June 21st, 2005

J'ohn loves his oreos.

Daily Dosage of Doug - DougLops

This am first request! Doug so happy. Doug make all laugh. Hee hee. This am great.

Doug am have good news. Doug have enough pics to last rest of week! That am right! Doug play dress up ahead of time! There am one that Doug may replace Super Doug with!

Today! Doug am do another X-Guy!

Today, Doug...am....DOUGLOPS!!

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Puck (silly)

Begging at the speed of light!

I logged on Jezebella last night, and I was hit by a /tell asking "can i have some money?" no more than TWO seconds after I faded into existence. So I congratulated the beggar on a new speed record and took off to do a mission.

I ended up venturing into Crey's Folly. The mission placement there reminded me of the Hollows. Over a mile from the gate, deep in dark territory. Sometimes I wonder if they do that to us on purpose. After all, the more time we spend traveling to our missions, the slower we level... and the slower we level, the longer we will dutifully pay $15 a month. :P

Incidentally... you'd think the end of the world was near, for all the complaining I heard on the chat channels about the coming changes to Hami-Os. Maybe it's just because I haven't had any alts leveled up high enough to use them yet, but a single enhancement that acts as two or three regular SOs still sounds plenty valuable to me.
Riot Red

Transcendence Trial on Virtue

I'm throwing this up here because the thought of trying to do this with a pickup group makes Red queasy...

Riot Red (my level 15 invul/ss tank) is currently sitting on the Transcendence Trial on Virtue. I know there're a bunch of us low-ish-bies out there who I'd like to run it with, but I honest-to-ghod don't want to make an attempt on this if we don't have someone who's got both stealth/invis and Recall Friend. I've been there, done that once on Triumph, and it was painful. With stealth/invis+Recall Friend, it's really fast, and really doable in the 90-minute timed evil that is this Trial.

Is anyone up for trying this this weekend? (If we get enough lowbies, we can RSK some higher-level folks if they wanna do it.)

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I log in, enter my password, all ok. Get to server selection screen. Pick a server. Get an error:

WrongVersionPatcher 5.20050614.0 Bad client checksum - reverify files

THE FIX: Oh hey, restarting my computer fixed it. Either that, or they fixed it and I restarted with good timing. So try that :P

I exited the game, started it back up. Didn't seem to download patches or anything. Same error. Doesn't matter what server. I can log in, but not pick a server.
Edit: went into CoH folder and tried running the updater directly. No updates. Same error.
Edit2: opening test server, it does actually download and install a patch. Which the live server did not. No error there.
Continuing: Since I'm up, I decided to try to break it (and thus fix it) myself. I didnt feel comfortable deleting the checksum file so I just renamed it, and started up the game. It went through a long process of "checksumming." Restarted game. Same error.
More: Hitting "verify files" at startup does some stuff, but I still get the error.
And: There are threads on the official boards about this. Apparently a lot of people are getting the error. Some people can still get in. In the FAQ/error page they list several steps, including those above. After that it's a matter of uninstalling and reinstalling the game. But I don't think it's getting hung up on a pigg file, so I doubt deleting the whole pigg directory is needed. I guess I just have to wait til the devs fix it.
Zombies Hate Fast Food

(no subject)

Yesterday morning I completed the Eden Trial with a pickup team and earned my Titan-O (Okay, so I don't remember what the damn thing is called). Anyway.. it's L42, boosts damage and range, and I don't want it. Any idea how much I should try selling it for?

P.S. I love the Eden Trial! It's now my favorite thing to do in the game. Whether it was jumping down the big holes and screaming like a girl because I didn't know what was lurking around at the bottom for my defenseless blaster, battling the rock/mold walls, or the fact that the first time we attempted to fight the Titan we didn't clear the entire room of Devouring Earth around him, just opened a path to him, so when we fought him the WHOLE came alive and before we knew it we had Devouring Earth charging us from every direction and climbing the plateau in center of the room that the Titan stands on. It was a thrilling experience to say the least! To finish this off, here's a picture of the Titan when I first entered his lair:

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(no subject)

So I've been hearing a lot of moaning and groaning about the Hami-O's, and it seems like every time that I even try to get one, things get botched up. Are less and less people actually taking him on knowing that the rewards are getting nerfed a little bit? I've trudged myself out to The Hive a few times for a raid, and in the three times I've gotten out there, everyone quits because there's not enough people.

I want to fight him because I think it'd be cool. I'd like to say that I did it a couple of times. But the fact that I get out there and have to sit around for 45 minutes before everyone calls it a day is frustrating. I realize that there needs to be a lot of people, I just think it's silly that people don't want to do it anymore because they're not getting a good reward. I even joined the Hami Bound channel on Pinnacle and the Message of the Day usually is: "Yes, Hami is up, and no, there isn't a raid".

I just want to fight him once to say I did it!
Zombies Hate Fast Food

(no subject)

I am seeking some respec advice and/or suggestions for my blaster, Icalus. Right now he's security level 42 and after thinking about it long and hard, I'm going to respec out of Time Bomb and Auto Turret because I don't use them enough to keep them. Time Bomb's use is non-existent and Auto Turret doesn't last long, has a long animation time, is immobilized, and cost 45 to activate.

So the problem is that leaves open my power options at 35 and 38, and I don't know what I want to take. A part of me wants to take Hover at 35 so I can float and scope out the area around me without any risk of dropping, but that still leaves open 38. For 38, my power choices are pretty much Smoke Grenade and Bitter Freeze Ray if I do take Hover. Originally I skipped them because Smoke Grenade had a dorky animation and Bitter Freeze Ray's animation took forever to do before the ice hold is launched and felt out of place with all my other ice powers that have one second animation times and let me fire off shots continuously left and right. I guess my question then is which do you think is better, Smoke Grenade or Bitter Freeze Ray? If I didn't grab Hover, I could grab a different power pool and skip Smoke Grenade/Bitter Freeze Ray. If Concealment, I have the power slots to work my way up to obtaining Phase Shift while if I take Medicine, I could be partially more useful to teams with Aid Other and have something to lessen downtime with Aid Self.

Does anyone like the Force Mastery or the Munitions Epic Power Pools? Flash Freeze from Cold Mastery is okay but I'm beginning to wonder if I would be better off with one of the other power pools, especially Force since I have the spare enhancement slots to slot out Temp Invulnerability and Force of Nature.

Any advice, suggestions, etc that you can give me I'd be thankful for! Since I still can't decide what I want to take and what would be most useful.
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Neat to go look at the posts from you guys. I'm a relative newbie to the game. My main toon is only at lvl 19. She's a fire/emp controller named Meowzerina 1.0 on the Liberty server. I made the unfortunate mistake of levelling up too quickly by running other people's missions with them and managed to miss a lot of the story arcs, so I'll be creating another character at some point that will allow me to catch back up on those. If you ever are looking for a healer to run with on the liberty server around my lvl, let me know. I like running with intelligent beings who strategize. It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.
Desk 3

Cross-dimensional Missions

I was just talking with a friend of mine who said he'd buy CoH if it ever would become available on X-Box. he said he doubted, though, that we'd be able to play on the same servers (like U.S. and European players, I guess).

That got me to thinking... you know how comics (heck, even CoH with the higher level AVs) have villains/heroes coming from other dimensions and alternate universes? Wouldn't it be neat if there was some huge, cross-server trial/task force/event where what happened in Liberty depended on what a group accomplished on Virtue, and then on Triumph and so forth, treating each server like an alternate 'verse? Each server would have it's own task, so they'd never really work together, but the success of everyone would depend on the success of each server's groups.

It would be pure hell to arrange, I'm sure, but I think it's an intriguing idea (says he who would not have to program it). I've heard the next issue will involve a feature where failed task forces will affect everyone else who is playing at that time (Couldn't destroy the big robot? Whoops. Looks like he's on his way to Talos now...), so that sort of a baby step toward what I'm describing.

The point of this post? Just wondering what other players would think of that, and what sort of event you might have happen if you could design it.
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(no subject)

After a year and a month and a real bad case of Alt-itis, I have finally reached 50 with my main

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It's not the greatest pic, because of the situation of the battle, but you can still see the ding fireworks and stuff. Now its time to make my squiddies :D

Thanks to all of you who stuck it with out and dealed with all of my crap :D
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J'ohn loves his oreos.

Daily Dosage of Doug - Mr. Incredi-Doug!

Doug am early with dosage! Doug am have no excuse except...um...

...well, Doug want better than DougLops.

So, this am for Wednesday and it am one day early...

Doug present...MR. INCREDI-DOUG!!!!

Doug am save best for Thursday and Friday. Because them am bring...ooh, it am secret! Shhh!

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I was in the Hollows the other day, trying to finally get something going with my dark defender RamsesTheDamned, when I was invited to a team by a "Fyre" something. I agreed, and then he sent me an invitation for a teleport. Again, I agreed, thinking that this guy was just being kinda, saving me from having to lumber my big brute across the Gulch or something.

Instead, I found myself ported into the guardshacks at the police bunker. With no way to get out, I sent a tell to the guy, who had quit our team, telling him he was an a-hole and that this wasn't funny. He told me that he was "rofl". Man, I'm pissed about all these guys messing with people in the game. Time for a little payback.

I don't know how this happened, maybe it was karma, but I reinvited him to my team, which he accepted, then I asked him to port me out of the guardshack. As he was doing that, I ported him into the guardshack. So, I was tp'd out, and he was tp'd in. I quit the team, and then sat back and enjoyed my handiwork.

He sent me a telling whining about being stuck in there, even saying "I got you out" I told him that if he was a good boy, I'd come back later and TP him out. After three missions with some good teammates (one of them might have been frostfire), I went back and he was still sitting there in the guard tower.

Turnabout is fair play, I always say.