June 18th, 2005

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Daily Dosage of Doug - Small Taste of Things to Come

Well, I came home from work and got right to work on a couple of the first Triple D. This may spin-off into a new community, depending on how people mind having the occasional post here. I doubt I'll make it actually daily. I just happen to like the idea of calling it the Triple D. =)

So! Is everyone ready?

It's DOUG TIME!! And what better way to kick things off...

...than with Collapse )

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I was never one for Task Forces, too much of a time commitment. In the year plus that I've played CoH, I had only completed one Task Force (Synapse) and been on one or maybe two others... and the only trial I had completed was the respec trial, which I did at least twice, or maybe three times with different characters.

The Task Force that I had tried and failed at was the Sister Psyche task force. I joined a very large group that took forever to get through the first two missions, then everyone started logging off so I did too. The next day I logged in to find one other person (my friend who had invited me to join the TF originally) still trying to complete it. He was just ready to do the last mission, so I joined him, and a bit later one of the other guys logged on. Well, this was my ice blaster and he was playing a fire/kinetics controller, and I forget what the third guy was but we had no chance of taking Clamor, we only died repeatedly. Apparently everyone else had quit the TF, and we finally had to too... even though Clamor was the last thing we needed to complete it, there was just no way we could manage it.

Last Sunday I did the Synapse Task Force, my second time ever doing it. They've revamped the last mission and it looks very cool. Anyway, we had a small hand-picked group, three of us Legion of Catgirls plus two others we picked up, a tank and a controller with heals. The tank quit halfway through, saying "my parents just got home, I have to go". But because we'd picked people who were all 20-21 (except for Kitten Panic who started out at 16 and was sidekicked for most of the TF) we did fine without a tank, and finished in a reasonable amount of time, 3 1/2 hours I think.

This morning, around 1 am Saturday actually, I was invited to do the Sister Psyche task force. I was pretty worried at the outset because I didn't know anyone, we didn't have a tank, and while one person was 26 and another was 24, the rest of us (three others) were 22 or 21. We went at things slowly, which frustrated the 26 scrapper a bit, everything was even con or a level lower to her and she wanted to rush things. But this was actually a very good group. We had a kinetics defender, and he made sure everyone stayed close so his heal would be effective. The kinetics heal is actually a really good heal if you can keep people in range and have bad guys to target off of.

Eventually the blaster had to leave, but we still had two scrappers, the defender, and me the warshade. A bit later, the defender had to leave as well. At this point we decided to see how things went if I played as a lobster tank and let the two scrappers do all the damage. This went well, and we worked our way through the rest of the mission. It was kind of fun too because one of the scrappers was playing his first and only character, and didn't have a clue what to expect but was having a lot of fun. He sounded very worried about facing an arch villian, heh. And with good reason -- when we finally got to Clamor, she kicked out butts. The newbie scrapper and I died twice, the level 26 scrapper died once, but we managed to keep her from regenerating too much in between hospital trips, and on the last rumble we took her down, just the three of us. ^_^

Only took us six hours, lol.

One sucky thing... I have a rock-steady internet connection now, and I've thought of exemplaring to do task forces on my higher level characters, my 50 tank mostly. But during the task force on Sunday, and again this morning on this task force, I ran into a game bug while zoning that shut down CoH. Sheesh, that never happens to me at any other point, but clearly it's not safe for me to try to exemplar a task force.

War Wall defender badge / Phillipa Mereaux

My SO is trying like mad to get the War Wall Defender badge, and he's busily filling up the contact bar for Phillipa Mereaux (sp), who as far as I can tell is the only one listed to give you the mission. She hasn't given him the Corporate Culture story arc missions either. He has no other missions or arcs in progress, he's SL 32, and he's completed all his other story arcs and badges for the SL 30-34 range. How the heck do you get the contact to hand over those missions? As of last night, the contact bar was almost completely filled.
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Secret of NIMH Justin Jenner Sword Fight

Life! Don't talk to me about Life!

Healing Vision's a level 23 Empathy Defender now. Every party, I get asked if I have RA. Being the ever-so-far-sighted player I am, I thought, "I won't get it immediately, we've got Controllers with the same general effect." Now, I have to tell them, "In 3,000 XP... In 2,000 XP... In about 1,500 XP... In 1,069 XP."

If only this Alter-Ego business didn't keep getting in the way...
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Tom Servo

Keybinds Info

Hey all, I have been looking for a decent fansite or location that holds some useful keybinds that I could take a look at? There used to be a really good set of info on keybinds but I can't seem to find it anymore. If anyone has some great ideas that would be great.
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dj kitty

friday Night Fightfest.

Yepp FNF, thats what oiur SG calls it. It started last week. Every friday we are gonna pick a TF or trial and do one. This week we did Sister Psychie. I needed that badge with my main, who is a 41 kat/regen scrapper. My buddy needed it as well with his 50 SS/inv tank so we both exemped down.I was exemped down to 25 and the tank to 22. So there was my scrapper, but buddie's tank and 2 Dark/Dark defenders (lvl 22) and a Squid. the squid went LD after the first couple missions, so there was just the 4 of us to complete it.

I have to say it was probably the easiest TF i'd ever been on. We went through it in record time, getting done in under 3 hours. We had zero deaths and Clamor was cake. but then again when we do stuff as a SG, it is always pretty easy. I have to say it was my first time through and i liked the TF, but then again fighting freaks is always fun.

At one point during it. my buddy Warstrider, the tank said "you know, ever since I4 hit i've heard regeners complaining about the nerfs, but watching you play it hasn't seemed to slow you down at all"

at which point i responded "Well that's because 90% of scrappers don't know how to scrap and thats why they bitch. The "nerfs" only effected the wannabe scrappers that just charge in blindly and have no sense of tactics or their own abilities.The changes have actually made my scrapper fun to play again."

He responded with "Well everyone eles that is a regen seems to be quitting so you'll be one of the only ones left and you always did like a challenge"

All i can say is good. i'm fine being one of the only ones left. And its true, i can still do all the same stuff i always did before I4, i just have to be a bit more careful about it. I actually have a chance of dieing and i really really like that. It was too fucking easy before, i knew i wasn't going to die and it made the game boring. Now there is that sense of excitement again, that sense that i'm not immortal and i can be taken down if i let my guard down. If that means the whiney bitchy crybabies quit playing scrappers, well i'm fine with that, they were giving us a bad name anyways.

but anyway, yeah we completed the TF quickly. I think next week we are going to do the Eden Trial, which is cool. I have only attempted this one once, and we failed the last time. Last time i did it, it was with a pickup group. i made the mistake of taking a random invite and trying to do it. I should of really known better. we had 2 controllers and 2 defenders and people still were dieing. The tank didn't know how to hold aggro.. hell he coulnd't of held aggro if they were fuzzy and he had velcro for hands. Needless to say the team kept dieing at the Mold Wall. Well i wasn't dieing, i rarely die. I Would have to make a tactical retreat when i released i was the only one alive beating on the wall and everyone else was dead, how that happens with 2 controllers and 2 defenders?

But next week i'll know i have a good tank. Hell, warstrider is probably one of the best tanks on pinnacle next to Capt. Stupendous, but then again Warstrider taught Capt. Stupendous HOW to tank to begin with.

So stay tuned as next week i'll bring you the next installment of Friday Night Fightfest.
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Sorry, just needed to get a rant off my chest

To some of the more obnoxious and overly opinionated players out there:

I do not need your unsolicited build advice. I construct a character as I want to play her, not how every other person plays THEIR fire/ice tank. Sometimes I've discovered I've done something stupid (like I'm not so sure Frost was worth taking, it does little other than suck up end). That's what respecs are for. I solo a lot and my build works for that. Sneering "What kind of tank doesn't have Taunt?" does not encourage me to continue teaming with you. MY KIND, so fuck off.

And my Blazing Aura + Ice Patch + Burn is pretty effective at drawing fire AND kicking ass, so I tank pretty damned well without your precious taunt.

You can always pull up info before you invite me, or am I the only person who likes to know precisely WHAT powers my teammates have before going into a situation?

Oh, and Fly may be slow and an END hog but I am having a BLAST dogfighting Sky Skiffs, so I don't care all that much. You're entitled to your opinion about the best travel powers, but don't harangue other people over it.

No love,

PS. I'm almost on my third damage badge with no debt badge yet. I think I tank just fine.
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Moonfire question

Does the Moonfire TF have any rewards other than a big XP drop at the end? I spent 5 hours doing it with a great team last night, and got I think 4K XP and a random SO enhancement drop - no badge, no choice of enhancement, no huge XP bonus, nothing. Seemed like kind of a let-down. Nobody else got anything, either. Is that right? We were kind of confused.
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