June 28th, 2005


A good day!

I logged on today w/my 29 Grav/Emp Controller, Mage of Roses today to try getting some Miriam Bloechl mishes done so I have access to some SOs. I expected a friend of mine would log on soon to try to level his troller but that didn't happen.

Instead, I got picked up by a team that really worked well. It's refreshing to get into a team where pretty much everyone knows what they're doing and they do it well.

To make a long story short, we ran around for a few hours doing door mishes and I dinged 30 today. I also got a new global friend, which makes me happy but begs the question, just how many global friends can I have anyway?

Tomorrow: new costume slot and auras! Yay!

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(no subject)

I have a controller with a kinetic secondary that I am going to use for more and more PVP. My question is two fold...

With a 6 slotted tranference (end drain/buff) how should that be slotted for PVP? I was thinking one acc, two end drains, and 3 recharges?

With a 4 slotted siphon speed how should that be slotted for PVP? I was thinking two acc and two recharges?

Thoughts comments?
Opus Not a Dork

You know you have a bad case of alt-itis when...

***You spent as much time talking about who to play as you do actually playing.

***In order to end the dilemma above, you spend an hour making a "roll call" sheet listing each toon and their server, and then devising a method based on the roll of a 20 sided dice to pick a toon to play.

***After two hours, you finally get to do one mission- with a character whose powers you can't even remember.

***After that mission, you are STILL thinking about your next new toon.

*smacks self in forehead*

Yes, I AM a dork.
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Kitties on the Prowl / KOTP: 2nd Catalion SGs recruiting

I have been working on my little Super Group. One that I inherited from the old founder long ago, and became the main leader of this group. It has since grown, and for a while it needed to SGs to hold everyone. The main group is Kitties on the Prowl, and the ALT group is now known as KOTP: 2nd Catalion. We are looking for Kitty, and Protectors of Feline kind. (I.E. Kitty Protectors) We are mainly based on the Virtue server, but however after undertaking a big project... I have put a Kitties on the Prowl on *ALL* live servers. I am looking for Co-Leaders on other servers who will be able to help grow the group for their specific server. Something they can persist at and love to grow from... well... practically nothing. We do have a Global Channel so that all Cats can communicate no matter what server they are on.

We also have a message board here too: (Feel free to sign up there and post in the "Looking to Join" section if you are)

We also have a LJ community as a back up message area at:

So the thing is basically this. If you have a cat themed character and would like to join an ever growing and long lived SG... then let me know. All are welcome, and people are welcome to make characters specifically to join on any server. Only requirement is that they look cat like, and have a cat tail. You can otherwise have any back story you like, and have any origin, and power set. You can come from anywhere, but you ended up finding a home here. We hope to have a lot of fun in time. We encourage people to be active on our message board to keep up to date with each other and events of the SG(s).

Rules: We have a 30 day kick policy. If it is over 30 days from your last log in, then ya get the boot. We are a casual group so you can RP or not as you like, but don't expect everyone to do so. The Global Channel is considered a no RP zone, but it still sneaks in from time to time. Always team up with Kitty members before going searching for random teams. Hopefully there will be kitties who will jump for the chance for a team up with another smart kitty. Always suggest ideas to improve the group. (Best done on the Message Board)

Please let me know if you would like to join in game. Send a message to my global handle at @JeremyM. I can't add everyone to my Global Friends as the list does have a 50 person limit, and I got a lot of people on there already. Yet since it saves messages till I log in, then I can see it and get back to you as soon as I can. Tell me what server you are on, and what your character name is, and I will stick you on the local friends list for that server till you are in. Also sign up on the message boards in the "Looking to Join" section. Again mention character name and server you are on. Signing up with your Character name in the group would be very good too, but not entirely required as long as you mention your character name in your signature at least.

I do hope there are some who would like to join. If you are interested in being a leader on a server that doesn't have one (besides me) yet, then let me know. It is a hard thankless job that seems more like an uphill battle with no relief, but it can have it's rewards. So it will definitely take a persistent and friendly person with tons of patience.

Anyways... Have fun and see ya in the game!!!

x Fayline Grylore (Leader of Kitties on the Prowl on all servers) [Formerly known as Kintaro]
Global Handle: @JeremyM
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Account Expiration

I could probably find this on the website, but i'm lazy and will just ask all of you.
When your account expires, do they keep your characters for a certain amount of time, and then delete them? Or are they there forever, until you decide to reactivate and play again?
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Duoing, reputation, content shortage?

The original Winterlord (who, incidentally, originated early last summer, long before my name was tarnished by the Winter Lord event) was designed as a paladin-class Large Team Tank: Invulnerability for maximum defense, Ice secondary for crowd control, team-support power pools. In this mode of play, there is no risk that you will ever run out of missions. The problem is, on the contrary, that you outlevel your own story arcs way before they are finished.

My current tanker (on a British server) is different, optimized to duo almost exclusively with a certain kinetic defender (who is likewise optimized for that duo). I have lately heard that heroes who solo will occasionally run out of missions and be forced to street hunt at the exact time of their career when this is at its least appealing. In order to avoid this, someone has recommended to increase your reputation (the toughness factor of your missions, as set at the field agents) so as to garner more experience from each mission. However, we have both our reputation at the default low level. Without a damage dealer on the team, taking down high-level enemies is time-consuming, and we have rather thought we would want to do more missions instead of longer ones, thus experiencing more varied content. We are now in our mid 20es and it works fine so far.

What is the experience of players not habitually in large teams? Will a duo run out of content at the easiest reputation, or only a soloer? Are there other benefits/malefits to changing reputation besides the long time needed to complete higher-reputation missions?
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Darn those Gm's and their wiley ways!

So I get into a pick up team earlier this evening with a low level empathy defender that I have on Freedom. I'm not terribly keen on teams but it can be fairly entertaining, like tonight. Our five member teams consisted of one tanker, two blasters, and myself. I give big props to the tanker, Freedom Kitty and the blaster, Electryc Blu because they were very smart players and extremely friendly. The other blaster......ehh..... wasn't the brightest crayon in the box...

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I overcame altitis long enough tonight to get Satan's Tooth through the Citadel TF tonight. It took about 3.5 hours, but the team was top notch and all 8 of us stuck around for the whole thing. I don't think I've ever done a TF where everyone stayed throughout. This might have been the kind of great team that will get me through 30's grind.
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Demyx rock

(no subject)

Is anyone else having severe lag issues with Guardian tonight?

I swear, it was like watching a slow motion animation movie with only 1 frame per second.... It was giving me a headache, and I couldn't keep up with my team as they were attacking level 37-38 COTs. -_-'

Sorry to the people I was teamed with... I was literally getting dizzy...