June 16th, 2005


Batman Begins


It blows the first two Batman movies out of the water. This coming from someone who was as obsessed with the first two Batman movies as... well ok not QUITE as obsessed as with Jurassic Park, but closer than any other movie ever came. I loved the first two, I still do, I thought the second two were a travesty (and haven't sat through either in their entirety), and of course, you know I think Batman TAS is the GOD of all Batmans.

And this? This is WORTHY of TAS. It's only *slightly* outside of the universe of the first two. Slightly. Usually that kind of thing pisses me the hell off, but they did it SO WELL that it didn't bother me ONE BIT. They could take this movie and make a WHOLE NEW Batman franchise, and I would be THRILLED TO DEATH.


Christain Bale? Outstanding. Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Morgan Freeman, and Gary Oldman? Awesome. I LOVE THIS MOVIE ALREADY. Gona see it several more times this weekend, I can already tell.

(Cross posted to the community, because I suddenly realized yall would actually care.)
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Puck (silly)

Kill Skuls

I got a little bored last night, so I decided it was high time for Jezebella and Lady Foxx to earn their "Kill Skuls" badges. So I spent some time terrorizing the Boneyard in Perez Park. Jezebella was only a couple dozen kills away, as it only took two or three mobs before she met the career quota and earned the badge. Lady Foxx, however, needed considerably more. But when you've got powers with a nice cone effect, even a hundred kills doesn't take very long. And the Skulls kept me amused with their occasional ironic comments.

After I was done in Perez, I spent about a half hour doing fly-by heals and rez's in Atlas Park and The Hollows. Figured my defender is going to need all the good karma she can get, considering it's now time to venture into Brickstown and Founder's Falls in search of new contacts.

Minimum required participants for Task Forces?

Hey folks.

Recently, I've been teaming my tanker alt exclusively with a kin/psi defender and having a blast, and by some weird bit of karma, they've become the Task Force Twins. So far, at level 25, we've gone through and done Positron, Synapse, and Sister Psyche (headed up all three, and actually did Posi and Synapse with just the two of us by getting someone to join in and start it with us, and then quit out once it was going).

So, I have this lovely list of Task Forces, the level you need to be, and the number of team members you need to START the TF, but in most cases I don't know how many you need to FINISH the TF. Any of you fine, knowledgeable folks able to chime in with that info? Here's what I've got:

Task Forces
10-16 --- Positron (steel canyon) --- 3 to start, 1 to finish
15-21 --- Synapse (skyway city) --- 4 to start, ~2 to finish
20-26 --- Sister Psyche (indie port) --- 5 to start
23-28 --- Moonfire (striga isle) --- 6 to start
25-30 --- Ernesto Hess (striga isle) --- 6 to start
25-31 --- Citadel (talos island) --- 6 to start
30-36 --- Manticore (brickstown) --- 7 to start
35-38 --- Numina (founders falls) --- 4 to start

40-44 --- Dr. Quarterfield (firebase zulu) --- 8 to start, 4 to finish
40-50 --- Sara Moore (molepoint charlie) --- 8 to start
40-50 --- Justin Augustine (the chantry) --- 8 to start
44-50 --- Faathim the Kind (the chantry) --- 8 to start, 3 to finish

i suffer from FDS*

(*Frequent Death Syndrome)

just need to vent a wee tiny bit here... *le sigh*

last night, after a multi-death attempt at the posi TF, i took my little fire blaster to the hollows to work on the old Cavern of Transcendance arc with a new battle buddy. once he went to bed, i was loitering near Shecky the Mystic and wondering if i really wanted to try to get a pickup team together for Atta's house party.

as i'm perusing the LFT list, there's suddenly a LARGE and ANGRY mob of pummies and magmalords running straight at me. (dragged by a lvl 17 scrapper, i'm lvl 14) YIKES! i manage to fire off one shot (duh, aimee, should have hit fly and booked outta there!) in self defense before smacky smack and i'm down AGAIN. like the 7th time of the night.

the scrapper who had dragged them there stood and watched me die before taking the mob out. then tells me i should "be more careful". *sob* it was my fault his mob killed me? i kinda wish there were police drones around contacts, especially in dangerous places like THE EEEEEVIL GULCH!

that made my decision for me... Atta can wait. :P i am a sad blaster today. :(
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spay - pets n relatives

Funny story...

Last night my gf was playing one of her lowbie toons.  Mind you most of our toons are lowbie since we're only a month into the game.  I think lvl 12 is the highest either of us have.

Anyway...so she's in AP just beating on some skulls when some guy comes out of nowhere and zaps the skull she's fighting.  And then he just stands around waiting for who knows what.

My gf, taking this as an opportunity and using the whit she was given, asked him if he makes a habit of going around kill stealing and waited for his reply.

It came....  "I'm sry"

She called him a tard (knowing that it would get through his filter) and ran off.

I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes.
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Respec fun.... sorta

So last night I finally decided to use the free respec we got in May on my Elec/Elec blaster, Prof. Bothsides, who is at 31 right now on triumph.
Now, what's the average amount of powers that people trade in for something different? 2 maybe?
Well, i got rid of 5 and chose 5 new ones. yeah, a little crazy perhaps.
I traded in Hover for Air Superiority
Decided not to stick with charged brawl which i've had since lvl 4, and went with Havoc Punch.
Lightening Clap, Short Circuit and Stealth were traded in for Build Up, and then two powers from the Leadership Powerpool- Maneuvers and Tactics.
I didn't have much time to play with him after I respec'd, so i'm still uncertain if I made the right choices. i hope i did.
after it took me an hour to properly distribute my enhancement slots, i learned of admaster in DA, so i joined a team and by the time I got there, he was almost gone. I was able to get in one shot before he was gone. still got the badge. I would have been there at the beginning of the fight, but it took me about 5 minutes to zone from IP to Talos, and then another 3 to zone into DA, not to mention all the lag I had flying inbetween all this.
stupid friggen lag
Missie Riot

Build advice: dark/dark scrapper

So the very very first character I ever made was a dark/dark scrapper. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I've got no idea what her build looks like right now, but I'm feeling pretty certain it's pretty much fuxx0red.

I'm also realizing, I've got very little idea how to usefully build a scrapper.

So, this is what I'm vaguely looking at. Please feel free to shoot holes in it.

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What would you do?

You log in and decide you'd rather be flying solo for this session. You put up "Not looking for group" in your search comment box and do a search on yourself to make sure it's in there. You begin adventuring around. After a bit, you get a blind tell/invite from someone. After doing another search on yourself to make sure some bug hasn't erased your comment, you send them a tell back that simply says "please read my search comment." They begin calling you everything from rude to an asshole. This happens at least once a day, sometimes twice. What would you do?