June 19th, 2005

Multi Goodness


Anyone familliar with that? No? Well, it basically refers to images made so that if you use one of those greed/red (or cyan/red) cardboard glasses, you'll see it in 3D, meaning that it will seem to pop right out of the screen.

Now, NVIDIA has this nifty Stereo Driver that makes any D3D or OpenGL game/program render stuff in a special 3D Glasses mode or Anaglyph mode for those simple cardboard glasses.

And so, I've tried out City of Heroes.

See that Cannon Knight pop out your screen...almost. (500kb JPEG)
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Telltale signs of a bad team

Random invite? Check.
3 zones away in the Hollows? Check.
Choosing a mission all the way on the other side of Grendel's Gulch? Check.
All level 7's and 8's with no Recall Friend? Check.
Several deaths on the way there? Check.
Getting there, asking a question three times and being completely ignored? Check.
Quitting the team? Big check.
Finding out my mission is at the same door? Priceless.

Don't know how well they did, but I'm halfway to my next level after a nice, quiet solo mission, thank you very much.
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Why Am I So Stupid?

Okay, I join a Sister Psyche task force with my 22 warshade on Guardian early Saturday morning, and we're up from 1 am to 7 am. And then I actually stayed up later than that to screw around and make my silly buddah monk guy. I got less than 6 hours of sleep and skipped a bowling party that my friends were holding that afternoon.

So tonight my roommate logs on and joins a Sister Psyche task force on Pinnacle, and wants to know if I want to come? Well, Mouse Police is 26, just able to join. So I stupidly say yes. The good news is that, with an exemplar'd invulnerable tanker and Mouse, a level 26 invul/dark melee scrapper, and my roommate, a level 25 empathy healer, it really didn't matter that much who else was on the task force. We had a 21 spines scrapper and added two level 20s who were friends -- one a blaster, one a controller. And it took six hours but we were rarely in any danger, the tank did a great job, my roommate kept people alive, we only lost one person (the blaster) en route to the final mission and we took Clamor down like clockwork. But now it's 5:30 am lol.

/em hits head against the wall.
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Tsoo question

Long ago in this comm someone posted a link to a site about the real-life Tsoo. When I try googling I'm getting tons of CoH Tsoo pages or Japanese pronunciation sites. Wikipedia doesn't have anything either. Can someone repost the link, or find the original? Thanks in advance.
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I hate Task Forces.

I went on one TF besides two of the three respecs with my 50 (Eden Trial) and it was a miserable failure. Then last night my husband's and my PBs got invited by a SG member to do the Cavern of Transcendence. Everyone was operating under the assumption that there was no level cap, only to find out that half of us had to be exemplared down. We were told it wasn't always that way, and "Why did they have to change it?"

We were exemplared down since it's a 12-15 range TF. 3 blasters, 2 PB's, a scrapper, a controller, a tanker. No recall friend, and the 'troller loses Rez when he's ex'd. Problems started when Awakens ran out, and people went to the hospital, one in Skyway and one in Atlas. More checks on if anyone had Recall Friend. Nope. So the one fellow says, "Let me use my [free] respec so I can get Recall Friend." 48 minutes left and still two people trying to get back through the tunnels, and not everyone has a stone.

Then, the final end of things was the person I was ex'd to said, "I have to run, sorry!"

No! then I won't be on team! We tried to explain that but it was too late, they were gone and so was I! Only instead of The Hollows, I'm in the tunnels. The leader, a sweet guy from our SG who I hold in no way responsible, says, "Let's regroup and try this again." I had to beg off. I couldn't take anymore: It was late and I was tired.

Let me tell you, I fail to see the point of these task forces. OK, they are an opportunity for forced grouping. I've got that. But do they have to make them so bloody impossible? No map and timed is just not cool. (and I have trouble keeping track of my team with a map, directionally challenged as I am.) People who quit in the middle, even less cool. (I hope they had "fun" getting out of the tunnels.)
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Hero Gear

My Hero Gear Kit arrived on friday. I've decided that SS plus the powerslide is very cool looking. The mini PVP comic book was very cool and I'm going to enjoy my "free" month of gameplay.

I went to icon to see what my main looked like with the special cape, but it didn't really fit with either of his costumes. I'm about to ding 30 though so I may make his 3rd costume around the special cape.

On a side note: I decided it was time to just go get the Hellspawned and Bonecrusher badges. I never got them when I was at the appropriate level and since I've been hitting bosses whenever I just happen apon them, but that was taking too long. I went to PP and had a little fun with my Trip Mine.
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Three lvls on one taskforce!

So I get on last night after work with my lvl 17 Empath/Psyc Defender, Doctor Fixit on Protector. I am standing outside the Cave for Atta about to start looking for a team when I get an invite to do Synapse. Now I hardly play Doctor Fixit. I've had him since I first got the game back in December and he was only lvl 17. So of course I never did a TF with him.

Well I joined. I am lvl 17...everyone else is like lvl 20+ save for one PeaceBringer who gets sked to lvl 20. So we go on the mission.Everything cons purple to me. I am making kick ass XP on this mission and doing my job as a Empath defender. I got to lvl 20 at around 2 am this morning. I picked up two new powers ( Foritude and Clear Mind) and I did us Empaths proud. Only two times did somone die the entire night.

Mucho good group that worked as a group should. Blaster sat in the back with me hitting at a distance while the Peacebringer did his thing and the Tanker drew fire. Scrapper running interference for any that came after the weaker guys ( blaster and me). Great group. Great fun. Now I want to get my characters cape...
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Pipedream, my Empathy/Dark Defender just hit 50! So that makes two level 50s for me (Kymera, my blaster being the first). Now onto my Illusion/Kin troller, he only has 5 levels to 50...