July 4th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a bridge!

Why is it that whenever I dare to put myself in "seeking team" mode, the only offers my Level 32 defender receives are from people who want her to bridge? And why am I treated like I have the Vahz disease when I say that I'd like to be actively helping the team earn XP, rather than standing there alongside the lowbie being power-leveled? I'm sick of being treated like I'm insane for not wanting "free XP." Yes, I want to level. But I'd like to actually play the game on the way to 50, not hide in the corner hoping I don't get one-shotted.

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Fire/EM Tanker Respec Questions

Yesterday, I completed the respec trial with my main, a Fire/EM Tanker.

I'm very happy with his build, but it could probably use some tweaking.

first some questions:

Hasten has often been called one of the ubiquitous powers in this game, alongside Stamina. if I'm mostly just Taunting and Burning, how necessary is it? I've curreently got it, and it's 4-slotted. I'm thinking of either dropping it, or 6-slotting it to make it perma, as I really don't see much use in having it any other way.

Also, are Tough and Weave really worth it? I can see their use for Scrappers, or squishier ATs that want some extra defense. But what about for a Fire Tanker? do they provide a decent amount of defense/resistance for their cost in endurance? can I reach the defense cap without them? can I reach it with them?

Is Temperature Protection worth taking? if so, how many slots should I devote to it?

Finally, Fiery Embrace - is it worth taking on a Fire/EM build? the only fire-based attacksI have are Burn and Blazing Aura. is the boost to them alone worth it? if so, how should I slot FE?

As far as playstyle goes, my SG is full of Scrappers in my level range, and I'm usually teamed with 2 or 3, so melee isn't as much of an issue for me. in my current build, for melee I only have Brawl (1 Acc), Barrage (1 Acc, 1 Dam), and I just picked up Whirling Hands at 30 (since I have the option to respec out of it, if I don't like it - but I find I do).

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I'm currently lv 30. I'd prefer to 6-slot my shields, Burn, and Stamina, and possibly Blazing Aura. I like the recharge rate that 2 slots in Consume and Healing Flames gives me, but would those slots be better spent in making Hasten perma? (then possibly allowing me to slot them with EndRec and Heal). I like the maneuverability I get from havving SJ and SS, so if I keep Haten, I'd prefer to keep SS as well, but if I drop Hasten, I'll also (obviously) be dropping SS, and I'm fine with that.

any thoughts are appreciated. I plan on testing new builds out on the Training Room before I pick one on Live, but I'd love input here.
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Fenris IH8U

Locales for enemies?

Greetins' ya'll...

Ok, here's my gripe. I recently got the "Defeat 20 Lost in Terra Volta" mish. My contacts gave me two specific places to look, I ran around like mad, almost earning debt from loads of Orange, Red and Purple Freakshow and Sky Raiders, alas no Lost to be found in my suggested spots.

I shot support a note, and all I got back was look in locale #3 instead. WTF? What's the point of your contacts giving you places to hunt your prey if THEY AREN'T IN THAT LOCATION?

Sorry, but thats just irritating, especially when you are new to an area and don't have all year to hunt down 15 or 20 of your chosen enemies. :/

Thoughts? or am I just being nitpicky?
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So, I'm hopping around Steel on Virtue with Cobalt Fist (Inv/SS Tank), putting some Tsoo in a hurt locker when I get a tell explaining that someone is having trouble with Frostfire and they could use my help.

Trouble with Frostfire? Um....ok.

So, I get to the mish and my other 6 members are all huddled in the elevator lobby as per your usual retreat and they say, "There is evil upstairs." Now, I don't RP per se, but I do like to be a little more arrogant when I play Cobalt Fist, because he can take more than his fair share of damage. I respond to them with, "Not a problem." Then they say something that I really don't understand, but assume it's an inside joke.

We hop in the elevator, go around the corner and I am staring at a bunch of.... things. No idea what they are. I'm thinking it's some sort of debuff or hold that looks Kheldian. I don't even know at this point. What I do know is that 5-10 seconds later, despite Temp Invulnerability, Unyielding and Dull Pain, Cobalt Fist is now sporting a rugburn on his face.


Yeah, as it turns out the "inside joke" was a Crystal Shard that found its way into our mission, along with probably a couple dozen Unbound Nictus. The folks in my group were determined to destroy the Shard by throwing themselves at it and damaging it as much as they could before they bit it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ridiculous. I was in disbelief that we actually had to fight this thing, so after hopping on the COH boards, I find out it's a bug. Bugs require petitions, not debt parties. I don't have anything to prove, let the GMs fix it.

Nope. They wanted to fight it and so we went at it again because "it didn't have much health left" and because I am a fool. Eight-hundred more debt. After that, I declined another assault.

For all I know, they are still fighting it.
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respec update

thanks everyone for your advice so far, it's really been a huge help.

taking everything said so far into account, I made up the following build on Test. so far, I like it, though the slots aren't completely filled (due to lack of inf on Test). also I haven't gotten a chance to try it out in a group yet.

that said, Collapse )

thoughts? any glaring mistakes that sould be tweaked?
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bad nun

Epics and Fighting

I have the Fighting pool powers, Boxing and Tough, for my lvl 35 blaster. haven't gotten around to Weave yet, as I wanted to get some of my secondary set filled out (I only have 3 powers - power push, build up, and bone smasher)...

Since I'm "that close" to 41 and thinking of picking up the Force Mastery pool, do I even realy need to take Weave if I am planning on taking Temp Invulnerability instead? Or is it more worthwhile to take Weave and Personal Force Field instead?

Or just get around to respeccing out of Fighting altogether?

Also, is Fighting a "must-have" (I hate that term in this game) for Dark Melee/Regen?
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City of Villains info revealed!

I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet, though I have searched through most of the month of June in the community for the word "Villains", so bare with me if this is a rerun.

The new issue of Computer Gaming World is out (and has been for a while), and the feature article is on City of Villains. The most informative part is, in my opinion, about the archetypes. Here is a transcription of that part of the Collapse )

The game is (tenatively) scheduled for an October release, possibly coinciding with Halloween.