June 27th, 2005

Mission Padding

In regards to my recent post asking about padding a mission, I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me figure out the best way to go about it. I turned my difficulty down to Unyielding and invited 5 other guys who were in the 8 - 10 range. They all agreed to hunt in Steel while I did my mission. I promised them 50k each.

It was glorious. I was in there all by myself and the groups of foes were big. They were a little higher than what I thought I could handle (oranges and reds), but I survived. Then one guy left the team. With just the 4 other teammates and myself, the rest of the mission was perfect. Not quite as high and plenty of butt to kick. I am definitely going to do this more often.

I got a screenshot of it just so I could demonstrate exactly how the team was laid out. And because I am so proud of my little dark/regen scrapper. Tonight I learned that, yes, she really is the badass I think she is. Collapse )

Quick apoligy


Sorry for vanishing. CoH crashed and I'd log back in but I just looked at the time. Work and such tomorrow.

On a general note I've got fans to deal with the heat but any suggestions on what I can do about the humidity? That's affecting my comp as well on really bad days. Any of you folks have any ideas aside from getting an A/C which I can't do at the moment.

another unsatisfied customer

After finishing a mission with my 32 Blaster, i was heading from PP to IP through Steel when I read on the broadcast: "screw this game has no point"
I, of course, was a little shocked. I mean, I understand that some people coming over from other MMORPG's might not enjoy the way CoH plays. I figured that someone who's in Steel has more than played enough to realize they don't like the game, especially those from other mmorpg's.
I ask why they think it has no point. their response: "I just died 4 times"
"What lvl?" someone else asks
then they go into another thoughtless rant how they hate the game and are going to delete it and whatnot.
finally they say "lvl 4, and I just died 4 times"
I ask how long they've been playing "4 hours".. (yeah, the 4's are a little weird)
So, a couple people are being kind of rude about it, telling this person to stop whining and just delete it and they don't want complainer's around anyway.
My annoyance of this person turned into pity and I tried helping. I told them that there IS a lot to the game, they just need to level up in atlas, galaxy, hollows and are too low to be in steel. "but i can't go anywhere else".. I try explaining to go the the tram and how to do certain things. No response. Try inviting to team so I can help out. They are arlready on team.. Send a bunch of tell, explaining certain noobish things. Eventually, the player doesn't exist anymore.
Kind of sad that some people would just write a noob off like that and tell them to delete when they obviously haven't learned or been shown certain essentials.
I know I've helped out my fair share of newbies, and I am aware that quite often you get some morons... but still, noone showed compassion to this one person to show them the ropes. I tried.. failed.
Everyone deserves at least one chance.
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Sidekicks have all the luck.

My guy friend usually lets me exemplar him so that he can help me out with missions and whatnot since sometimes soloing just isn't possible. And sometimes, when he doesn't have debt and I'm close to leveling, he'll sidekick me (I just hit level 14 and he's a level 21). So tonight he had finished a story arc and had a few Freakshow missions he said I could tag along for. So he SK'd me and we're off to Talos Island. His contact gives him a chamelon mask and says he's got 15 minutes to get to the Freakshow base and get the chamelon mask they stole. So we go there and go inside. Since he has super speed, he told me to stay put and he'd run through them (since he was wearing the mask, he apparently blended in) and get the other mask. It takes all of a minute or so to get through them and then it tells us mission complete. We both hit exit and bam! I get 1600 xp! He barely got 500. He looked at me (we play at his house a lot; him on his desktop, me on his laptop) and I swear, I thought he was gonna cry. He apparently didn't think it was fair that I got more xp and all I did was sit there and look pretty.

I thought that was pretty damn funny though, so I figured I'd share.
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Stop! Endurance Thief!

Nauga dinged 40 this weekend on Liberty! Yay!
I'm in no rush to 50, but I can't wait to do the Eden trial now, and then the respec at 44, plus my story arcs.

So far, I'm noticing that at the higher levels there are more endurance sapping baddies.
Carnies, not THAT bad, but everytime you kill one, you lose end. Good thing I have stamina six slotted with ++'s. I'd hate for them to nerf that power.
Malta, I swear, the Sappers are some of the worst things to happen to me. I mean, I can just barely make it fighting the Carnival Mistress and losing all my end in seconds flat but at least I can still lay out some damage on her and pump blues and greens to survive the fight with her. Sappers just take my endurance, taking out my toggles instantly making me susceptible to holds and next thing I know, I'm eating floor.

It's time to start organizing teams for missions more often in the 40's I guess. Solo missions are so 5 minutes ago now.

New costume totally rocks by the way, I'm pimpin' some flashy shades and a sweet soul patch. Pictures later...

Does anyone have a cure?

My name is Bishma and I have altitis. When I made my characer Satan's Tooth I vowed to take this character to 50.

My normal MO has been to play a character up to the early 20's then roll another toon and soon forget all about the old. By the time I would get back to the old character it was so foreign to play it that I would give up and evenually delete it.

I wasn't going to do it this time. I was very happy when I hit 30... then I hit a wall. It's tough to come up with teams these days. The people I normally teamed with have either disappeared or started alts. It's rare to see anyone on my friends list be online. Pick-up teams have become rarer too. I can hunt alone in Bricks for an hour sometimes looking for a team before anyone ever asks me to join. Couple that with the fact that most of the baddies in Bricks and FF are over my head at this point and my days with Satan's Tooth can become a debt filled mess.

A RL friend recently started playing the game and I've been playing quite a bit exemp'd down to his level and finally I decided to roll an alt and see how fast I could catch up to my friend wwho is currently lvl 10. So now when I log in I find my self ignoring my vow and playing my new MA/SR scrapper Satan's Horn insead.

Help me.

Equal Opportunity Villian Groups

My last post seems to have generated interest in there being more female oriented villian groups, or at least more involvement from the ladies in current groups or new groups with more women.
Well, I'm wondering what else people wanna see in our villians, and every where else as well.
I'd like to see:
Cops that actually assist you when you try and save them rather than running away.
Children. Nowhere in Paragon are there children, just adults, and no old people either.
Wheelchairs and canes and walkers. What, there's no deaf, blind or physically handicapped in any other way in Paragon? Are the only gimps scrappers with MoG and people with fly and super speed these days? (just kidding, don't take offense at the word gimp here folks...)

I also wanna see evil citizens more often, the ones that support the villian groups like mafia and council and crey, and that offer dirty deals in missions.
Maybe a rating system of sorts, where the game rates you by your "alignment" on a scale of neutral good to lawful good as a hero. Some heroes may be doing it for the influence, some for the sheer glory of being a hero. Might make the game more interesting. And maybe that slider scale will alter the types of story arcs too.... hmmm, I might make a suggestion on the boards for that last bit...

Influence transfer.

I'm looking to do a cross-server influence transfer this evening. I have a high-level on Pinnacle, and a low-level on Guardian.

If you have a high-level on Guardian and a low-level on Pinnacle, I would be interested in trading a million or two or four this evening.

Please comment here or send me a global tell in-game. My global handle is @Pheret1 (go figure!) and I'll be on from about 6:45 tonight until about 10-ish CST.

(I'm about to do the Dr. Vahz storyline with some friends and need to update my DOs badly. If I level during the arc, all of my DO's will expire!)
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a new alt

I mentioned Captain Nimbus (my Sky Raider alt) in a comment in another post, and folks seemed interested in it.

Captain Nimbus is a former Raider Engineer (read: FF/Eng Defender), and is one heckuva lot of fun to play. He gets a lot of odd looks as he runs through Atlas Park, Galaxy City, and Kings Row, especially from folks who are too unobservant to notice that he's a player character. Sky Raiders have always been a favorite faction of mine, and I love that I was able to throw together a pretty convincing one in the character creator.

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(no subject)

Found out some friends are playing on a different server, so I figured I'd toss a character on there to team up with them when possible. I've played a whole bunch of different characters, but what new combo should I try out now?

Poll #521531 Help enable my altoholism...

Which of these should I try out next?

Scrapper - Broadsword + ... (see below)
Scrapper - Claws + ... (see below)
Defender - Empathy + energy
Other (please comment below)

Broadsword + ...

dark armor

Claws + ...

dark armor

Thanks in advance for the advice.
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Name that Toon

So I have a toon costume planned out and even a bio. I think I want to try a scrapper as I said in a recent post. A martial arts/regen or ma/sr is what I am thinking about. I have mostly played Defenders but want to give a scrapper a go, if I do not like her I will delete her and make her either a gravity/force filed or a earth/storm controller.

I just need a name


you can tell me which color scheme you like the best.

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Just to many choices and input from others is great!

Squiddie Suit

So, I got the Chameleon suit mission on my squid a few days ago, and after the mission was over, I was hanging out in AP, just generally showing off, and I thought I'd take some screenshots.

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