June 22nd, 2005

Question about the Cave of Transcendence

I have a rather deep-rooted loathing for the Hollows at the lower levels so I generally skip all of those missions. But recently a friend of mine dutifully played through all of the Hollows missions and brought me aboard near the last of the arc so that I could exemplar my 25th level scrapper down and get the badge...

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PB questions

I just got my Peacebringer to level 18 and picked up Pulsar. I haven't played him much since I got it, but I'm trying to figure out its best use. I'm currently build to be mainly in squid form at the moment. I tried opening with Pulsar then switching to squid and blasting, but the disorient AI is so bad they wander apart before I can get my AoE attacks off. I'm now thinking or opening with Build Up, my two AoE attacks then switch to human and Pular. Then switch back to squid and blast at my leisure. Comment, suggestions? Also what magnatude is Pulsar? Thanks

Pinnacle Lag Forecast for Tonight

Major cloud of lag centered around the Galaxy City Arena at 8 central, shifting to Atlas Park by the statue...

There's a non-participatory RP event there tonight. No audience participation—live performance theater, essentially.

I know this community isn't ordinarily for server-specific announcements, but due to the nature of this event, it's possible that non-Pinnacle players may want to build a character there and attend. Get there ahead of time if you do; the zones will probably fill up pretty fast.
head tilt, aeryniana

Tales of a Juicy Fruity Fifty

Just Peachy - Mind/Kinetics Controller: Virtue server
April 2004 to June 12th, 2005
I didn't remember to check the time right away when I got to 50, so this shot is as of today.
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When I originally posted it in my own journal I was so tired I forgot to link it here.
While I have no Internet at home, rather than play COH I made a list of pictures of my journey to fifty and finally finished NWN: Hordes of the Underdark.

I did also spend quite a bit of that time talking to people instead of playing. Although some from the channel did help me get there when I did actually play, you know who you are. Thank you.

Time to put her on hide.
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So, I'm taking my first tentative steps in Brickstown (okay, I'm running up and walloping anything that moves), and I come across a group of Freakshow. One is lying on the ground, and another says "Are you alright?" I'm curious. I've never seen that behaviour before. So I move a little closer. They all ignore me. I move a little closer. Still nothing. I get within five or so feet of the prone Freakshow, at which point he jumps to his feet, yells "Gotcha!" and they all jump me.

Of course, I pasted the lot of them, but it was still funny. I've never seen mobs do that before, and it was fun to watch.

Oh, yeah. Dinged 30 this morning, and made a new "stealth" costume for the Scarab Sentinel for night missions. Nothing to do with seeing Batman Begins last night, honest!


Does anyone out there have good info on how often the various monsters spawn? I've seen the ghostship once (like 30 seconds before I had to log so I couldn't do anything but take a quick screen shot), I fought Adam once, and I've beaten squiddy like 7 times now. Am I not on during the right part of the day or is everyone just much more rare than Lusca?

I have one tab set to "Monster," "Monsters," and "PinnacleMonsters" and often go 5 hours (for days in a row) in game without ever hearing a word... then there are nights like last night were lusca spawned twice in 90 minutes.
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