June 13th, 2005


In-Character Journal

I know, not many people read in-character journals. But I figured what the hell, I love BubbeYumm enough to go the extra mile and a half. So I made a journal (community, so I can post in it while logged in as myself)... in case anyone does want to watch ;) bubblesonvirtue

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I'm stuck!

So I'm in King's Row and I really, really suck at navigation and I'm walking up this little ledge thing when I realise I can't actually go anywhere beause it runs into the bottom of the road thingy or whatever (and I suck at explaining, too, so please bare with me). Anyhow. I GET STUCK! I can't move, I turn and I can look like I'm running, but I'm not. I have no earthly idea how to get myself out of this. I'm still really new to the game, so yeah...no idea what to do in this situation.

I tried taking a screenshot, but it blocks out the bottom half of the screen, so...I took a picture with my digital camera so you could see what I mean:

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Help? Anyone? Please?

ETA: I'm now unstuck, so thank you guys for helping an ickle newbie like myself. Much appreciated. ^__^
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Yarr mateys

Hello, I am new here. Don't eat me.

I play on Guardian, Victory, and Freedom, though my highest level character is currently on Guardian, having just hit level 31. =D Char name is Nakoma, and I'm always up for teams as I am a kickass healer who has sacraficed melee and snipings for buffs and healing. >.>' I hang around with Lady Snapshot, whose player has posted here asking for a respec TF.

But just for fun... for all of you people, like me, who like to explore in places where you don't belong, what's the most hilarous time you went to a high level area and got smacked around/died? For me it was the time I went to Peregrine Island at level 25, flew around looking at all the nifty level 35+ monsters, spotted a possessed scientist and hovered in close to take a look, only for it and a Demon Overlord to spot me and wallop me down to 2 health.

Luckily.... I escaped. >.> Then a level 50 guy asked me if I'd like to SK to go on a mission, but irony had it that the mission ended like... 2 minutes after I said ok. =(

Oh, and if anyone was in IP at the tram when the level 30 Sky Raiders attacked.... um, that was me. I was fleeing for my life.
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Adventures with Alts

These are from my LJ, just random encounters.

Fuuma is my broadsword/regen scrapper. (He's a concept character so I don't play him as seriously as I do with my other BS scrapper.)

Fuuma Man of Mystery... cutie

Melty Bagel is my more serious scrapper. She's a broadsword/invuln scrapper. I'm 5 pips/bubbles from 28 (Invincibility wheeeee!)

She was asked to help out on a pick up team. Being bored of killing family in IP I said yes.

Adventures with Melty Bagel

I do regret making her 4ft tall, trying to fight bad guys while staring at their knees is not fun. Aside from that, she's a great scrapper. =D