June 24th, 2005

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Next from Cryptic/NCSoft

Coming in 2006:

City of Victims

Contact: Dude, the Skulls are gonna be throwing a killer rave at this abandoned warehouse! You gotta go check it out!

You: Sweet!

Hours of fun running around screaming like a headless chicken!
Find the super-secret Mech-Man suit!
Shove pesky "Heroes" out of your way!
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Ding! And a (rhetorical) question....

Doc Momentum of Guardian Server hit 40 last night and grabbed his 4th costume slot! (And developed a hatred for the End-sapping Nemesis warriors along the way. Must make a note to thrash them first when I encounter them.)

And the question... why is it that the only time I get rational queries about teaming is either A) when I'm getting ready to go to bed or B) just before I'm ready to leave for work in the morning? There never seems to be a rational teaming available when I'm looking for one.

Doing the Hero thing

So there I was, playing an alt on Triumph, a fun little Eng/Eng blaster called Rocketfire. He's running through Atlas, and (of course) stumbles some Hellions involved in some naughty business. What's a hero to do but put the kibosh on these ne'er-do-wells. We were fighting in an alley, and my final strike was a Power Thrust. Which knocked the baddie out, and flung him straight into a convenient garbage can. SO a Hollywood moment. His legs dangling from the open garbage can, the effects had his body under the garbage. I justn stared at the screen, and began to laugh. It's little moments like that that make this game so wonderful.
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Can't I just eat a Snickers instead?

The Fitness power pool is starting to depress me.

I'm leveling up my alts a lot lately and I never look forward to starting in on Fitness when I could get a productive power instead. I want attacks and defenses and holds and AoEs, not slightly boosted sprinting and incremental recovery rate increases. But all the build advice for any powerset I've ever read takes it for granted that everyone needs Fitness, or the hero runs the risk of collapsing from exhaustion walking up the stairs to City Hall.

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Here's what is currently on the test server. See the bold bit for explanation of my excitment.

Now Testing in the Training Room as of 6/24/05:


o Improved game stability
o Fixed bug that caused incorrect costume pieces to appear in the Supergroup and Tailor windows.
o Fixed bug that made it impossible to target enemies through some open doors.


o All Task Forces and Trials will now accept any player who has reached at least the minimum level of the Task Force or Trial to play it. Players above the maximum level of the Task Force or Trial will be auto-exemplared to the highest level of the Task Force or Trial. They will remained exemplared until they are no longer a member of the taskforce or trial.
o Fixed bug in Terra Volta Trial that made it difficult for players to target the Coolant Belts.
o Fixed bug that occasionally allowed unlimited numbers of Rikti to spawn from portals in some mission maps.

No more getting booted from TF's when the person who exemp's you quits or DC's!!!
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Desk 3

Dark defenders, Stamina and you

Okay, time for me to solicit build advice again -- I've gotten my Dark/Dark Def. (Black Leech) up to level 14. He's turned out to be way more powerful than I first imagined possible (fearsome stare + moonbeam = death & devastation), so now I'm looking farther ahead for him. At level 16, I think, he can get tenebrous tentacles, and then at 18 he could pick up gloom which I skipped earlier (for moonbeam).

Now here's my issue: So far, when teamed, his endurance barely falls during a battle. I'll constantly be healing and attacking and tar patching, but Leech will usually end the fight with over half of his endurance left. That said, flight drains him pretty quick, and he can't attack with ShadowFall active or else he won't regain any endurance at all.

So, before I gimp him by accident, have any other DDD's found stamina to be necessary? At the moment I'm leaning against it -- I'll slot flight with EndRed (speed is not a priority for me) instead -- but I'm not sure hwo much End higher powers will eat up. I checked a few guides on the CoH forums, but I don't recall any saying anything specifically about this. If I can avoid using 3 powers in the fitness pool I will, but I'd also like to avoid having no end whatsoever during a fight.

Any thoughts?
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