June 29th, 2005

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Talkin' 'bout regeneration / Jose hates me

Alt-itis Report:

Just for fun, I created a katana / regeneration scrapper the other night. I named her Juno Simi, and I plan to take the Concealment pool with her so I can "ninja" missions. She's only Level 3 right now, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised by how much the added health recovery helps. I was able to take down a purple-conning Fallen Gunner near a mission door last night, and on the way back to City Hall after the mission I took down a pair of red-conning Hellion minions who took an interest in me.

I'm planning to grab Quick Recovery next, and I'm hoping maybe I can get by without taking the Fitness pool later. It'd be awesome to not be locked into that pre-programmed track of Swift-Health-Stramina at 16, 18, and 20.

Contact Placement Rant:

A pox on the house of the Dev who placed Jose Escalante at the bottom of a hill covered with Level 38+ DE. Every time Jezebella (Level 34) visits him, a Guardian drops down the cliff to scream about humans and pimp-slap her. And she's not even a human! Sheesh. :P
Desk 3

Issue Five info

This update info is on the web-site.

Might be old news, but it's the first time I've seen so much detail about the upcoming updates (well, if not detail, then it's the first time pretty pictures have accompanied the info).

Let the countdown to August begin...

(I'm a fan of the Gaelic influence on the issue already.)
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Possible Spoilers

While at work today I was doing some casual surfing and I came accross a site I hadn't seen before. It's called the 5th Column News Reel. They guy behind the site decompliles that ".pigg" files that contain game information then manages to piece the images/skins/information back together and conjecture about what it all means. He has possible info on the new zone (including an hand drawn map and a face texture from one of the new villian groups), arena badges, and a troll event badge. My favorite thing is from the FAQ where he got a letter the came from Cryptic that said (I am paraphrasing), "Yes you're violating the EULA but we don't really care that much."

Jalia finally gets it

I couldn't possibly tell you how many characters I've played up past level 12 but it's easily more than a dozen. In all that time I've never purchased an enhancement from any of my contacts, ever. Always from the stores or special npc stores or Ghost Falcon.

So last night I hit 12 with my most recent character, and when I logged on today I did my DO upgrades, which left me with just two taunts and a run speed that were trainers still. I had a new contact in Skyway that I had already done a door mission for. I went to her, got a mission to kill 10 vahz in Steel Canyon, and did that. When I came back she offered me some training enhancements. I tood another kill 10 vahz anywhere mission and did that in Perez. When I came back, I was able to purchase two shiney new level 15 taunt DO's and a 15 run speed DO.

Why did I never bother doing this before? Doh!

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Oh god, I really AM playing this too much...

Heading to work a couple of days ago my bus passes one of the many historical plaque/signs that dot Philadelphia. I look at it and think "Okay, I'll come back to that one when I finish this mish."

My only defense is that I was REALLY tired. Unfortunately that was because I had stayed up the night before playing.

In other news, Winged Murasaki got her third damage badge at lvl 26. Sadly, she also got her first debt one... I really REALLY hate the Banished Pantheon Totems.
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I was thinking I'd like to find a way to edit and create a movie for our SG that would play as part of the intro to our website. I wanna know if anyone knows how to capture video from the game? and more importantly , how to transform said clips into Flash movie files and how to embed that file into a website?

I figured it was worth a shot to ask here.... *goes off to contunie thinking of a name for her toon*