July 3rd, 2005


I felt pretty damn good after writing my rant the other day and I'm thinking of making it a regular thing. Every few days or so sitting down and writing something similar but about a different peeve of mine. Not just complaining but actually with some thought behind it. Something more than just _____ sucks. If nothing else it might be good for a laugh or two. Sound like a good idea or am I just barking up the wrong tree?
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Lethal lagomorph

Advice on builds

X posted to city_of_heroes and coh_virtue

My wife and I are playing a duo, Headsplitter and Spiritstalker (those pics I posted previously).
I'm playing HS as a BS/Inv scrapper and she's playing Stalker as a Emp/PB defender.
We're going to be playing them as a team, and not soloing at all.
We've hit level 6, so far I've focused on attacks and she's focused on healing (though that Psionic Lance is a great way to pull).

I was thinking of adding an invl. power for the next one for me.

So far, our powers are:
Headsplitter: Slash, Hack, Slice, Resist Phys., & Combat Jump
Spiritstalker: Heal Other, Healing Aura, Mental Blast, Psionic Lance, & Recall Friend.
I was thinking she should take Stealth as her next power, then she wouldn't have to worry about drawing aggro while healing me.

Any advice is appreciated, but keep in mind, we only play as a team together, that's what these characters are for.

Inv Scrappers and Res Cap

What does it take to hit the resistance caps as an invulnerability Scrapper? I don't want to keep piling slots into something if it's not giving me any benefit. Currently I have Resist Physical Damage with one slot, Temp Invulnerability with 3 slots, and Unyielding with 3 slots. All of those slots have damage resist enhancements in them.
hm queen elizabeth ii

stupid bank

I just got an email notification that my account didn't renew...
which I expected, because I had to get my bank card replaces due to the bank getting hacked, I was just hoping it wouldn't happen this weekend, since I probably won't be able to get any mail due to the stupid holiday until Tuesday or Wednesday, which sucks hardcore....

..I was playing this morning, any one have any idea how long it takes for the account to actually deactivate? I was so planning on running Frostfire with my Dm/Regen tonight, too. Poop.
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