June 15th, 2005

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Fun with new toys...

Today, I finally got my new rig up and running.

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Oh. my. gawd. Paragon City looks completely different with the graphics maxed out (as opposed to the bare minimum, which I'd been running on my laptop). Leaping across the bay of Independence Port, I saw the cooling towers of Terra Volta behind the zone wall, and it took my breath away.

...though tackling a Valor Bridge run solo at level 25 was a bit stupid on my part (but fun!).

I was doing fine, taking on groups of 8-10 red mobs. then in a group of 1 yellow minion, an orange lieutenant, and a red Consigliere (I hate those guys), I got taken down by the consig. the bastard kept holding me in midair and hurtling crates of who-knows-what at me. I kept dropping Burn in between holds, and I was >< this close to taking him down when he finally got me. It was a true "me-or-him" scenario, and he got the coin toss. Must try this stupidity again when I'm more awake.

added bonus: no overheating (gotta love having 6 case fans!), crashing (except for the mapserver issues Triumph was having around 2am EST), or any of the other problems that have been plaguing me for the last few months. I liked this game a lot before. Now, I'm truly in love with it again.
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Thanks to this game, there's a good friend of mine with whom I've been able to "hang out" even though we live about 2000 miles apart. Tonight I got to spend a nice chunk of time with my bud and we didn't do anything other than sit at the train and chat. We mentioned doing some crimefighting, considered forming a team, but never got around to it. I don't know what the point of this post is. Something to do at 6:00 in the morning when sleep escapes me. I think I'm just feeling Collapse )

After one of my characters reaches 50, I will finally be "done" with CoH and will probably not continue playing it. I guess it depends on how much I like Kheldians. Hmmm. Then, again, I will be getting a blaster to 50 first, but Wildshade (my favorite to play, ever) is a scrapper. I would like to take her to 50, too. So, we'll see what happens, I guess. I love to play the game. I love the people in the game (even the ones who get my characters killed - they keep things challenging! And sometimes I am that doofus!). But after I get a 50, I can't justify using CoH as a really cool chat program. And I'm rambling.

It's 6:22 am. Do I know where my pillow is?

Hess SG Task Force

Last night, the Liberty Freedom Force Super Group attempted the Hess Task Force in Striga Isle.
It all started off just peachy, until the mapserver disconnect issues started. That's when Nauga was kicked, but until that all happened, it was a blast, and it paid off half the debt I'd accumulated during the Hydra Trial.

...clicky clicky for full spread of Liberty server's very own Liberty Freedom Force (minus about three or four people)...
From left to right:
Tundra, Black Monkey, DC Blade, Fishy Smell, Nauga, Violet Violist, Captain Blinky and Professor ILLINI.
Hob Auf!

Update (15.06.2005)


  • Added fix to increase game stability


  • Fixed bug that caused a Mentor to lose any pets when his sidekick moved out of range.

  • Fixed bug that caused a Sidekick to lose any pets immediately upon moving out of range of their Mento, rather than after 60 seconds. Generally improved code for Sidekicking and Exemplaring

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a short rant and a funny

So, last night I wanted to do the Synpase TF with my Ill/Kin on Justice. I had logged out right next to him and I get an invite to join a team, I figured yeah I'll give it a shot, what the hell, Ihave all night. So when I joined we had a Blaster (the leader) a Def (who was AFK.. .more on that later) and Two Controllers (me being one of them). So while waiting for more memebers to join, I glanced at my e-mail and friends page on LJ. When I see that a level 19 Fire tank Named "H a d e s" joined the team. Now after this I got a huge lump in my throat, but I figured maybe he just might know what he is doing. (Boy was I wrong.) At this point, I look at another page, and I alt-tab back to see that the leader had started the tf. WHILE the Defender was STILL AFK. So I said, to the leader, you should have waited and gotten more firepower, a scrapper would have been best. So, I shrug it off, and go into the mission. And we were progressing veryyyyyyyy veryyyyyyy slowlyyyyy. The other controller who was ice/rad, was barely using his/her rad powers. Meanwhile, everytime the tank would get into the yellowish range he would yell out "heal" or "invis' when it wore of, which always is annoying, also due to the fact that a rad's healing aura range is slightly smaller than the Empathy's range. I said to him "It's not up yet, I will TELL you when it is" Oh yeah, did I mention that this level 19 fire tank did NOT have Burn. Yeah, a firetank WITHOUT BURN. So I'm thinking yeah.. he had to be PLd, because he had no idea how to use his powers. HE wasn't even using Blazing Aura for fucks sake. So I had to do the only thing I could to save my sanity, and not want to throw things. I unplugged my modem cord, signed off and logged into another toon. I normally hate doing anything like that, but I just couldn't stand the stupidity. Oh yeah, the Defender was still AFK the whole time we were fighting.

So now to the funny.

I had joined a team with darclight and a few of his friends and we went AV fighting. So, we're talking a little bit and a couple of them mentioned Team Speak, so I finally bend and DL the client. Only problem was, I couldn't talk becasue I have no mic, but I could hear everyone just fine. So, we're coming out of a portal and there is a dude standing there, his name was like Iron something. And someone on TS mentions that his costume looks like he had stepped in Tar. (He had all white and a little black on the pants cuffs). So darclight starts reading his bio, in this fast monotone voice, but that wasn't what was so funny, but the dude's bio. It said something like "That he is really Elvis Prestly and that people think he died while taking a dump, but while he was going an alien vortex opened up and took him away. Also mentioning somthing about A bicyclotron and Googli juice. It was by far the stupidest thing I have ever read. I just wish I had taken a screen shot of it. I'm hoping darclight did so we can witness it again.

Ok, that's enough of me boring you now :P
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