kit Upgrade thingie-doohickie? The one that contains all the goodies from the DVD edition for those of us who've had the game for, like, ever? I'm curious to know if the prestige power (power slide) would be avaible to my already-created lvl 32 eng/eng blaster main, or on new characters only? Does anyone know? Beuller?
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Could some of you computer gurus try to help me figure out what I need to do about this?

Broken Thingie

I don't know much about installing hardware or drivers or whatever else is connected with graphics cards, but this comes up every now and then. It doesn't crash my game, though. It just confuses me and it looks like it is really bad.