June 23rd, 2005


Odd behavior

I played CoH back in the days of beta and then when it went live. I ended up taking a long vacation from the game and recently came back. One aspect of City of Heroes is that the bad guys don't (or didn't used to) spawn when a player is too close to them. This became a problem during one of the tests as the game was approaching it's release date. They wanted to load test the server, so they got everyone to roll up new characters on a server one night to simulate what will happen on opening night. So hundreds of players dutifully logged in, rolled up level 1 characters and dumped them into Outbreak where they were confronted with a problem. All those players meant that the contaminated wouldn't spawn. No one could complete the zone and the test was cut short.

Now last night I was playing around solo with my level 6 MA/Regen scrapper in The Hollows (I hate that zone), my mishy was to take down 10 trolls, so I scouted around, found a likely group of white and yellow trolls, chewed down some candy and lept into action. After taking down a couple of the trolls, I was taking some damage so I backed off down the street to let reconstruction finish recharging and let my rapid heal pick me up a bit. I stopped and allowed the group to catch back up with me and I re-engaged in typical scrapper fashion. Suddenly a group of purple con outcasts spawn all around me. They dropped me like a bad habit and there I was kissing concrete. At this point the group of trolls and the group of outcasts started fighting eachother. There was this raging battle between the two groups that was quite spread out. Some of the minions would run and the other side would follow so it was a big spread out battle. The outcasts won the day and I took a trip to the hospital.

I have never seen that type of behavior before. Is this something new? A glitch? Or is it something they implemented awhile ago and this is the first I have seen it? I don't recall seeing the baddies beat eachother up before either. Very odd.
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What's the damage resistance cap for blasters, if there is one? The reason I ask is because I'm switching out Cold Mastery for Force Mastery and want to six slot Force of Nature.

Good Guides

I was trolling through the boards and I was noticing a lack of good guides for Gravity/Radiation Controllers. Anyone know where I might find one? I have a broken controller that needs sweet lovin.
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Does the Energy powerset (for Defenders and Blasters) annoy anyone else?

I mean, I know I can't just yell at people for using it... It's there, it's part of the game, and it's more or less a legitimate power set... But I can't help but think, what was the logic behind it?

"Hey, bob, we need another blaster power set. All the others are a bit too group-friendly, let's try to make something that'll piss of tankers, controllers, debuffers and AoE blasters."
"Hmm... Quite the quandary, Bill. I know, let's make it so that the whole bloody powerset scatters mobs!"