June 14th, 2005


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Copied from the official boards, CoV section, regarding the voice work for the CoV trailer and the fact that Lord Recluse was voiced by Roger Jackson, who also voiced "Mojo Jojo" in the Powerpuff Girls cartoons:

"I, Lord Recluse, will now say that I, Lord Recluse, will see who is truly cursed now! And I, Lord Recluse, will also say that it is not me, Lord Recluse! For I am Lord Recluse, and I am not cursed, because I am Lord Recluse! So fear the name of Lord Recluse, because it is my name, and I am... Looooord Recluse!"
-- Kellis
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Are the boards down?

Or bugged up? I was wondering because I got this when I tried to log in - there was a build I wanted to look at.

It appears that your game account is currently not active. You must have an active game account to log in, post, edit posts, or send private messages.

Not the normal 'boards are down' or 404 that you normally get in these cases.

Given that I'm still in the middle of my free month, and already paid up through the next three, I would *hope* I still have an active account...
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newbie question about screen caps

My overall computer skills are pretty rusty (lets put it this way, I was fairly good at making DOS do tricks back in the day when it was the only microsoft OS commonly used).
I'd like to do some screen captures of my character(s), but the only POV I get is of his back/1st person. Is there a way around this?
I know if I hit PrintScreen it's supposed to dump it into a file, but I haven't found the file in my CoH folder in XP.
Advice appreciated.
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Somewhat OT - a call for writers and artists in the supers genre

My friend Chad Underkoffler chadu is an Origins award nominated game (tabletop) designer (Dead Inside, Monkey, Pirate Ninja Robot, and whole punch of articles for Pyramid magazine in it's online incarnation). He has a superhero game coming out this summer and has already planned the first supplement for it, Dial S for Superhuman a sourcebook of ready made heroes and villians.
Right now he's running a contest, here's the rules where you can contribute original art (sorry, no screen caps from CoH, CoH owns the artwork) alone, or with an accompanying description (but the contest rules for formating please). You can use HeroMachine for the artwork, they have an agreement (like I did, my stick figure drawings make the baby Jesus cry). He's also looking for writeups for 'contest dude', an original piece of artwork created specifically for this.
If you submission is accepted, you get a free copy of T&J, as well as Dial S. You'll also get your name in the credits. Submissions belong to his press, Atomic Sock Monkey Press, and before anyone says anything, this is SOP.
Unfortunately, the contest ends tomorrow, and the short notification is my fault, because I'm a goob and should have posted this earlier.

And now back to your regular CoH discussion.

Lack of creativity on character creation

Alright, I'm not going to rant about the form building that is the majority of character creation these days thanks to all the guides. Instead, I just had to laugh at the massive influx it seems of new players to CoH lately, which of course means comic book copycats. Absolutely hilarious. Sunday, I sat in Atlas park for a few, messing about on a new alt for a themed SG, and I decided I wanted to team. So I sent out a broadcast looking for similar level players to hit the sewers to hunt, and the first on the chopping block was "stone thing"... yeah you guessed it. Outside of some camos instead of the string bikini, an absolute reflection. Within seconds later came Wolverine3000, again not just a character power steal but even down to design details. Not kidding, not more than 30 seconds later came Walverine, at least this one changed around the costume, but of course the powers were all the same. I decided to make a game of this, and through the search feature then add Supersp33der (a blatant flash rip, which was even more funny because he was pre-travel powers and already had a bio about being a super fast runner who got his powers from a storm...lovely) and then came Hulk.Jr. Oh how wonderful, an exact copy but with a cigar.... and he insisted on speaking in hulk speak the entire time, for instance "hulk got hurt by mob".

It was at this point, I hinted that they should start a SG called the Pending Lawsuits ... only one got the joke. I actually tried to do a bit of hunting with them and it was an absolute cluster-fluck, and I decided to log. I know this has been happening all along, probably was really bad at game initiation, but over the last two issues I hadn't noticed it as bad. Is it just the movies coming out or does every influx of new players immediately bring out the fanboys?
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My one pet peeve in CoH: Mismatched costume options. You've all seen them, maybe you're even guilty of some of them. You know what I mean. Organic chest and circuitry pants. Medieval breast plate and stone pants. And then sometimes they go and mismatch the gloves and boots too. I want to scream, "What the hell, dude, were you drunk when you made your character?!? Are you secretly Matt Murdock*? How could you possibly think that looks cool??? That looks like ass!"

I'm not saying you should never do it. There are certainly instances where it's okay to mismatch them. But it's pretty obvious when it's right and when it's an eyesore. To quote some judge about pornography, I know it when I see it!

On an unrelated note, I got Guild Wars Sunday morning and basically have been playing non-stop since then... >_< Awesome game!

*Matt Murdock == Daredevil, who is actually blind

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My server separation anxiety leads me to wanting a second account, but I don't want to have to go out and buy the game again. Does anyone know if I can legitimately use the memorial day code (now that the contest for beta is over) for myself? If so, how do I go about doing that?