July 1st, 2005

Puck (silly)

Icy dumb people...

Note to ice blasters, post Level 32:

When the tankers politely ask you three times to stop using Blizzard on the mobs because it breaks Taunt and scatters the reds and purples back toward the defenders, this is not intended as a personal attack on you. It's a request for the good of the team. When you persist in arguing the point by "reminding" the tankers that your main alt founded the SG they are members of, and threaten to take your uber ice blaster powers and go home... you come across as an ass. And when you finally agree to chill out, then do nothing but follow behind the team and stand there collecting XP for a while before logging off and abandoning your own mission... you earn a place at the top of my idiot list.

Yes, this is all based on actual events... as the others who were there can attest to. And no offense intended to all ice blasters. The leader of Jezebella's SG is an ice/ice blaster. But she knows when it's appropriate to use Blizzard, and when it's better to use one of her other dozen powers instead.
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I would like to know if anyone is interested in taking over coh_triumph or helping mod it. If you are interested let me know.

Or if you play on Triumph and by chance don't know about the sub communties on lj for each server, JOIN and help get it active.


I have been hearing a lot of talk about a "map pack". Supposedly it shows things like all the paths in Perez and locations of badges and the like. Sounds like a wonderful thing and a major time saver. For someone like me that has a real problem with time constraints due to work and family life, it would be fantastic thing. But my lovely wife says it has been "deemed" a violation and can lose your account because of it.

Are there any DEVs on here that can let me know about this?
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