June 20th, 2005

Oh man!

Finally made L14 with Scarlet Dynamo (Champion). Managed to pull it off by playing two Frostfire missions back-to-back. One was mine and one was a team members. The second mission proved extremely difficult (the composition of the team changed a bit) and many of us died a lot. As a blaster, I died plenty. I think these two missions took about four hours, maybe a bit more. However, it was really a lot of fun and I will be seeing them again as several of us joined the same SG, which is run by a L25 Blaster who exemped down to play with us. When you've got a good team, this game is a real blast.

Hmmm, I guess there's nothing major in my announcement, but I'm happy. I'm finally flying and it kicks the crap out of hover.
Missie Riot

Ahh, pick-up groups...

So I think I know why it sounds like people have so many more bad pickup group experiences than good ones: the good ones aren't as much fun to talk about. Hmm, no, actually, it's probably because PUGs generally suck.
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spelunker badge (on virtue)

i did post this to the coh_virtue community, but i thought i'd throw it up here as well.

i'm taking my little blaster Lilyfyre on the Spelunker badge mish (required for the illustrious Atlas Medallion, for those who may not know!) tonight around 8pm EST.

at least 4 spots are available... EXs and whatnot welcome... send me a tell @Eladrei (global) or just put Lilyfyre on your friends list or whatever's easiest! (I don't always remember to monitor the LJ chat channel once i get caught up makin with the smacky smack!)
Hmmm / Got a plan

MA/SR scrapper questions

So Klaus is now on the verge of 37, more or less, and I'm really feeling the ranged attack hits. Why? Because I gave up Focused Senses on my last respec.

I'm planning on doing the level 34 respec so I can get it back. But with my build I will either loose a passive defense, or Thunder Kick until at least level 41, unless I bow out of Evasive. And I'd like to take Focused Accuracy at 41 (Elude at 38, naturally), so it's more like level 44. I plan on picking up the passives again at levels 47 and 49, but it's a long haul from 36 to 43. And I have to say having 5 kicks to work with, plus Cobra Strike and Warrior's Challenge keeps me in a nice rotation, especially if I'm working on a team and things get hectic. I don't mind taking extra aggro if it'll help my teammates catch their breaths and recollect themselves. (Plus it's nice that Cobra, Eagle and Thunder all have some kind of disorient associated with them.)

Is it worth it to give up the passive in favor of having five kicks? The three passives I have now are Agile, Quick and Lucky. Lucky is 'area and cone attacks' while Agile is 'ranged,' where my problems lie. I fully intend on six slotting any toggles I get, as I've no 'resist damage' powers (nor am I really interested into taking the Fight pool for Tough). I'm not so sure how effective passive slotting is now (Agile has 2 slots and Lucky 3, I believe), and while I fully believe in a build with passives helping out, toggles give so much more defense (in theory), and I was hurting before with only 4 good kicks to work with. Is Evasive worth keeping? Would it be better to give up Lucky or Agile? Should I suck it up and deal with having 4 kicks until 43?

Klaus is fun as hell to play, but I feel terrible when as a scrapper, he suddenly takes craploads of damage from puking DE, life sucking Vampyri, or Rikti drones, and can't help his teammates because he's screaming like a little girl.

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I had quite an evening in Paragon City.
    In Short
  • Killed Lusca... again. Cursed under my breath about not seeing any other monsters (this actually happened in the few minutes I had to play this morning).
  • Got into a pick-up team which wasn't bad except for a loud mouth who was so unable to grasp why anyone would not like hearding that he proceeded to call the poor girl names until she finally left.
  • Worked through the last story arc available to me at lvl 29.
  • Killed Adamastor. Was working on the last mission in the arc above when word came in over PinnacleMonsters that he was up in DA. Got there at top speed and got my badge.
  • Finished the arc mentioned above.
  • Hit lvl 30
Good day!

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I hate the Freakshow

The Freakshow are the coolest bad guys, but I don't like their self heals, self rezzes and most of all, those goddamned Stunner Freaks. I've been running a lot of missions with my rad/rad and he gets stunned a lot. Once I'm stunned, my toggles drop and I'm toast. The bad thing about radiation infection is the bad guys always get one free shot at you before it kicks in. With the stunner chiefs, that free shot is usually the one that stuns you, dropping your toggles. Then you've got to put RI on again and then they stun you again. Lather, rinse, repeat.